15 Eye-Opening Breakfast Sandwiches You'll Want to Devour at All Hours of the Day

The breakfast sandwich (generally featuring egg of some kind, meat, and cheese on toast, a sandwich roll, or an English muffin) is popular for one major reason: portability. That, and they're generally...

Pancetta and Guanciale

by spiffcleanser 1 year ago

I really have two questions. The first is where to find the best pancetta and guanciale in the Boston area. This second is whether anyone has any experiences to share making their own and where the...

What type of pancetta for bolognese?

by orlybabe 3 years ago

Hi, I recently found an AMAZING recipe for bolognese on America’s Test Kitchen. It calls for pancetta, and I found two main types of pancetta at my grocer - arrotolata and affumicata. Which is best...

Pancetta - do you have to cook it

by Fort Point 11 years ago

Pancetta is sliced and sold in the Deli section but I have always considered it more like a bacon product and cooked it before eating it. Would you eat pancetta if the deli person offered you a sl...

Difference in taste between guanciale and pancetta?

by pegasis0066 8 years ago

I used guanciale in my carbonara last night for the first time. Maybe my pallet isn't refined enough but I am not sure I could discern a difference between it and the pancetta I buy. And if I did...

I ate raw pancetta. Oops. Problem?

by OrangeBlossom76 5 years ago

I was cooking some pancetta -thin sliced from the deli. I ate some of it raw. I just found out I wasn't supposed to. Is that bad? Just a bit of it, to taste. I'm glad my little one refused it.

Anyone seen potato gnocchi and pancetta at Costco?

by Monica 6 years ago

I need a large amount of gnocchi and pancetta for an event. Does anyone here know if Costco carries gnocchi and pancetta? Specifically, the Taterborough or the Wayne location. Thanks!

Pancetta or Bacon?

by Gardis 6 years ago

Hi, I've seen some good recipes that call for Pancetta, which happens to be very expensive. What would be an acceptable substitute? I was thinking slab bacon would work quite nicely. Regular bacon ...

Pancetta questions

by kengk 9 years ago

I bought some Boar's Head pancetta from the deli at Publix yesterday to make PLTs. First question; the attendant offered me the first slice off the machine as a sample. I passed on it. While...

Pancetta in larger quantities?

by zackly 7 years ago

I would like to buy a bigger piece of pancetta than my supermarket carries. They have those 12-15oz vacuum pack round pieces the size of a section of Genoa salami. I could even use ends or diced be...

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