What Is the Difference Between Clams, Mussels, Oysters & Scallops?

If you're new to eating seafood, you might be wondering about the differences between clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops. Worry not, we've got the skinny on all of these satisfying shellfish. When...

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Commander's Palace or August

by Monica 2 years ago

One nice dinner needed in New Orleans during Jazz festival. I've always wanted to try August but I see some positive reviews on Commander's Place. Please help me pick me the best! Also, plea...

Happy Hour @ Oyster Loft | Pismo Beach (SLOCo)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

For my return from Southern California in June, I booked an overnight in Avila Beach to break up the drive. Staying in town the month before I had noticed Oyster Loft and its happy hour promotion, ...

Conchas de Piedra | Valle de Guadalupe - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Conchas de Piedra is a sparkling wine and raw bar set in the Valle de Guadalupe's wine country. As a collaboration between Baja's leading winemaker, Hugo d'Acosta of Casa de Piedra http://www.vinos...

Oyster Season

by collardman 2 years ago

Things have been quiet here so I'll mention that we had the best oysters of the season at Superior Seafood, and at Happy Hour prices of 50 cents apiece. They were very cold, tasty, but a little bit...

Grilled Oyster Co near the Cathedral - Report

by Steve 2 years ago

This place looks new, and I was intrigued by their abundant Happy Hour offering and prices. They also have a location in Potomac, MD. I first went for a couple of fresh local oysters for $1 api...

Seeking: SF Oyster Brunch

by eaksander 2 years ago

I am not an oyster fan. But I have friends who are (their wifi password back home is 'Oysters For Us'). I want to take them to mid-day Sunday brunch where they can Oyster-out to their hearts cont...

Looking for $1 oysters in the East Bay

by Cheesy Oysters 3 years ago

It's my annual post to find $1 oysters in the East Bay for the day after Thanksgiving. This year is harder because we are limited to the lunch hour. Berkeley is fine and we can head to SF if need...

Where to Buy Bushel Oysters San Diego?

by merebear 3 years ago

We're looking forward to grilled oysters for a family celebration, and are new to San Diego. Where's the best place to purchase good quality oysters without having to mortgage the house??

Food Stands @ Cloverdale Friday Night Live | Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

This year, the free outdoor concert series, Cloverdale Friday Night Live, upped its food game with a new array of Sonoma County mobile vendors.

1st time in Seattle - just overnight

by LJNew 3 years ago

This will be my first time in Seattle and far too brief - just overnight. Staying a few blocks from Pike Place and the harbor. Would greatly appreciate any leads or threads on where to get oysters ...

Need suggestions for sides for a raw oyster party

by ltccc1223 5 years ago

I am having a party for about 15 people. We will have blue point oysters and grilled shrimp for the protein. What sides would pair well with this? Help! Thanks.

Oysters that won't open

by walkie74 3 years ago

So I've been told all my life that if a cooked oyster doesn't open, it should be tossed. But my brother is telling me that sometimes, oysters need some... encouragement to open, especially on the g...

Happy Hour @ Rustic House Oyster Bar | San Carlos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Last Wednesday three of us got together for happy hour at Rustic House Oyster Bar and Grill in San Carlos. A first time for each of us, we were pleased with the quality and value found here.

The Bywater | NOLA-inspired in Los Gatos

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

The Bywater is Chef David Kinch's newest venture bringing Big Easy flavors to Los Gatos. Last month my brother and I tried our hand at securing a table. No reservations here, and war stories abound...

Sat, 4/29, Kermit Lynch 45th Anniversary, Berkeley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

45th Anniversary Party oysters! sausages! wine! Saturday, April 29 11 am – 4 pm Kermit Lynch, Wine Merchant 1605 San Pablo Avenue, at Cedar Street in Berkeley

Fried oysters semi-fancy place

by roz music 3 years ago

have to have fried oysters for a nice lunch or dinner in LA... 8 guests for a pre Mother's day party and the lady loves fried oysters! I wish there was a Gulfstream close to downtown... any h...


by Nactus 3 years ago

I have friends coming from out of town and when I asked about food they told me they wanted to eat oysters. Lots and lots of oysters. I love oysters, too, but for some reason I have NO idea where t...

Rancho Nicasio Restaurant, Nicasio

by sandrachang 14 years ago

Went Sunday with hubby and 2 friends up to the Rancho Nicasio for lunch and check out where one of our friends had gotten into an accident and died. It is next to the post office, and there is a...

First time in Seattle!

by wineaux 3 years ago

Heading to Seattle from Chicago next week for 6 days to visit our daughter who just moved there. Looking for local (not touristy) restaurants in West Seattle (where she lives) or in the Port Towns...

SanFran for Alcatraz Triathlon

by misnatalie 3 years ago

I'll be coming to SF to cheer on my friend doing the Escape from Alcatraz tri. I am looking for 3 places one lunch/brunch on Sunday and 2 dinners one Saturday, one Sunday. On my list are State Bir...