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Tapas & Dinner at Patio EspaƱol | Outer Mission - SF

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

As no one has talked about Patio Espanol in detail for several years, let's start a new discussion. My first time here was in January. I've known about this spot for all my years on Chowhound, but ...

Recommendations for Freehold

by ebchower 4 years ago

I've only ever been to various stores and restaurants on Route 9 in Freehold, and wanted to explore the town more. I don't need specific restaurant recommendations, but just want to know where I c...

Valet Parking

by otherbrotherdarrell 4 years ago

I wouldn't be writing this but DoobieWah insisted. I was meeting our mom at Good Co. Seafood on I10 last Friday for lunch. The time was 12:20 so I knew it would be crowded. I came off I10 through ...

Georgetown & DC w/toddler and infant

by spectra21 4 years ago

Did a search and saw only old threads - any updated recs for places where I could bring a toddler and infant in these two areas? Looking for places that have good food (eating with couples with no ...

Does parking make a difference for you ?

by emglow101 4 years ago

Those tight parking places at your local grocery store . It's always packed here forget about it . I am going to the other store . Same with restaurants . For myself I don't mind walking if I can't...

Boston & West with Handicapped-Available Parking

by BBHound 4 years ago

An unusual question: I am taking a friend to lunch next Monday and one of us is able to walk only short distances and the other has injured a leg and uses crutches. We will be driving from Back B...

A Restaurant for Mom

by Janskitchen 4 years ago

Hi All - I want to take my mom out for dinner on Sunday. She is 92 yrs old and uses a walker/wheelchair. Looking for a restaurant w/plenty of parking, handicapped accessible and reasonable. BYOB...

Le Virtu

by arepo 4 years ago

The menu looks interesting. What does it look like inside? Are the tables too close? Does one have to walk up stairs? Is it noisy on a Saturday evening? Is parking close by? Any other Passayu...

Eating/parking in Inglewood

by susans 4 years ago

Two couples are meeting for dinner before seeing U2 at The Forum this Saturday. Parking at The Forum has gone up to $25 and ideally we would eat someplace they will let us leave one of the cars to ...

Weekday Lunch: Parking and Quiet Necessary

by Bashful3 4 years ago

My usual issues. Looking for a special quiet lunch spot--open to all suggestions, but easy parking is a must unless it is close to Market, between 20th and City Hall. The problem with those pl...

ISO Fancy Uptown lunch spot near parking

by roxlet 4 years ago

Having just had knee surgery, I wanted to meet a friend from out of town for lunch convenient to parking. Either east or west side is ok, but west side preferred. My friend is treating, and asked m...

Restaurants with parking?

by rfreedman 4 years ago

I'm trying to go out for dinner with my husband and another couple next weekend on 2/28. Now that we have 700 feet of snow and no curb parking, I'm thinking I need to find a restaurant that has a ...

Me Again: Quiet Lunch on a Saturday, must have parking or be very close to Market St.

by Bashful3 4 years ago

Out of town friends taking me out to lunch. Not adventuresome--Italian, French, American best. Me, I love trying new places, but Quiet at lunchtime is a must. Would rather drive somewhere a...

Great Food, Quiet for an Early Dinner: Bala Cynwyd area, not cc; must have parking

by Bashful3 4 years ago

Special occasion; my treat, I have no clue what's great in the general Bala area. Will be an early dinner; my guests have some varied food issues: one non-fish eater, one non-meat eater who doe...

Free parking restaurant week

by JanR 5 years ago


Parking in Thai town

by MarkC 5 years ago

Can someone give me the low down on parking in Thai Town? I want to go to Lacha Somtum, but the last time I tried, there was no parking available anywhere, and we ended up at the highly mediocre S...

Restaurants with Parking

by pollystyrene 5 years ago

I thought for sure there was already a thread on this, but I couldn't find it. I've got a couple of friends who will only venture into the city for food if the parking is free and easy. Aside from ...

Any Seattle 'Hoods Where Lack of Parking Keeps You Away?

by kaleokahu 5 years ago

This has been happening to me far too often lately. I made the mistake last night of trying to find parking near Pine & Broadway on Capitol Hill. Circled several blocks repeatedly, for >15 minute...