Traveling to the City of Light? Don't miss a single croissant or baguette: Read up on expert Chowhound tips for places to eat, drink, and soak up the very best of French cuisine.

A Pastry Chef’s Favorite Spots for Sweets in Paris Right Now

To some, Paris is the city of love, but to others, it’s unquestionably the city of pastries. And that’s a fact that’s certainly undeniable: The city is strewn so numerously with boulangeries and pâtisseries...

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First night dinner recommendation in Paris.

by Paris Bound 19 years ago

My wife and I are leaving next week, and we have most evenings covered, but need one suggestion. We are staying in Montmatre and I need to know if anyone has any suggestions for the night we arrive...

Tomato dessert in Paris?

by scott 19 years ago

I had posted on a "West Wing" TV show thread on the general topics board and was advised to post here as well. Last season, on The West Wing, the President is served a Provencal dinner whi...

bon appetit paris issue 2001

by steve in vancouver 19 years ago

I lent my copy of this mag to my mother in law and from what I can gather it is now missing. There is a recipe for a Moroccan Chicken dish in that issue. It would be great if anyone can help me out...

Burke and Wells going directly to Paris!

by Burke and Wells 19 years ago

Well, fellow hounds, we've decided to do something mad. We're skipping San Diego entirely, taking the severance EMusic has offered those who don't wish to continue, and going directly to our dream ...


by Liz 19 years ago

Hi! I am heading to Paris in a month or so and would be interested in some recommendations for more casual dining. We have booked Taillevent for our splurge meal. I need ideas for bistro dining,...

Comparing 20 best New York Restaurant to Paris, LA, Chicago or London

by J Bolton 19 years ago

I would love to get an expert opinions on my top twenty NY restaurants. Can these restaurants stand a chance when compared to restaurants in Paris, LA, Chicago or London ? Here they are (not in ...

Romantic Restaurant in Paris

by Dawn 19 years ago

My husband and I are visiting Paris for the first time in March. On the occasion of my 40th birthday we would like to make a reservation for dinner in a special restaurant. We have a budget of appr...

dim sum and pearl milk tea in Paris?

by Hamster 19 years ago

Does anyone know of any good dim sum restaurants or bubble tea (pearl milk tea) places in Paris? I have been obsessed with pearl milk tea ever since a visit to San Francisco. I would love to find...

Paris recommendations

by Winnie 19 years ago

Does anybody have any recommendations for Paris - both nice and moderately priced meals. Thanks!

P is for Paris, Day 0-1 [trip report][x-post][wine-rel content][long]

by Jake Parrott 20 years ago

P IS FOR PARIS; THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME Paris, November 7-14, 2001 This trip resulted from the confluence of several factors--shockingly low airfares and hotel rates, total blahs about the st...

Advice/Recent Experiences Sought re Paris 1 or 2 Michelin Star places (or other similar)? (longish)

by kirk wallace 20 years ago

I am on the horns of a very nice dilemma. Here's the problem: 2 veteran hounds (and especially fond of game meats) have the following meals set for a week's holiday in France: day 1: (Loire)dinner...

paris restaurants/lunch

by Erik 21 years ago

Some posters have recommended lunch deals at some of the top restaurants. Can you get restaurant specialties at places like Le Grand Vefour for a cheaper price at lunch or is it a different menu?

Trip report from Paris (VERY LONG)

by mdibiaso 20 years ago

I had the pleasure of being in Paris on my own at the end of September so I could do some serious eating without being distracted by a business conversation. I had Guy Savoy (because of the recent ...

Paris for New Year's Eve

by dishwater 20 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for an awesome New Year's Eve dinner in the City of Lights?

3 Days in Paris; 3 Days in Barcelona-Where to Eat?

by Joanne Oteri 20 years ago

Greetings everyone, I'll be spending 3 nights (6 meals-breakfast is taken care of) in Paris and then 3 nights in Barcelona (again 6 meals). If you only had 3 nights in each of these places, what ...

prix-fixe restaurants-Paris-left bank

by Jim Moore 20 years ago

We are planning our first trip to Paris in August. I have been a regular reader of this site for several months and have "logged" many helpful ideas. I have been particularly interested in the Left...

Ideas for lunch and dinner for 9 year old boy and mom in Paris

by Emily McGrath 20 years ago

I'm taking my 9year old boy to Paris for a long day trip into the evening (from London, by train) I plan to sightsee at the Eifel tower, and spend the rest of the time eating. We arrive around lu...


by HENRY 20 years ago


cookbook bookstore in Paris

by becky 20 years ago

I am wondering if anyone knows the name of a bookstore in Paris that sells only cookbooks. I know it exists, I am just not having any luck finding it...Thanks.

Moroccan in Paris

by Charles C. Smith 20 years ago

I'm heading to Paris next week and am looking for a good Moroccan/ North African place- any ideas? Thanks!! Cheers, Charles

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