Overland Park


Any good sushi recommendations in KC area?

by emakaroni1 14 years ago

I moved from South Florida to Overland Park, Kansas over six months ago. Boy do I miss good diversity! Recommendations would be highly appreciated! Places I've tried so far and my thoughts: (the q...

Any seafood Restaurant's near overland park?

by mutti 8 years ago

We will be staying near Costco in Overland park and looking for some fairly decent seafood restaurant's, preferrably one that does seafood not from any of the asian country's.[no offense to anyone]...

Breakfasts at Blue Bird Bistro (KCMO), Great Day Cafe (Overland Park), 119th Street Diner (Olathe)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Friday’s breakfast stop was BLUE BIRD BISTRO in the West Side/Crossroads neighborhood. The skies opened up for a deluge of biblical proportions, and I was grateful to my waitress who found a stray...

Late night eats in Overland Park?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

Will have a car. Staying at the Sheraton. Looking for grub -- preferably good grub -- post 9 p.m. Any ideas? Thanks.

Cornbeef and Pastrami Sandwich in Overland Park,Ks.

by mutti 9 years ago

Will I be able to find a Deli that serves these Sandwiches? and if so tell me where?Will be staying near Costco

Christmas Shopping trip to Overland Park in Kansas.

by mutti 9 years ago

Doing another trip to Costco Dec 6th and would like to get a Hotel room near Costco, can you all recommend a reasonable priced Hotel in that area? also tell me how far we will be from Oklahoma Joe'...

Mestizo - Overland Park, KS

by ChrisKC 10 years ago

Aaron Sanchez's new place. Has anyone been yet? I went it today to get a couple of gift cards and it sure smelled good. I think I'll try to get my own gift in the gift exchange!

Cafe Vie, overland park

by relizabeth 9 years ago

Popped in here to get Vietnamese coffee after shopping at next door Oriental Market. Has anyone gotten food here? Menu was mainly Korean but had some Vietnamese.

One night in Overland Park, KS

Rocky Road
by Rocky Road 9 years ago

I will be here for a couple of days business and will be one my own for one night. Never been to KS, so I have two questions: 1) What should I eat that I cannot get in San Diego? I'm assuming ...

Unforked - kc (Overland Park, KS)

by ChrisKC 10 years ago

I just heard about this place. Has anyone been? They make everything fresh daily, local, hormone free meats, etc. Here's a link http://unforked.com/

Kansas City – SodaVie at Overland Park Farmers Market

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 years ago

Wanted to mention that SodaVie sells at the Downtown Overland Park farmers market on Saturday mornings, as well as to selected retailers and restaurants. It’s not listed on its website. http://ww...

Lettuce Eat-Overland Park, KS

by coxkm 10 years ago

Has anyone tried this new spot? If so, would love feedback. Can't seem to find a website for it. Thanks!

Coming to Overland Park...

by flautachica 11 years ago

Hi fellow ChowHounders! My hubby and I will be coming your way for a Silpada conference in a couple of weeks. While I've been reading your boards for any and all food rec's, I'd also like to ask ...

Overland Park

by nickdanger 12 years ago

Will have about 24 hrs in KC area, coming into airport in the afternoon, going to Overland Park overnight, and back to airport following afternoon. Need bbq recs and one other chow worthy experienc...

Has Artisan Francais in Overland Park, KS closed?

by kjohnson1969 13 years ago

I love this cafe and was so disappointed when I went to have lunch there last week only to find it closed. There was no sign on the door to indicate why and their answering machine message says th...

LA visitors looking for Good Eats - Kansas City, MO; Overland Park/Lenexa, KS

by attran99 12 years ago

Hi, CHers! The hubby and I are traveling to the Kansas City, MO and Overland Park/Lenexa, KS area for some family business, and would like to get small list of great eats that can't be missed. We...

Southern Kansas City - Overland Park

by bleen68 12 years ago

I will be spending four nights in Overland Park next week. What can people recommend for dining in the area? Suggestions for all cuisines and price ranges welcome.

Recs for Good Eats in Overland Park Area

by SFGal 15 years ago

I'll be in Overland Park, KS on business and looking for places with good food AND vegetarian options. One of our group just isn't into the whole meat thang. Other than that, we are very open to ...