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Good Fish Tacos in Ventura/Oxnard CA area?

by ljohaines 3 years ago

Hello all you wonderful chowhounds who tell us newcomers where to eat well. We went to a place called Spencers Fish T...

perk commented 3 years ago

Oxnard - Family Friendly

by attran99 3 years ago

Spending the weekend in Oxnard and Santa Barbara with our 3 boys (11, 9, and 8). We're fans of all cuisines, and are...


attran99 commented 3 years ago

California Strawberry Festival, Oxnard- May 17 & 18, 2014 - Has anyone been in the past?

by hhc 4 years ago

I read a passing mention on the CA Strawberry Festival in Oxnard. Has anyone been in the past? They charge for admi...


bulavinaka commented 4 years ago

Oxnard pizza restaurant

by Talksalot 4 years ago

DH and I visited Settebello in The Collection mall in Oxnard. They opened in October 2013. They serve authentic Nap...


Kalivs commented 4 years ago

Ventura/Oxnard help?

by perk 6 years ago

I'm renting a beach house in Oxnard in March. What are the best restaurants around there for lunch and dinner? Want p...

perk commented 4 years ago

Vegetable stands in and around Oxnard?

by sheckylovejoy 7 years ago

I am new to Oxnard (Channel Islands Harbor area) and although the Sunday Farmer's Market here is great, it's pricey a...


dncee11 commented 4 years ago

Montezuma - Oxnard

by elbee3890 5 years ago

In years past, one of my favorite places to quench my chile relleno jones was Montezuma on Stroube St in El Rio (Oxna...


elbee3890 commented 5 years ago

Oxnard/Ventura area restaurant gift card

by farmertomato 6 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in the Oxnard/Ventura area for which I can buy a gift card on line. Any Suggestion?

WildSwede commented 6 years ago

Asian markets in Oxnard/Ventura

by Nick 12 years ago

I'm kind of afraid to ask (because knowing Ventura County, I'll probably be disappointed), but does anyone know about...

halcutler commented 6 years ago

Oxnard Food Truck Event

by SIMIHOUND 6 years ago

Last night they held the Downtown Gourmet Food Trucks event in Oxnard at Heritage Square. Apparently it was a great ...

SIMIHOUND commented 6 years ago

Help! Looking for "Ranch Style" steakhouse anywhere from Oxnard to Modesto for Birthday...

by JKCDN 7 years ago

I am dying to celebrate my birthday at a steakhouse with outdoor seating in a rural setting. A place where cold beer ...

glbtrtr commented 6 years ago

Best Local Type Chains in Burbank/Santa Monica/Oxnard/Ventura Areas?

by wintersummer 6 years ago

We're flying into Burbank airport, using Southern California as starting point for driving up the PCH. Our flight is...


asimen commented 6 years ago

Gems in Oxnard and/or Ventura

by PolarBear 9 years ago

Have researched on the board as best I could. Have two houndly friends spending 4-5 days in the area starting this we...


lalf commented 7 years ago

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Dim Sum In Oxnard (Well, Sort Of)

by Chandavkl 7 years ago

This is an informational post for anybody looking for dim sum in the city of Oxnard, and not necessarily a recommenda...

Salsa Festival July 24-25 Oxnard, Ca.

by richoso12 7 years ago

This is a fun event that is open to the public, with no charge for entry or parking. I've been attending this event f...

WildSwede commented 7 years ago

Going Fishing early Saturday morning out of Oxnard-Where to get good lunch fixens?

by Fru 7 years ago

Am leaving very early in the am on a boat without a galley. We will be driving in from Pasadena and staying in Oxnar...


mary c commented 7 years ago

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smoked fish oxnard [moved from California board]

by ocotillo 7 years ago

Does anyone know who sells smoked fish, preferably yellowtail in the Oxnard area. Thanks

Meat markets Oxnard/Ventura

by ScarletB 8 years ago

I am soon going to be moving to Oak View/Ojai and will be working in Oxnard. Coming from the Pacific Northwest I am...


ScarletB commented 7 years ago

A great breakfast place in Ventura/Oxnard area?

by Dining Dave 9 years ago

Looking for a great breakfast place in Ventura/Oxnard area. Heard there was one that won honors from Esquire magazin...


Top3 commented 8 years ago

Ojai (Oxnard, Ventura, Thousand Oaks)??

by pongstress 11 years ago

We're going to Ojai from LA this weekend - Any places there (or on the way) I should check out? I am thinking about ...


Top3 commented 8 years ago