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Located Northeast of downtown L.A., Pasadena has its own incredible food and drink culture to explore. To browse additional Location tags for the area, click here."

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Fresh Turkey

by WINDELLA 11 days ago

Where in the Pasadena area can I purchase fresh turkey year round ?


WINDELLA commented 5 days ago

Jewish deli near Pasadena

by withabandon 24 days ago

Is there a good Jewish deli anywhere near Pasadena. Wanted for brunch/breakfast. Thanks!


Fru commented 23 days ago

Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

by Mahilani 2 months ago

My parents 50th wedding anniversary is coming up and my sisters and I would like to take them to a lovely dinner in L...


MariaFeliz commented 2 months ago

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Wild/foraged mushrooms?

by limso 6 months ago

My diet has been missing wild mushrooms since I left the bay area and the ridiculously inexpensive wild mushrooms tha...

CaliBurger To Open In Pasadena

by Al Bondigas 10 months ago

CaliBurger (channeling In & Out) is scheduled to open in Pasadena on June 9, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. However, you need to ...


Dylan commented 8 months ago

Amara (Pasadena) makes the best Iced Chocolate in all of LA

by ipsedixit 1 year ago

Pure, thick, honest-to-goodness real Venezuelan chocolate, served chilled over ice. With a shot of espresso if you i...


PorkJops commented 11 months ago

Pasadena Visit

by jane21 12 months ago

I will be visiting Pasadena with some friends next month. Any recommendations for places to go? We are flexible on...


LisaRiggens commented 11 months ago

Pasadena: Farm Shop equivalent? Gourmet Burgers?

by ethan111 12 months ago

Hi Pasadena Chowhounders, My brother and I will be coming to Pasadena for a few days and plan on checking out Pie Ho...


ethan111 commented 11 months ago

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help restaurant steak type

by gracethegift 1 year ago

Need help finding a restaurant Birthday party dinner for about 20-25 adults Nice restaurant , good parking access as...

Good corned beef in Pasadena--where?

by diningdivala 10 years ago

Just this second, I got a craving for a real, deli-style corned beef sandwich, thick, on good rye, maybe swiss, no mu...


foodiejb commented 1 year ago

Pasadena Icons?

by IcemanLA 1 year ago

I will be in Pasadena for a few days and would appreciate some suggestions on a few iconic restaurants. Am on a semi-...


daniellelyra commented 1 year ago

Oysters for Cooking in Los Angeles/Pasadena

by french roast 1 year ago

I am looking to buy some raw oysters to cook. The only fish places I called seem to be selling for around $1.50 each,...


french roast commented 1 year ago

Best French Toast in LA?

by Bologna 2 years ago

Hi, I was not big on FT until last month when I brunched at Monument Lane in NYC, West Village and holy smokes! Spe...

Bologna commented 1 year ago

Pasadena Recommendations

by 1foodie1 1 year ago

I need a dinner spot near the Norton Simon museum. Any recommendations for something fabulous that a bunch of foodie...


Robert Thornton commented 1 year ago

Empanadas in or near Pasadena?

by majordanby 1 year ago

Hello all. Can anyone recommend a place that sells good empanadas of any variety (e.g. Jamaican, Filipino, Spanish, ...


pizzafreak commented 1 year ago

Lunch in Pasadena?

by medrite 1 year ago

Hello all, Looking for recs for a business lunch in Pasadena, on or near Colorado Boulevard. My lunch companion sugg...

xox commented 1 year ago

All you Ortolan fans: Christophe Eme is doing a pop-up in South Pasadena

by J.L. 1 year ago

Years after the closure of the great Ortolan, Chef Eme has re-surfaced! He will be serving his first pop-up next wee...


jerry200 commented 1 year ago

Looking for the best pizza in Pasadena

by Mordor86 1 year ago

Hi all......I'm looking for the best pizza in Pasadena for a wrap party tomorrow. Must have gluten free options. I'm ...


bbutler45 commented 1 year ago

Pasadena - North of 210 dining options?

by Sgee 1 year ago

I was driving around the area north of Old Town past the 210 and noticed a very eclectic selection of dining options....


BearCity commented 1 year ago