Traveling to the City of Light? Don't miss a single croissant or baguette: Read up on expert Chowhound tips for places to eat, drink, and soak up the very best of French cuisine.

A Pastry Chef’s Favorite Spots for Sweets in Paris Right Now

To some, Paris is the city of love, but to others, it’s unquestionably the city of pastries. And that’s a fact that’s certainly undeniable: The city is strewn so numerously with boulangeries and pâtisseries...

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Paris - including for a Vegan

by jen kalb 21 years ago

Now dont laugh me off the boards - we are making our first visit to Paris over the holidays, with our vegan girl. (1) Can anyone recommend a coping strategy for getting food for her in bona fide f...

Paris -- Best steak tartare

by Max Hechter 21 years ago

I'm going to be in Paris in a little under two weeks and was curious to know people's esteemed opinions as to the best places to go for steak tartare. My preferences run toward bistros when I'm th...

paris hotels

by shirley stamen jaffe 21 years ago

please advise on small good hotels in paris for end of november.()last two weeks)........good value..not super expensive........thanks

Dining Solo in Paris

by Helen 21 years ago

I'll be in Paris in September and have been finding fabulous ideas in postings on the International Board on where to go for great chow. But . . . I'll be traveling alone and I've found that many ...

Paris Restaurants for Lunch

by Bruce 22 years ago

I will be visiting Paris with my wife and 18 month old baby for the first time. We are in need of recommendations for great restaurants that offer wonderful lunches(pre-fix ok).Since we have the b...

Paris - Pastry shops

by adlai 22 years ago

Does anyone where I can find a current list of all the pastry and chocolate shops in Paris? TIA...Adlai

Paris Zagat vs. New York Zagat

by Dan Sonenberg 23 years ago

This past summer I was lucky enough to be in Paris for a short while, and while there I picked up a copy of the new(ish) Paris Zagat guide. It was very interesting to me that restaurants that w...

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