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Where to buy Paella Pans in Manhattan or Brooklyn

by mhowellgtc 7 years ago

Will be in NYC (Staying in Brooklyn) next week. looking for an inexpensive place to buy a couple of LARGE paella pans. Any recommendations?

Paella Pan: Seasoned or just crusty?

by docgradusadparnassum 7 years ago

I dug my paella pan out of storage for Memorial Day Weekend. I had put a generous coating of oil and left it in the oven for several months before it got exiled to the storage. I saw it developed...

Did I steal this Paella Pan

by JTPhilly 7 years ago

13.5 inches 4,5 lbs marked "Mauviel France" for $15.90 I grabbed it from the thrift store shelf and ran out of there like a thief - the words Mauviel, France and the appearance of copper were e...

Really SMALL Paella pan? or something else

by harrism 7 years ago

I found a pan that I can only describe as a small paella pan - a bit less than 8 inches across. Actually I found two, and that was the larger one. Mauviel copper. What in the world are these for, a...

Weber grill + paella pan: what do you know?

by cayjohan 13 years ago

After several years of yearning, I think I am finally going to get my "real" carbon steel paella pan, with the intention of being able to do the dish on my Weber. (Yay, me!) Here's my set of questi...

Rent a large Paella pan and burner in Oakland/East Bay?

by nbphoto 9 years ago

Where might I find a medium large Paella Pan and burner stand (for 25 people), preferably in the Oakland East Bay area (for X-mas eve)?...

Trying to find a Used Paella Pan for Group Camping

by kbanse 10 years ago

Each year we do a group camping trip which includes one night of "non-traditional" camp cooking. Examples would be Chicken Parm, with LInguinie Alfredo from scratch, Beef Brisket with three types ...

Paella Pan

by majordanby 10 years ago

A few questions about making paella- How important is using a paella pan in making a solid paella? Can I get by without using a paella pan? If so, what are some alternatives? If not, any recs ...

Mauviel & STL 18"paella pan-Help Please with Many ?'s-MM+Other ?'s

by learnit2 9 years ago

Hi~I am new here and just found a Sur La Table paella pan made by Mauviel (marked STL and Made in France) with brass handles that is 18"(not including handles). In my searching I also came upon the...

preguntas de paella pans

by xtiewhere 9 years ago

I am in the market for a good, authentic and reasonably priced paella pan - to serve about 6 people, and for a gas burner. Any suggestions and tips are welcome! Thanks!

Enameled steel paella pan with gas burner

by marsprincess 10 years ago

I just received a gigantic enameled steel paella pan with gas burner as a gift and before I give it a go wanted to see if anyone had some wise words to share with me before I inaugurate it. Obv...

Lookng to purchase a paella pan in Newark

by jnk 10 years ago

Turns out that I'll have three hours to spend in Newark on Saturday and I'm in the market for a paella pan. Does anyone know of a restaurant/kitchen supply store that sells them. I;ve seen them o...

Paella pan and burner rental?

by dlp 10 years ago

Does anyone know of a kitchen supply store or other establishment in the DC area that rents 32" or 45" paella pans and burners?

Paella Pan/Burners Rental

by stevecooks 11 years ago

Anyone know of a place/source to rent large paella pans and the propane burner rings and stands to work with them. Needing a 28 to 32 " pan with the gadgets. Too expensive to purchase for a singl...

Rent a large paella pan & burner?

by heyitsjai 11 years ago

I'm going to host a large party at the park... assuming 75-100 friends show up. I'd like to rent a giant paella pan -- any recommendations on where to go about doing this? We'll also be grilling ...

All- Clad Large Paella Pan for risotto?

by casimir 12 years ago

Hello all, I'm new to this site and thought I would ask your learned advice. I'm passionate about cooking risotto and have been searching for the best cookware. I have a Le Creuset French Oven ,S...

Paella Pan[Nashville]

by I love Jersey 12 years ago

Anyone know where I can purchase an authentic paella pan in/around Nashville? I can order one online but thought I would try to go buy one first..

Paella pan - alternative uses

by paulj 13 years ago

I just got a 12" (4 person) enameled paella pan for a song (from Cost Plus). Any ideas of what I can use if for, besides paella (and its fideo cousin)? My biggest burner is an 8" coil. The pan w...

Paella Pans

by andyb99 13 years ago

Hi all - need some help - I need a birthday present for my girlfriend - and I know she's been looking for a large Paella Pan... In looking thru previous posts, Pasquale Bros has been mentioned as a...

paella pans

by lindamable 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can purchase a paella pan in Toronto or the GTA?