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Paella for 12 - 14?

by Seattle Rose 15 years ago

I need some advice on preparing paella for 12 - 14 people. I have made it many times for 2, 4, or 6, but never for th...

LaLa commented 5 months ago

Cast iron pan as substitute for paella pan, on the Barbeque?

by sarosenthall 6 months ago

Want to try grilled paella on the barbecue soon. I don't have a paella pan. Do you think a cast iron skillet would ...

KarenDW commented 6 months ago

Paella rice

by swcoop 6 months ago

I'm serving paella to 15 people in a couple of days and I just discovered I don't have nearly enough official Paella ...


Madrid commented 6 months ago

Acceptable rice varieties for paella?

by renz 10 years ago

So getting the so-called "paella" rice is not an option for me, with time constraints/transport, etc. When I went ...


mayomaille commented 6 months ago

Wine to pair with Paella

by pindert 8 months ago

I'll be serving Paella this weekend. It will have chicken, Spanish chorizo, shrimp, and mussels. Which wine(s) are ...


collioure commented 6 months ago

What to serve with paella?

by Cheesy Oysters 10 years ago

I'm making paella for guests and need a side dish. I have young kids so don't really want to do a separate salad or ...


saskia80Rodriguez commented 8 months ago

Paella de mariscos broth help

by chonas 9 months ago

Making "paella." One of my guests is pescatarian and said, "if I can taste meat, I won't eat it." When I asked if he ...


chonas commented 9 months ago

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Best Chicken and Sausage Paella

by jlix 10 months ago

looking for a GREAT recipe-- any ideas? Thank you --I want to make it tomorrow!

Where to buy cazuelas/paella pans in Madrid?

by Acidov 4 years ago

Hi everyone! I will be visiting Madrid in October and would like to buy a few cazuelas and paella pan. I saw simil...


ccjohnston commented 11 months ago

How do I reheat paella?

by sjb7501 10 years ago

My microwave is out of commission and I was wondering if it's better to reheat paella in a pot on the stove or in a b...


Madrid commented 1 year ago

Valencia, Spain paella options

by smaointe 1 year ago

Hi all, I have two days in Valencia and I have three spots written down at which to try the famous dish: Levante, La ...


smaointe commented 1 year ago

Paella catering or takeout

by injek 1 year ago

Anyone know where I can pick up paella for 6 in the city? All catering site I see is for bigger parties or restaur...


Snarf commented 1 year ago

Paella on a gas grill

by backyardcooking 2 years ago

I really enjoy cooking paella for large parties of my charcoal grill, unfortunately I am moving into a condo complex ...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Tips for short-grained brown rice in an open "paella" style? Converting the technique...

by nasv 8 years ago

Hi everyone... I love my short-grained brown rice and can comfortably cook it to my liking in a traditional covered-p...


vegetableadventures commented 2 years ago

Restaurants Serving Giant Portions of Paella TO GO

by Asparagustibus 2 years ago

I want to eat an entire paella but I'm too sheepish to do it in public. Does anyone know of a place that makes large ...


Simon commented 2 years ago

Best Paella in GTA

by Ritsuko 2 years ago

For years my go-to place for paella is Segovia. Now that they have closed, I am struggling to find another Spanish re...

chocabot commented 2 years ago

Best Paella in NYC

by Ritsuko 2 years ago

Visiting NYC this labour day long weekend, looking for good Paella for dinner. Any suggestions? Thank you!

ipsedixit commented 2 years ago

In Spain, does Paella Never Contain Chorizo?

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

We were told the above by the Gallician chef of a new restnt near us in boston. Is this true? thx. Also, he makes ...


treb commented 2 years ago

Help! My Paella pan keeps rusting!

by sixelagogo 10 years ago

I picked up a nice steel paella pan whillst in Barcelona this past year...I noticed that before I even used it, it's ...


namestepaz commented 2 years ago

Spanish wine pairing with Paella

by jmills 2 years ago

What do you guys think would go great with Paella with chicken, shrimp and sausage)? I want to stay Spanish and ...


collioure commented 2 years ago

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