What Is the Difference Between Crepes and Pancakes?

They both usually start as flour-based batters enriched with milk and eggs that's poured onto a skillet, griddle, or pan and cooked until firm enough to roll or flip, but American-style pancakes are...

Vegetable Paejeon To-Go @ Han Kook Market in Seaside

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

A couple weeks ago I dropped in to Han Kook Market, a small mom-and-pop Korean grocery store in Seaside on the Monterey Peninsula. This was a first time for me, as I've tended to patronize the ones...

'FUWA FUWA, Bathurst & 16th Ave., Vaughan' - Nicely crafted Japanese style Pancakes.

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 months ago

For those with sweet tooth and love pancakes, this Japanese creation might just be the right treat for you. After hearing so many thumbs-up review of the place, I finally decided to brave the po...

Northern Sonoma County Fire and Earthquake Safety Expo, 8/7/2021

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Why share info about the free fire and earthquake safety expo at the Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds this Saturday, August 7? There are a few food-related offerings in the schedule. The day starts...

Best frying pan for pancakes?

by DougWeller 1 year ago

I'm struggling trying to find a pan that distributes its heat evenly over the whole surface so my pancakes aren't soggy at the edges.

SCALLION PANCAKE -- Home Cooking Dish of the Month, January 2021

by masha 1 year ago

Welcome to the Reporting Thread for our January 2021 Dish of the Month (“DOTM”), Scallion Pancake. Thanks to all the hounds who participated during the nomination and voting phases for our Ja...

Kimchi Pancake using Corn flour only?

by cgxy96 1 year ago

I have corn flour/ starch only in my pantry, my local grocery ran out of plain all purpose flour due to covid panic buying. Can I use corn flour/ starch as a substitute? 1:1 or do I put less and di...

Cooking Light multigrain pancakes

by ReneeCamp 1 year ago

I made Cooking Light’s Multigrain pancakes and highly recommend them as a healthy breakfast treat. I substituted the buttermilk for 1 1/3 cup almond milk and 1 1/3 TBS Apple cider vinegar. I also u...

Replicating Cafe Orlin millet pancakes?

by kazhound 2 years ago

I used to love the millet pancakes at Cafe Orlin in the east village in NYC. Part of my pandemic coping strategy is to make things that I always meant to do but never got around to, and this one ha...

Ideas for Making "Fluffier" Vegan and Gluten-Free Pancakes

by brendanc24 2 years ago

Hi All, My wife and I have been making vegan and gluten-free pancakes. The outside cooks perfectly, but the inside doesn't seem to completely cook all the way through. They're also slimmer than no...

El Salvador

by catface1 6 years ago

While on vacation we ate and loved a corn based pancake that was fried and sweet. I have searched several websites and have not found a recipe if you could help that would be great.

Good Pancakes in Chapel Hill or Durham

Tom from Raleigh
by Tom from Raleigh 2 years ago

When I eat breakfast which is rarely, I get something with eggs and meat. My daughter wants to go out for pancakes, which is fine, but I don't know who in the area has good pancakes. Let's cross th...

How long can pancake batter keep?

by pixellle 15 years ago

I used to always make a big batch of pancakes on the weekend then freeze the leftovers. They froze very well, with wax or parchment paper in between each one, then I could cook them as needed in t...

Flannel Cakes - hunh?

by Deenso 16 years ago

Okay, maybe I've lead a cloistered life. I didn't really think so, but here I am, 58 years old, and I've never been served a flannel cake. I'm reading a book and the characters are in a pancake joi...

What to Make along with Potato Pancakes?

by Rick 14 years ago

I'm having 6 people over for potato pancakes on Saturday. I work half a day and they'll I'll be going food shopping. I'll have about one hour prep time before my guests arrive and an hour or so c...

Give me your best french toast and pancake recipes

by ZoeyCovey 3 years ago

trying to decide which one to make for a day inside brunch. Needs to pair well with fruit and mimosas

Gingerbread Bagels /pancakes

by Steevo91123 3 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get either? They used to sell them at (not real, I know) Einstein but was told they weren't popular enough. As far as the pancakes go, they used to sell them at Cafe 2...

Need a new downtown/weekend pancake option

by tanno 3 years ago

Where to go early AM, when diner pancakes won't do? I love pancakes. My six year old son loves pancakes. We love to go out for pancakes! We usually go to the Hollywood Diner, which is nearb...