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Can you overcook Oxtail by simmering too long?

by antihawk 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm using oxtail as the cut of beef for a Genovese Ragu (beef and onion pasta sauce) tomorrow. My que...


ratgirlagogo commented 4 days ago

Short ribs vs. oxtails?

by Speechfish 3 years ago

I'm considering preparing beef short ribs or oxtails for an anniversary dinner. It seems like there are similar cook...


fladonn commented 13 days ago

Where can I find Oxtail?

by typeogirl 6 months ago

Hi all, I am in Central Jersey.... 08831, and I am looking for a butcher that would sell oxtail, I saw something on B...

albinoni commented 1 month ago

Beef cuts instead of "Oxtails"

by scunge 7 months ago

What cut of beef would be suitable for a substitute to oxtails in a recipe? Thankyou


ratgirlagogo commented 7 months ago

Roasting oxtail or cheek

by antihawk 1 year ago

Hi, all. The traditional method for cooking ox cheeks and oxtails is braising. I wondered if slow-roasting would y...


ldavis001 commented 8 months ago

Anyone have a good recipe for Caribbean-style oxtail stew?

by Lady_Tenar 3 years ago

I'm not usually much of a recipe person, but if it's a dish I haven't made before, I often peruse different recipes a...

RHplus commented 1 year ago

How to use up beef bits left over from making stock?

by LorenzoGA 1 year ago

The other day my wife and I made a big batch of stock for Vietnamese pho, using, among other bony cuts, oxtails and s...

Amandarama commented 1 year ago

Why oxtail for Kare-Kare?

by L4Seats 1 year ago

Almost all of the Kare-Kares I've tried or seen a recipe of online involve oxtail. I understand that there can also b...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

Oxtail disaster

by veronicabailey 2 years ago

I followed Jamie Oliver's recipe for oxtail. But I didn't like the red wine taste. So I removed a lot of it, and ma...

nannygoat commented 2 years ago

Where do you buy your Oxtail?

by Bmurph174 2 years ago

I live in the NE of Calgary, looking for a place to get reasonably priced oxtail (it's always so expensive in co-op.)...


loonette commented 2 years ago

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Review: Sweet Fingers, San Leandro - Good Oxtail and Ginger Beer w/ PICS

by hhc 2 years ago

First time to Sweet Fingers in San Leandro for dinner Sat 6/27/15. Got there before 5pm and there was one other pers...

Why did my braised oxtails come out tough?

by goodeatsgal 9 years ago

I love braised oxtails that are tender and falling off the bone. I usually braise them on the stove, but last weeken...


philips1674 commented 2 years ago

Beef shank vs. oxtail?

by mtyf 11 years ago

I love oxtail for the gelatinous goodness and little bits of tasty meat when it's been properly cooked, but it is alw...


Kellee commented 3 years ago

Oxtail Dishes? preferably organic/natural/etc

by Simon 3 years ago

hi...any suggestions on restaurants that serve great oxtail dishes? (Manhattan esp, but open to all Boroughs)...and, ...


rachelnyc1 commented 3 years ago

oxtail stew

by starving 13 years ago

i recently discovered sophie's in the financial district. according to menupages they used to serve oxtail stew, but...

thegforceny commented 3 years ago

recipe request: braised beef shanks and oxtail stew with lemongrass and thai basil

by sepandee 6 years ago

I went to this restaurant yesterday and had the most delicious stew ever. It was braised beef shanks and oxtail stew ...


sadiefox commented 3 years ago

My Ode to the Oxtail

by archestratus 3 years ago

Here is a hint – use oxtail. Yes, it looks like a giant denuded penis and yes, it is actually the tail which is a l...

archestratus commented 3 years ago

Are oxtails really ox?

by JCap 6 years ago

Or is it cow? It just doesn't make sense to me that the only part of the ox that is commonly cooked is the tail...if...

sunshine842 commented 3 years ago

where to buy oxtail cheap?

by Zengarden 11 years ago

Trying to make oxtail stew. I've seen it for $3.99/lb in Chinatown. Is there a better option elsewhere? That seems...


Trini_tsunami commented 3 years ago