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Quiet casual lunch in Oxnard

by Golem 13 years ago

Looking for a nice, quiet, but casual lunch spot in Oxnard. Meeting with old friends and we want to linger for a bit, maybe have a drink or two. Pricey pricey is out. Any suggestions?

Ventura/Oxnard Breakfast??

by jewel4352 13 years ago

We are driving from Phoenix to Monterey and we are stopping in Ventura/Oxnard for the night. Looking for recomendations for Breakfast Saturday morning. We are traveling with two dogs, so a place ...

Oxnard Salsa Festival

by JeetJet 13 years ago

I have never been and have found little about it. Can anyone say anything about it? Should I take a big’o bag of my favorite chips from Los Toros and go dipping? 14th Annual Oxnard Salsa Festi...

La Colonia area, Oxnard

by snackish 16 years ago

I was in Oxnard this morning and strayed off my path into La Colonia (Colonia Rd & Cooper Rd. off Oxnard Blvd) and dang if I wasn't suddenly in....Mexico!! My heart leapt with delight to see the ...

Quiet Sunday Lunch/Brunch Spot Between Woodland Hills and Oxnard

by kajtf 14 years ago

I am looking for a nice, quiet place where we can eat, relax, chat and linger for lunch/brunch on Sunday between Woodland Hills and Oxnard. Thanks in advance for your help. Karen

Any decent food in Oxnard-Mandalay Bay area

by SIMIHOUND 14 years ago

Will be in Mandalay Bay area and in search of any food limited to within a 15 minute drive at most. I don't know that area at all and I know that per a previous post resources are limited in Ventur...

Satisfaction from Santa Clarita to Ventura-Oxnard?

by Lanyboy 14 years ago

A mid day trek to Vnetura will find me with no lunch ideas this Saturday. Anything of note on the road between Santa Clarita and Ventura-Oxnard? Thank you in advance !

Sushi in Oxnard?

by Chase 18 years ago

Someone mentioned excellent fresh sushi in Oxnard over the weekend, but didn't remember what it was called. All I got from the conversation was, "over the top fresh fish, just off the main drag i...

fresh sea urchin in santa barbara or oxnard?

by lakerblues 14 years ago

I hear that Santa Barbara and Oxnard are known for their sea urchin. Are there any restaurants in those areas that are worth a drive from LA that serve fresh uni?

Need cafe or coffee house between Neptune's Net and Oxnard, CA

by muchamuncha 14 years ago

I need to meet a friend between the two places listed above. We are both on a tight deadline and really just need a place to grab coffee and look over a contract. Preferably off PCH. We don't want ...

fried chicken in ventura, oxnard.

by fred42 14 years ago

I will be in the ventura, oxnard area this weekend and love fried chicken. Any recommendations?


by Cathy 17 years ago

Any recs for these areas? Doing the college tour route during Spring break. Need suggestions for dinners (mid price, casual). Any input on Old Vienna Restaurant, Whales Tail or Anacapa Brewing C...

Best Japanese in Ventura, Oxnard or Camarillo?

by Pazazzi 16 years ago

Would like to celebrate a friend's birthday at a small Japanese restaurant in Camarillo, Oxnard or Ventura. Looking for a delicious Sushi bar with an emphasis on food. What's the best in the a...

anything good int he oxnard area?

by rickmond 14 years ago

friend is in the oxnard area today and wondering if there's anything good for dinner in the area. any recs?

Oxnard Dinner

by jackt 14 years ago

Having reunion dinner in Oxnard in a few weeks. 6-10 people. Any suggestions? Link: http://suckyblog.com

Taco Spot-Laurel & oxnard?

by Rob 15 years ago

Has anybody eaten at this mexican spot? Its next to a car wash on Laurel Canyon near Oxnard? I always drive by it yet haven't been daring enough to try it yet? Any input, Rob

Tierra Sur Oxnard

by Dave 15 years ago

Has anyone been? All I found out is that the restaurant is at HERZOG Wineries. Media reviews are great so far. I would like to know what the chowhounds think about this restaurant.

Oxnard Salsa Festival

by lil mikey 15 years ago

We went yesterday and had a pretty nice time. It's cooler, as it's closer to the coast, and there is on-going salsa music during the day and into the evening. Tonight Johnny Polanco is playing. T...

Oxnard Salsa Festival

by WildSwede 15 years ago

In case anyone is interested, the Oxnard Salsa Festival is this weekend. See link below for info. Link: http://www.oxnardsalsafestival.com/