Parents in Town


Recs for a good lunch in Boston/Cambridge

by stephaniet 4 years ago

Hi Everyone, My father is coming to visit me at the end of the month, and we'd like to have a nice lunch. I'm based in Cambridge (work in Cambridge, live in Somerville), but we could go into are...

Nice ambiance lunch

by smile81 4 years ago

my mom will be visiting so I'm looking for a nicer/upscale lunch spot with good ambiance, great food, outdoors preferable, with a view even better. I'm located in la jolla, but are open to any loc...

Ideas for dinenr out, Friday night (March 27) with my mother around 6PM

by JDAWG 5 years ago

Hi all, I am taking my mother to see the Alton Brown show tomorrow night at the Sony Centre. She is a big fan. The show starts at 8pm, which is great as we will have time for a relaxed dinner...

Parents in town, help!

by felice 6 years ago

For people who enjoy food, my parents are some of the pickiest eaters I know. Finding a place to go that meets my criteria and theirs is never easy. They are in and out of Oakland from 10-6 on a Su...

Parents in town for a week...

by jmarx 7 years ago

Ok, troops... So, another not-so-straightforward question... My parents are coming to visit me in Dallas. They've never been here. They LOVE to eat (just not the way I love to eat). They're in t...

Picky mom in town advice!

by 42red 9 years ago

Mom meeting new boyfriend for first time this weekend lunch. She's very picky and this meal will be awkward enough on its own. Looking for a place that is nice but not too too pricey just because I...

Picky father in town. Dinner suggestions for places w/o a reservation?

by mirapoix 9 years ago

My Dad is coming to Montreal tonight and I'm having trouble finding a place to go for dinner at such short notice. He is very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He likes places like M:Brgr but I...

Parents in town, semi-picky, moderate priced...help! I've included all my Reqs :)

by jamiechiri 10 years ago

Hello - Parents are coming to town this weekend and I would LOVE recs for Fri and Sat nights. Requirements: Location: Arlington, VA or DC location (Gtown, Downtown, Dupont, Chinatown...not ...

Mom in town for Thanksgiving - need suggestions

by Asperges 10 years ago

My mom's coming to town for Thanksgiving weekend and I need places to take her, preferably in West Hollywood and vicinity (but Santa Monica/Venice OK too). She is not what you'd call an adventurou...

Parents in town...

by GJWhite 11 years ago

Parents are coming into town and I've been putting a list together of places to take them. So far I've got Fraiche in Culver and Mozza (pizzeria). Nothing insanely expensive, but they do appreciate...

Parents in town for the weekend - where should we eat?

by mcm1900 12 years ago

My parents are coming to nyc to visit for the weekend in a few weeks, and I'm wondering where we should have dinner. We're from the sf bay area, so they're used to eating really great food. I have ...

Votre Sante "similar places" parents in town

by Ben7643 12 years ago

Hey everyone. Other then my occasional ice cream splurge i'm a health nut and try to stay away from oil/sugar/butter/fat. Votre Sante seems to cater to all of these needs and still make really yu...

Mom in town from DC: Carnivale, Opera tonight or North Pond for brunch tomorrow?

by diggsms 12 years ago

My mom is in town from DC and we want to do one nice meal "out" as we are mostly staying in from the cold and cooking ourselves! Looking for a moderately priced but delicious meal. Does anyone hav...

parents in town, need suggestions

by Mr Bigglesworth 12 years ago

Hello, My folks are coming into town next weekend, and I'm looking to go out to dinner with them and my SO. I don't want the meal to be too expensive - I'd prefer to keep the entrees in the mid...

Dad in town, 2 nights, where to go?

by megane 12 years ago

My dad is in town from North Carolina this weekend, and I really want to take him to have some good interior Mexican while he is here. I semi-browsed some of the Mexican related threads but am sti...

Unadventurous Mother in Town

by yourwaitress 13 years ago

My mom is coming to town on Wednesday, and I don't really have a clue where to take her for dinner. She is an unadventurous midwesterner, but I'm definitely not. She's not looking to be impressed, ...

Parents in town-- need pre-opera and sat nite options for non-meat eaters

by joshwa 13 years ago

The folks are coming into town for a grand tour... we're going to the opera tomorrow night, and dinner again somewhere in manhattan on sat nite. Had originally planned to take them to Casa Mono, as...

Japanese parents in town - a good izakaya?

by mn 15 years ago

I want to take my parents and their good friends (all of which are Japanese and love sake) to a good izakaya with employees that speak Japanese. I've taken them to Decibel but they told me that it'...

Mom in town - where to go for a nice dinner ($300 tops for 2)

by Losothai 13 years ago

My mom's in town and as usual we would like to go to a really nice dinner together. Preferably somewhere with a tasting menu, but that's not a must. Some nicer restaurants we have been to: Le Be...

mom in town for labor day - a report on where we ate!

by lawrence 13 years ago

my mom came up for the labor day weekend and in addition to the sight seeing and shopping, we spent a good amount of our time eating. i realized after this visit where i get my chowhoundish qualit...