Everything You Need to Know About Cooking Oxtail

If you've ever tried this amazing cut of meat, you likely love it, but if it's new to you, here's how to cook oxtail (and why you should). There’s a flip that switches in our brains when the weather...

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Great Oxtails

by shaun 16 years ago

Ovril's makes a great Oxtail stew. They braise it in brown sugar. I take it home and suck the marrow out of the bones.

best place to buy oxtails?

by j mack 16 years ago

I wanted to cook some oxtails, but aren't sure of where the best place to buy them. Golden Gate meats at the ferry building has them, but they seem very expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Oxtails at Oasis and other Medford/S'ville eats

by Aromatherapy 17 years ago

Oasis: Finally got to the Tuesday oxtail special. No surprises, no disappointments, just a tasty homestyle stew with potato chunks. You can get this as part of the small $4/lb buffet or as a genero...

Kauai eats: good oxtail soup?

by DebF 17 years ago

I'm leaving on Thursday and looking for recommendations for good oxtail soup in Kauai. Location not an issue. I won't be in Oahu until the following week and need to satisfy my oxtail soup craving ...

Oxtails Ideas?

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

I have heard how wonderful Oxtail Soup is, so I finally broke down and bought some--5 pounds at Costco. What do *you* do with oxtails? Does anyone have a "killer" recipe so I can prove to my husb...

Oxtail Soup/Stew

by prc49 17 years ago

I just had oxtail soup at Bruddah's/Gardena. The quantity of oxtail is usually good here and the broth was tasty although a tiny bit saltier than usual when I had it yesterday. So where else can...

Less Expensive Oxtails - Gilmart & Bobak's (products in Northbrook)

by Cathy2 17 years ago

Hi, Saturday I was on a Tour de Work Avoidance. Lots to do at home, which is why home was not my favorite destination. In this mode, I found myself driving around Midway Airport to visit the Po...

Oxtails and Other Parts, As Promised...Long

by Cristina 17 years ago

Many years ago I was working with a charity in Tijuana, Mexico, doing whatever I was requested to do on any given day. Part of my duties included driving back and forth across the Tijuana/San Dieg...

Oxtail in a crockpot?

by Raconteur 17 years ago

Has anyone made oxtail soup in a crockpot? If so, do you have any suggestions? I've made it on a stovetop many years ago. In this cold I'd love to come home to a good pot of soup but don't want t...

Oxtails..spinal column...mad cow?

by Miriam 17 years ago

I love oxtails and eat them frequently (mostly Caribbean take out, but sometimes I make my own, and there is a fabulous-sounding recipe in Paula Wolfert's new slow foods book that I was going to tr...

oxtail soup

by matt 17 years ago

Looking for a place in Los Angeles that serves Oxtail Soup, a Korean specialty that seems to be hard to get even in a town with hundreds of Korean restaurants, or so I am told. Thanks.

Oxtails in Chicago?

by Ed Fisher 17 years ago

Anyone here know a butcher that is likely to be able to sell me oxtails tomorrow? I think Caputo's on Harlem has them, but am unsure. I'm picking up our rib roast from Devon Ave. Meats tomorrow, b...

Are oxtails worh it?

by Lindsay B. 17 years ago

I have heard that oxtails are the gold standard for Asian beef broths. For example, most of the ph'o recipes call for an oxtail broth enriched with lemon grass. Oxtails are very expensive, tho...

oxtails, latin + asian style, Where can I get it cheaper

by tuesday heartbreal 18 years ago

I love oxtail stews either In Chinatown or at any rice and beans resturant like la taza de oro or Spanish american food on 13th and 1st. today i had it on 14th street near 7th aveune and i on...

cuban/jamaican/belizean oxtails

by zim 18 years ago

The other day I was eating some leftover oxtails from Rancho Luna (Cuban) which were quite good. I've also had oxtails from Flower's pot (Belizean) which I thought were even tastier but I'm always...

Oxtail Ragu to go?

by Alan Emdin 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend a source (not a restaurant) for prepared oxtail ragu--or, for that matter, other non-Neopolitan pasta sauces, eg Tuscan duck sauce, Bolognese, etc.? (Some places sell something...


by Jill-O 19 years ago

OK, I've had 'em several times, I really like 'em. I like the rich stew with the meat falling off the bones. I know how to braise in my cast iron Dutch oven. Still, I have never made oxtails... ...

Oxtail Soup in Boston???

by Tom 19 years ago

I grew up eating ox-tail soup and now I'm looking for a good bowl here in Boston. Does anyone know where to find some? I do love the ox-tail entree at Cafe Brazil but where does one go for the ...

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