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Use this tag to discuss food in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. We also have tags for each of the individual states, as well as many of the cities within them, which you can browse here.

Big Geoduck Energy: Everything You Need to Know About the Phallic Clam of the Pacific Northwest

Your first sight of a geoduck may be alarming, but these hefty clams are prized for their surprisingly delicate taste and texture. While the traditional seafood fare of crab, oysters, and fish are timeless...

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Wither Seattle Board?

by Jim Wong 21 years ago

I've been looking here occasionally, and have always been struck by how DEAD this board is compared to your others. I have a suggestion: spin off the Seattle board to its own. "Pacific NW" might ...

Visiting Portland & driving to Joseph

by Valerie 21 years ago

In June we're spending a Saturday night in Portland and then driving six hours east to Joseph, OR, driving back and spending a Friday night in Portland before flying out on Saturday. Any suggesti...

''Where to find Southern Cusine in the Northwest''

by Rex Rowland 21 years ago

Two years ago I discovered 'Kingfish Cafe' at 19th and Mercer on Capitol Hill. I was invited and didn't know what to expect. Not only was the atmosphere elegant, large old black and white pho...

Seattle in June

by Barbara S 22 years ago

Heading to Seattle in mid-June for a wedding and we're going to spend a few days eatng our hearts out (ha) - I reviewed the Washing State report from last year on this board and wondered if anyo...


by Betty 21 years ago

A friend in Gig Harbor emailed to say the first good meal she had in Seattle was at Etta's. She especially liked the clam chowder and the prawns (which she described as the size of her Westie's fro...

regarding Victoria B.C.

by mary 21 years ago

I noticed some discussion on restaraunts in Victoria B.C. I always go to Kiplings located on the lower level of the Empress Hotel. The hotel also offers high tea, a curry restaraunt and a high end ...

Philippine Restuarant

by mamie senter 21 years ago

Just found an exquisite restuarant at SE 47th and Powell in Portland, OR., called House of Bamboo. I can't pronounce half of the dishes, but WOW is everything is delicious. I have eaten there 3 ti...

miso in pdx

by Matthew 22 years ago

I am a miso soup addict. This is a love that I discovered only a few months ago, and now I have it for lunch almost every day. I wish I could afford to follow it with sushi every day as well. I ...

report on washington (state)

by Sandy Paik 23 years ago

just a quick note...thanks for the tips on eating in washington! the best was the Flying Fish on 1st Avenue in Belltown. I had a succulent foie gras and sea scallop followed by a wonderful gri...

Asian in SW Portland

by sydney 22 years ago

I just moved from the East Side to Raleigh Hills (for a shorter commute), and I'm just beginning to explore the food prospects on this side of town. I've seen a bunch of Asian, particularly Korean...

Dim Sum in Portland, OR

by Alice 23 years ago

Anybody have any suggestions for some good dim sum restaurants in Portland? What's good where? Is it pretty authentic (i.e. chicken feet!) or "Americanized"? Do they serve it with pu-erh tea?


by The Lead Dogs 22 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenient to use. We'll let most of them be pleasant surprises, but there are two thing...

Cajun in Portland

by Mark Sinclair 22 years ago

As part of my extended West coast trip, I had the opportunity to visit Delta, a hipster cajun place in SE Portland. I say hipster because it has that retro-hip atmosphere down to a "T." The cha...

Pacific Northwest Restaurants--looking for Barbara Spigler

by Tom Armitage 22 years ago

On January 30, I received an e-mail from Barbara Spigler, who said she had found my e-mail address at the Chowhound site, and asked me for recommendations in connection with a trip to Seattle, V...

My trip to Seattle and Victoria

by Jerry Bank 23 years ago

I just returned from a trip to Seattle and Victoria and had some very good meals. In Seattle: Campagne, at the Inn at the Market (where we stayed) was a treat. Good French food, very nicely p...

while in washington...

by Sandy Paik 23 years ago

I'm flying off to Seattle for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest. Any suggestions? I like everything.

Tex Mex on the Oregon Coast?

by Sue 23 years ago

With fear and trepidation I recommend The Stand in Seaside, OR. Everything served on paper, but the price is right and oh so good. The surfers love it and so do we! Thanks Jose.

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