Curious about making homemade gnocchi? Confused about how long to cook lasagna? Can't find specialty spelt pasta in your city? Look no further for cooking tips and shopping advice for every kind of pasta, plus suggestions for where to find the best restaurant pasta dishes in your area.

9 Easy Slow Cooker Pasta Sauces to Last You All Week

Welcome to Slow Cooker Week! We're sharing all our favorite Crock Pot recipes, tips, tricks, and advice this week—and including the Instant Pot, of course, since it slow cooks with the best of 'em...

Eataly, Flatiron, busy as ever...

by gutreactions 10 days ago

We have been sitting on a gift card for Eataly, so on our weekend visit to Manhattan we stopped into the Flatiron market. The outdoor cafes were bustling, and when we entered on 23rd. St. it looked...

How do you match sauce with ravioli?

by mmmjv 2 months ago

I got a ricotta and grana Padona ravioli and a mushroom ravioli from Whole Foods. What would be a good sauce to go with them? I've noticed that a lot of these different ravioli just aren't a good m...

Imported vs Domestic Pasta

by Querencia 6 years ago

I invite comments on the relative merits of pasta. Have read that imported Italian is made with hard durum wheat that makes all the difference. Never paid attention but recently, on a lark trip to ...

Pasta Pomodoro Reborn in San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

This morning's stack of emails included an announcement that Pasta Pomodoro was being reintroduced to the Bay Area for delivery via Caviar or Doordash. Some may remember this local chain, founded b...

California Pizza Kitchen Creamy Garlic Fettuccine

by chezron 3 months ago

I love California Pizza Kitchen's Creamy Garlic Fettuccine! It has a deep garlic flavor that is amplified by a crunchy garlic topping. Does anyone know what the topping is? I want a copycat recipe!

Eating pizza with knife & fork: what's the problem?

by gutreactions 4 months ago

I have extracted this issue from an unrelated discussion on these boards. There are those 'purists' out there that continuously rant about eating pizza with a knife & fork. Ok, I know that's what w...

February 2021 COTM Announcement: LIDIA BASTIANICH MONTH

by islandmermaid 5 months ago

In February our community will be exploring and cooking from the recipes of Lidia Bastianich! To organize our reports next month, we will have threads dedicated to 2 or 3 of her individual book...

Best gluten free noodles for lasagna?

by becwells 7 months ago

I'd like to make a gluten free lasagna but I do not want it to turn out as mushy as a recent gluten-free elbow macaroni tuna noodle casserole was. Any tips on which noodles would be the best to st...

To Cream or Not to Cream your Carbonara?

by kySafran 6 months ago

Ski in Europe and you'll find yourself one side of the Italian border at lunch and the French side for dinner. Lots of slow burn carbs in pasta means Carbonara is a staple in many bars and resta...

Fancy tinned seafood - ideas?

by becwells 7 months ago

On a whim I purchased 2 tins of La Brujula Conservas squid in oil (Chipirones), 1 tin of La Brujula Conservas razorshell clams, and 2 tins of Matiz octopus in oil. I've never cooked with these b...

Butternut squash ravioli problems

by mushroomaffairs 6 months ago

I made this ravioli last night with browned butter sage sauce but I had a lot of problems with the pasta. I followed the video below because it seemed to me the most simple and basic whereas other...

Using a Pasta Insert as a Steamer Basket

by Philly Ray 8 years ago

I have a pot that came with a steamer basket and a pasta insert. But sometimes, I find that the basket is too small for things like dungeness crabs, lobsters, etc. Has anyone ever used their past...

Vina Enoteca | Stanford Barn - Palo Alto

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

As a fan of Tootsie's at the Stanford Barn since Day 1, I was delighted to learn from a friend that Rocco and team have opened Vina Enoteca, taking over California Cafe's space. I hope to get in th...

Etto Pastificio | Paso Robles

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Just heard from a friend how much he's loving the dried pasta made by Etto Pastificio using American grains manufactured using traditional Italian bronze dies. It also sells fresh pasta, truffles a...

Chewy Protein Pasta from Philips Pasta Machine

by JeffLindstrom 8 months ago

I want to use my Philips pasta machine to make very low carb pasta using protein powder (whey protein isolate, for starters). With protein powder, 2 eggs & 1 egg yolk plus tapioca flour and some wa...

Reheating a cream-based pasta dish/sauce

by gardencook 8 years ago

I did a CH search and couldn't find anywhere that this was addressed. I love cream-based sauces and indulge far too often (although my cholesterol is perfect... touch wood). I make them at home...

How many pounds of pasta to feed 60-70?

by Disneyfreak 9 years ago

I'm making pasta to feed a bunch of high school kids after a rehearsal. There will also be meatballs, chicken wings, salad and bread.

How Much Pasta to Serve for 15 people?

by Jodi B 12 years ago

I'm having a party for my boyfriend's birthday this Saturday. I plan to make bruschetta pasta with chicken. I also plan to serve a Caesar salad and of course garlic bread. For an appetizer we are h...

Spaghetti Alle Vongole - Best of Venetian + Neapolitan

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 9 months ago

For lunch, I made myself one of the tastiest and simplest to execute pasta dish. - Spaghetti Alle Vongole. Both the Venetians and the Neapolitans claimed they made the best tasting version. One...

Question for spaghetti-lovers

by codmeister 10 months ago

Pick an option . . . Option A the main character in classic spaghetti is the pasta noodles and the sauce is a supporting character there just to perk up and enhance the noodles. Or Option B . . ...