Palmdale/Lancaster/Antelope Valley Eats

Queen Bruin
by Queen Bruin 14 years ago

Hi there, new poster checking in. A quick search of my general location reveals threads bemoaning the general lack of good food in the AV. I thought I would check in and recommend some of my AV gem...

Palmdale, California

by Discerning Palate 9 years ago

We're here for work and have been checking out the local restaurants. The Yard is very good with a solid kitchen that puts out meals that are fresh and haven't disappointed us. Another brew pub ca...

PARS - A nice find in Palmdale

by Philber 11 years ago

My wife, daughter, and I went to lunch with a friend of ours last week in Palmdale. We used to live in the Antelope Valley so our expectations were set accordingly. Our friend, who is Iranian, su...

Anything good in the Palmdale area?

by Wayward biker 10 years ago

Looks like about the end of March to visit the area for a few days follwed by a few more in the I.E. which I am more familiar with. Any help with the Palmdale area is greatly appreciated. It wi...

Lancsater/Palmdale restaurant suggestions provided

by Sandra 15 years ago

Hi folks, I've seen a couple of older queries on here for people passing through the area... Thought I'd start a thread for this in hopes that folks will do a search if the need the information i...

Lunch Spot in Leona Valley/Palmdale??

by lizzyjk 12 years ago

I'm going cherry picking on Saturday and need a place to eat afterwards! I will be coming from LA. Who knows good spot for lunch? Thanks!

Girls' night out in Palmdale?

by heinous 13 years ago

I'm looking for a place to take a friend out for a little bachelorette send-off. It'll just be three of us girls, and we're not looking for anything rowdy or bawdy - just some good food in a fun at...


by sel 13 years ago

Was in the area today so headed over for lunch. The space is empty and the sign is gone. Truely a loss as there are no other good places to eat in the area. http://www.bluemarlinwest.com/

Blue Marlin West ~ Palmdale, CA + Pics

by lvgoodfood 13 years ago

Based on a Chowhound recommendation, and since we were in Palmdale last Friday evening we decided to try this Restaurant, Blue Marlin West! Wow! It was great, it is located on West Palmdale, on Ra...

New Find in Palmdale - Blue Marlin West

David Kahn
by David Kahn 14 years ago

I get out to the Palmdale/Lancaster area on weekends, and I always have trouble finding a good place to eat. Well, I'm happy to report I made a chow discovery in the area this weekend. On the rec...

Breakfast in Palmdale

by kaszeta 14 years ago

Any recommended places for breakfast in Palmdale? I'm growing tired of my hotel's breakfast menu.

Palmdale or Lancaster after 10:00PM?

by Ian F 14 years ago

I'll be looking for dinner this coming Friday night after 10. Anything worthwhile open at that hour?

Palmdale and Vicinity

by rnp0123 14 years ago

We have to be in Palmdale this Wednesday evening. Any good places to eat in the area?

Dinner in Palmdale

by Steve Taylor 15 years ago

It seems that every time I go to the sierras I end up in Palmdale about dinner time (sometimes both coming and going.) Is there anything there besides chain restaurants? I don't want to spend two...

Need Lancaster/Palmdale dinner that is at least tolerable

by Lee by the Sea 15 years ago

A sudden need takes us to Lancaster today (and possibly again in a week). Is there anything recommendable or at least tolerable in the vicinity? Well-made red-sauce Italian, say?


by Soccer Guy 15 years ago

Once again, we will be going to windy Lancaster to play in a soccer tournament this weekend. Any recommendations on a good place for a team dinner that's a step up from the usual chains? I've rea...


by Chpsteve 15 years ago

It seems like every time we go to the Sierras we end up in Palmdale at dinner time. Is there any decent option? We don't want to spend all night, but we would love to find a nice dinner place tha...

Lancaster or Palmdale

by FAT Traveler 16 years ago

Will be passing through the high desert on the way to Palm Springs and the Lancaster/Palmdale area is just about the right place for dinner. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not fine dining,...

Anything Between Commerce & Palmdale?

by Bob Mack 17 years ago

Heading out there later today and looking for a early dinner. Any quality chowhound places for a guy in jeans and a t-shirt?