Paring Knife

The Ultimate Guide to Knives: When and Why We Use Each Type

The other day, I was in my kitchen cooking a meal and I needed to chop an onion. Indiscriminately, I picked up my go-to knife and started chopping away. Midway through, I glanced up at my knife block...

Paring Knife Recommendations

by loves2cook82 1 year ago

My mom mentioned to me the other day that she would like a new paring knife, so I thought I would buy her a nice one for Christmas. Any recs? I don't really use one myself, so I don't have much exp...

Ken Onion Sky 4" BDn1: the c an b florets test

by drrayeye 3 years ago

Just purchased a Ken Onion Sky detail knife with a Rockwell 63 hardness blade, mounted at a 16 degree angle with a trademark Ken Onion handle. The real world task I chose for evaluation was to sep...

Paring knife (curve edge or straight edge).

by Chemicalkinetics 11 years ago

Hi guys, This is my second post. I was thinking about getting a boning knife to accommodate my all-purpose knife, but now I am considering a paring knife first. I think one of you guys talk...

Modern Kitchen Outfitting on a Budget

by nerdonfire 6 years ago

Hi All, After hopping from apartment to apartment for the last several years, I am finally about to have some stability. I start grad school this summer, and with the prospect of being in one ci...

Looking for advice on possibly upgrading my knives.

by MamFish7 6 years ago

I have been enlightened by folks on this forum (and a few others). Now I’m here to ask you all for some advice. I have gotten some money that I’d like to use to buy some knives I’ve been wanting....

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