Located Northeast of downtown L.A., Pasadena has its own incredible food and drink culture to explore. To browse additional Location tags for the area, click here."

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HELP! Need to take Grandma to Breakfast in Pasadena!

by heatha17 19 years ago

Hurry! I need recommendations to take my feisty 80 year-old Grandma to her Birthday Breakfast in the Pasadena area. I've had recommendations to Marsten's, but is this a good place? Any help out ...

Pasadena Pizza

by Jpups 19 years ago

Fellow chows, I've been reading and posting on this site since January and have really come to enjoy this experience. I spent some time today reviewing previous posts related to Pizza in Los Ang...

Butcher/Meat Market in LA/Glendale/Pasadena?

by Gidg 19 years ago

I am looking for a butcher or meat market - preferably not deli - in LA (East Hollywood/Silver Lake/Los Feliz) or Glendale or Pasadena. Of course, at this point I'll drive anywhere. This place do...

Smitty's in Pasadena

by Griller141 20 years ago

Newish restaurant on Lake near Colorado, by the owners of Parkway Grill and Arroyo Chophouse. Is it worth a try? Less costly than its siblings?

No frills sushi in pasadena

by Jax 20 years ago

I just moved to pasadena and I am looking for an good, afrordable sushi place. Sushi Roku was recomended, but I found it to be mediocre sushi surrounded by overly trendy people in an expensive bui...

Pasadena Cobbler Factory

by ciaolette 20 years ago

Todays Posts about Cynthias cookie crust cobbler reminded my about the Cobbler Factory. It is in Pasadena on Catalina st. just off Colorado. They make cobblers and only cobblers, the type with a f...

Bagels in Pasadena area

by Will Owen 20 years ago

Any votes from anyone here on who makes the best bagels in or near Pasadena? Goldstein's got the nod from the LA Times, Pasadena Weekly and Zagat's, but we've been misdirected by such opinions befo...

Looking For Reviews Of Robin's Woodfire BBQ (Pasadena)

by Norm 20 years ago

I am looking for reviews of Robin's Woodfire BBQ and Grill in Pasadena. Robin's just got a positive review by Meredith Brody in "New Times." Does Robin's serve real BBQ or is it like Tony Roma's?...

Pasadena: A hound returns to her roots

by Caitlin Wheeler 20 years ago

I recently returned to NYC from a 3 week visit to my Home-town. Many things have changed, and some have stayed the same. Here are my fabulous chow finds and chowloves revisited: Nicole's: New ...

pasadena brunch

by BP 20 years ago

New to area and wondering about favorite spots for weekend brunch in Pasadena.


by Ben 20 years ago

Some friends of mine recently moved to Pasadena and have invited us out to dinner but none of us have a decent grasp on food in the area, can anyone offer some suggestions? Probably $20-$30 per pe...

The Grill in Pasadena

by kevin 20 years ago

it's the place reviewed by the LA times critic a few weeks ago. anybody been there? Is the food really as good as she described?

M & M soul food in pasadena

by david dixon 20 years ago

i've been thinking about trying this restaurant. i believe there are several locations but the one that i would go to is in pasadena. are there any chowhounds out there with some comments regardi...

M & M Soulfood in Pasadena

by chris o 20 years ago

Mmmmmm...you wanna talk about good? Just discovered this place last weekend, on Washington just off Lake. It's a classic meat-n-three, that could easily exist in some small Georgia town. Meat (sm...

lunch between Pasadena and Fullerton

by Deborah 20 years ago

Does anyone know of a convenient and decent spot for lunch midway between Pasadena (or downtown) and Fullerton?

Pasadena recommendations

by Navin R Johnson 20 years ago

Maison Akira: 4/10 and overpriced slop Xiamora: 6/10 but overpriced Yujean Kang: 7/10 but way overrated and overseasoned. Great prices Shabu Shabu: 5/10 boring japanese but cheap and decent sushi ...

Sushi Roku Pasadena (PAINFULLY verbose!!!)

by JustinRush 20 years ago

Hey folks! I haven't posted in a while, as I am getting ready for a move to Napa i.e. packing, finding a place, etc. Too many interesting food experiences to relate them all, but here are my impres...

Pasadena Delivery

by Caitlin Wheeler 20 years ago

My parents are returning to their home in Pasadena after spending a year abroad, and I would like to have some food waiting for them when they arrive. I am hoping to provide some easy-to-cook dinn...

ducz in pasadena

by david dixon 21 years ago

i managed to try this fairly new restaurant from the owners of parkway grill & arroyo chop house last week. the executive chef is from chinois on main, and i'd say the food is similar...catfish, s...

Godhead Carnitas Tacos in Pasadena

by JustinRush 20 years ago

I've been meaning to post this one for a while, but whenever I think of this place I get hungry and space on it. Since I just macked down some carnitas and a brew, though, I figured I'd finally pos...

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