Ownership Change


Yuet Lee in San Francisco Chinatown is open for take-out

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Passing through San Francisco last Friday night, I called Yuet Lee to see if it might be open for take-out. Yes, it is, and taking orders by phone for take-out or via Postmates or DoorDash for deli...

Le Sélect Bistro Changing Hands

by syoung 7 months ago

The owners of Le Sélect, Jean-Jacques Quinsac and Frederic Geisweiller, one of the oldest French restaurants in Toronto opening in 1977, is selling to Allied Properties, a REIT company. They said ...

Chili My Soul chilis at Jinky's Cafe?

by Jwsel 8 years ago

Someone posted on Chili My Soul's old Facebook page that Jinky's bought CMS's recipes. I know Jinky's used to serve CMS chili so was wondering if anyone could confirm. From the Jinky's website,...

After 30 years, Union House in Genesee Depot has a new owner

by shaja 1 year ago

After 30 years, Union House in Genesee Depot has a new owner

Cooking Papa Foster City ownership change disaster

by Thomas Nash 2 years ago

New ownership appears to have killed this place. It had been one of our favorites in the Bay Area. Today, bbq pork belly was tough and nothing like the traditional quality here, shrimp wontons had ...

Chef Change at Hakka Restaurant - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

The founder, Master Chef Jin Hua Li, who made this one of my favorite restaurants retired and sold the place to his sous chef in the latter part of last year. One of my culinary friends assured me ...

Something shaking at old Gold Mountain premises. George Chen connection? [San Francisco]

by soupçon 7 years ago

Walking by the former Gold Mountain Restaurant premises (644 Broadway), I noticed an ABC notice of license transfer posted. The new licensee is an entity called "China Live" and the applicant was ...

New Ownership of Shagun Indian Restaurant in Collegeville

by rich24 5 years ago

We just had dinner at Shagun Indian restaurant in Collegeville and learned that they are under new ownership, and that the effervescent former general manager, Happy Grover, has left. The food was ...

Bistro Pastis - sold

by hrhsheba 5 years ago

I just heard that Bistro Pastis has sold. The new owners take over November 5th. John Blakely will be staying on to "consult" for a few months though to ease in the transition. I haven't been th...

Fromagerie - reopened with new owners

by graciegggg 5 years ago

Has anyone been yet? I'm curious about the price point. I am assuming $$$$ but there are no prices listed on their website.

Miso-ya East Brunswick

by jracpa 5 years ago

Never made it to this place with its original owner. I think it changed hands with the new owner being a former cook or something at Tao in NYC. I wanted to check it out, but over the past week, ...

Coastal Seafoods acquired by Fortune Fish

by KTFoley 5 years ago

Would we agree that the story of Minneapolis-St Paul as a genuine food place rests on the strength of its farmers, foragers, butchers, bakers, brewers, beekeepers, cheese makers, etc.? If yes, the...

Bistro Rollin, Pelham to change hands...

by gutreactions 5 years ago

Founded by the Bratone family in 2009, Bistro Rollin was highly touted as an authentic French bistro with a fine kitchen manned by its original chef Manny Lozano. In recent years, the menu has move...

APP: Rumson's Fromagerie has new owners, new life

by firstavefreak 5 years ago


Changes coming to the Manor Coffee Shop - West Portal

by gordon wing 6 years ago

http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/blog/2015/09/01/west-portal-classic-manor-coffee-shop-is-being-sold/ going to be a bit of anxiety for a lot of old timers in the West Portal area over this t...

Flakey Tart - new owners

by shesallthat 5 years ago

Has anyone been to the Flakey Tart since Marie left and the new owners took over? I noticed that once she started baking less, than they started baking more, the goods (to me) got too frou frou....

SF - Elite Cafe sold - ends Brunch - March 27

by Cynsa 5 years ago

last service on March 27 for Easter Sunday Brunch - Elite Cafe has been sold. http://www.theelitecafe.com/#about 2049 Fillmore St., San Francisco CA (415) 346-8400

Changes at Lumiere

by Blumie 5 years ago

Change can be scary. Most of us know that Michael Leviton recently sold Lumiere to his chef de cuisine, Jordan Bailey. The sale apparently closed last weekend, four days before I took my parents ...

Berkeley's Nabalom Bakery Reopening Monday

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 5 years ago

Not as a collective; a couple business partners bought the former collective's debt and recipes. They'll sell popular, classic pastries and cookies, and plan to add pizza, soup, and salad.

Bombay to Kathmandu restaurant [Nepalese] - reincarnated

by lodermulch 5 years ago

They closed around two weeks ago. Now they've re-opened under totally new (Nepali) management. New interior, new hours; nothing indicated online however. Very friendly folk with pretty solid servic...