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Big Geoduck Energy: Everything You Need to Know About the Phallic Clam of the Pacific Northwest

Your first sight of a geoduck may be alarming, but these hefty clams are prized for their surprisingly delicate taste and texture. While the traditional seafood fare of crab, oysters, and fish are timeless...

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by jen 20 years ago

I was just reading thru the posts and someone mentioned the Guild 45 cinema house. Do they still have the best popcorn in town? I often select movies by where the best popcorn is. I used to live...

Whidbey Island

by Mary 20 years ago

We're meeting some friends from Anchorage (we're from Knoxville) for a weekend at the Captain Whidbey Inn near Langley before Thanksgiving. We'll eat there for at least one dinner, but would apprec...

dining and drinking in Astoria,Oregon--a report

by dukedee 20 years ago

this faded fishing town does have a new restaurant-Jonathans Oyster House at llth st and Marine Dr. 503-325-7720.a decent alternative to the $20 fried seafood dinners at The Ship Inn on 2nd St. a b...

A newbie sez hi and mentions restaurants in Seattle (long)

by Karl 20 years ago

Hey all, I recently discovered this site via a link from Tom Douglas' web site, and I gotta say that chowhound.com is very cool. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a full-blown chowhound, but I'm...

anyone know any good italian places in Seattle?

by Keith 21 years ago

Ive been to this lovely little morsel called Perchenos right at the base of Queen Anne hill. Words cannot describe my appreciation for this place. But other than that I just cannot seem to find any...

Vancouver - Help!

by CapHill 20 years ago

Help! We're traveling to Vancouver from Washington D.C. July 13-16 and we know nothing about the city. Any great insider restaurant suggestions in Vancouver so that I can brag when I get back? M...

Dining in Astoria, Oregon help

by dukedee 20 years ago

could use your suggestions on a mid or high priced dinner destination. thanx

Verboort Sausage Festival

by Jim Dixon 20 years ago

The Verboort Sausage Festival is a true chowhound's paradise. The tiny Oregon community (about 15 miles west of Portland) takes over the local sausage factory to make a special grind of the beef an...

Seattle Now Spots

by Sebastian 20 years ago

East-Coaster wondering what are the newer (last few months, this year) places worth checking out. Upscale, downscale, breakfast, lunch, ethnic, whatever.

Billings, MT

by Jim 20 years ago

I'm headed to Billings for a couple of days. Any suggestions for interesting places for lunch and dinner? Thanks. Jim

How about shellfish?

by Edster 20 years ago

I love lobster, crab, shrimp and other crustaceans as well as oysters, clams, and their relatives. Any suggestions where to have some good chow either in Seattle or Redmond? I'll be visting there f...

Livingston, MT and environs

by Cliff 20 years ago

I visited Livingston recently and ate at three places. At the Grand in Big Timber I had the lamb which was very good and the ambiance and service are very good. At Chatham's Livingston Bar & Grill ...

Sun Sets on Belltown

by Jim Wong 20 years ago

Just to warn you folks, your beloved Belltown (which I refered to as a "depressed area" in a prior post) is now Mugging Central. There is a gang of red-shirted skinheads roaming the area, and 8 or...

Japanese restaurant

by Howard Leonard 20 years ago

Before I leave Seattle and head back East, I'd like to mention one of the best Japanese meals I've had in a long time, at Nishino, on Madison. It's somewhat pricey but worth it; unique in that you ...

Best Pizza in Seattle

by k zwick 20 years ago

I am sooo tired of people talking about who has the best pizza in Seattle...my friends, the best, very best pizza in Seattle is at Second Ave Pizza. Goodness, they have a sauce which is thee very b...

New York Pizza

by Allen 20 years ago

I had some very good, New York-style pizza recently at a little neighborhood place, Sorelli Pizza, on 44th Avenue W. in Mountlake Terrace. Who would have ever known? . . . and in Mountlake Terrace...

where to eat in the Ashland Oregon area?

by Al Sharff 20 years ago

We're looking for an interesting (fine food) place for dinner in the Ashland/Jacksonville areas of Oregon. We'll be there Friday the 28th of July. Any suggestions? Thanks, Al Sharff Truckee, CA

Glacier MT area

by Sandy Hadden 20 years ago

Would love suggestions on top restaurants in the Glacier Park - Kalispell - Bigfork Montana area for a trip there next weekend.. All ideas welcome. Thanks.

Dinner for 4?

by Andrew Schneidler 20 years ago

My wife and I are going out to dinner with a close friend and his girlfriend. We are looking for suggestions for a great dinner in the downtown Seattle area. Priorities are: -Delicious food (opt...

restaurants in Port Townsend, Fork, La Push

by sharye skinner 20 years ago

I am a first time traveler to the Olympic Penn. and am looking for the best places to favor the cuisine. MOney no object. Just good food..not big on seafood though.

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