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Quality Bottled Tomato Sauce

by Amy 17 years ago

I know, I know....sauce is easy to make. However, I would like to know if there are any quality bottled sauces out there.

Looking for an easy to make tomato sauce recipe

by HAB 17 years ago

Our garden has come through with several kinds of tomatoes. Can anyone suggest an easy to make recipe for tomato sauce to be used over pasta. We've also grown some oregano, parsley, chives and ro...

Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes -- Help, Please!

by DanaB 17 years ago

Hi all! I'm experiencing a joyful abundence of tomatoes, from my own garden, but largely from that of my brother, who has an optimum growing area and great patience. Every week I visit and end up...

Orange pasta sauce

by mnosyne 18 years ago

S.O. and I have been trying to find a "neighborhood" (that is, not too expensive) Italian restaurant in the Brentwood area. We've tried Osteria Latini and Amici Brentwood several times, and while b...

Mama's Pasta Sauce!!!

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

A few months ago I picked up "Mama's" pasta sauce at Costco (right next to the Prego). I finally tried it--my gosh, that is the best sauce I have ever had...anywhere! Unfortunately, Costo hasn't ...

Your best tomato sauce recipe

by tedm 17 years ago

I have made tomato sauce many, many times but have yet to arrive at a truly sublime version. I have used canned tomatoes of all sorts (san marzano, muir glen, etc), as well as fresh in season tom...

Home Made Tomato Sauce??

by Mark M 17 years ago

Looking to film one of the great Outer Borough treasures making his/her wonderful home made tomato sauce. I was leaning towards Dom because no one I can think of deserves the props/exposure more. ...

Help please, orange flavoured pasta sauce.

by bgorton 18 years ago

Just arrived home after eating a delicious pasta with an orange flavoured white sauce. Salmon was the other ingredient but I guess chicken would be good too. Can anybody help me with a recipe for...

Spaghetti sauce sources

by Westy 18 years ago

All - I like giving jars of spaghetti sauce as stocking stuffers. I'd like to give a few from different (non-supermarket) sources. I've found a few off of the web (Patsy's, etc.), but if anyone ...

Eggplant in Tomato Sauce recipe

by jerick 18 years ago

Last night at an Italian restaurant I had eggplant in tomato sauce over rigatoni with ricotta salata - it was soooo good. How would you make this at home. I have never cooked eggplant so I am ner...

marinara in manhattan

by redbecca 19 years ago

Who has recommendations for delicious spaghetti w/marinara sauce at a reasonable price in Manhattan, esp. downtown? Redbecca

Rest. in North End that has a Uni pasta sauce?

by Gail 19 years ago

I remember seeing a restaurant in the North End that has a Uni pasta dish on the menu. Does anyone know the name. I love Uni so I would love to try it. Has anyone else had it and if so was it good?...

Pasta Sauce Recommendation

by MrPotatoHead 19 years ago

I buy my marinara sauce at Manganaro's Groceria on Ninth Avenue. Excellent sauce, a bit pricey at $6.50. Who has the best pasta sauce???

SF Farmer's Market Find - Healthy Harvest Farms Tomato Sauce

by jen maiser 19 years ago

Hadn't been to the Farmer's market in a few weeks, and it has definitely turned into fall. Tierra farms has some delicious tomatillo-looking fruits (name escapes me). Sweeter than tomatillos, an...

A simple, satisfying plate of spaghetti marinara in London...

by TMW 19 years ago

Anyone have any recommendation for a simple, satisfying plate of spaghetti marinara in London? Is SPAGHETTI HOUSE endurable? I was once at POLLO in the West End but no amount of salt could give my ...

Consumer Reports on "Celebrity" Pasta Sauces

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

The new (June, 2002) CR tested 11 "plain" (usually marinara) sauces, and divided them into three groups. The lowest-rated ("good") featured the expected suspects: Newman's Own slightly beating th...

Your Favorite Marinara/Pomodoro Sauce

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

What's your favorite recipe for vegetarian(ish) "red sauce"? Do you prefer the long-simmered or the flash-cooked? Fresh tomatoes, or canned? Do you use red wine, white wine, no wine? Does vodka ...

Rustichella pasta sauce

by Michael Kleinman 21 years ago

Rustichella pasta sauce has changed! What used to be one of my favorite canned pasta sauces is totally different now, and not good. The texture has changed from bits of tomatoes to finely ground to...

Rao's Marinara Sauce - Wow

by Steve Zang 22 years ago

Decided to make marinara sauce instead of using bottled sauce (an unfortunate combination of lack of time and still developing chowhoundiness) and made some using san marzano tomatoes. I basically...

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