What's the Difference Between a Conventional and a Convection Oven?

It comes down to how the heat is distributed. Both convection and conventional ovens are powered by gas or electricity. But the heat source in a conventional oven is stationary, usually...

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by erica 5 years ago

I am renovating a kitchen in a Florida condo. I cook most nights but will be using this condo only about 4 months per year. There is no option for gas. The condo currently has a coil electric...

30" electric wall-ovens: American Range (AROFE-30) / Wolf (S0302US)

by Doberman_Fan 7 years ago

I suppose if I had not begun reading reviews, I would not be finding myself in what has become a pain-in-the-butt task due to the many bad reviews on nearly every brand I have read. I am out to rep...

Steak in the Breville 800xl?

by Sigurd 5 years ago

I've posted questions about this oven before. Has anyone tried using it to make steak? Perhaps on a small cast iron plate? Lazy, steak loving minds want to know....

Looking for a 30" double wall oven

by jammy 5 years ago

Well, my Miele double ovens bit the dust at 8 years old and it's going to cost $2,000 to repair them. Both the controller and the elements need replacing. I can't say I've been all that happy with ...

G.E. Monogram Advantium microwave/convection combo feedback

by Eatzi 6 years ago

I am renovating my kitchen and putting in a Wolf single wall oven and rangetop in the transitional styling (slim, rounded handles). I do not need a full second oven so am looking at combo ovens tha...

27" Double Wall Oven...Which one?

by liu 5 years ago

We need to replace a 27" double wall oven. Does anyone have any recent experiences with wall ovens? Which brand do you recommend? Which brands should we avoid?

Microwave / Convection Combo Oven - Any Good?

by Seitan 8 years ago

Recently l've been looking for both a toaster oven and a microwave to replace both of my ancient units. I was in an electronics store the other day and noticed they had a Panasonic Inverter Convect...

Uneven baking

by chowhormones 5 years ago

I have a Brandt tabletop oven and it's about 1.5 years old. I noticed that when I'm baking anything, one corner always gets more baked than the other parts, resulting in food at that corner getting...

How good is an oven's "dehydrate" setting?

by CindyJ 6 years ago

I never even noticed this setting on my oven until just a few minutes ago. Now I'm wondering how well the oven can dehydrate foods. Have you ever successfully dehydrated foods in your oven? I'm ...

Do You Love Your (Relatively New) Wall Ovens?

by CindyJ 11 years ago

If so, I want to know what brand/model you have, and what you love about them. Also, if you're unhappy with your oven, I'd like to hear about that, too. I've read some threads on this topic and...

Do you really like the look of stainless steel appliances?

by stratford 12 years ago

It seems to be the fashion now, and HGTV talks about it as the needed thing for any kitchen upgrade. I guess fashion never last forever, but I wonder if people really think it's that beautiful. T...

Samsung Range: Induction stove and Flex-Duo Oven - Your Pros/Cons Please!

by InRosiesKitchen 7 years ago

We're buying a new range for our kitchen. Due to size restrictions, it needs to be standard range size (30") and ideally I would love a double oven. We're also very interested in induction stoves. ...

Bakers' input wanted: Have you ever baked in a True Convection oven?

by InRosiesKitchen 7 years ago

I cook a lot but am also a big-time baker and I am in the process updating the kitchen and have only ever used a standard oven for all my baking (cookies, biscuits, pies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, et...

Cant' decide between range or cooktop and wall oven?? Are Wolf and Sub-Zero worth the investment??

by KLMJGM 7 years ago

We are building a new house and are looking at different options in the kitchen. We can't decide between a 36" range vs cook top and wall oven(s). Also, we are wondering if it's worth the investmen...

Gas oven vs. electric oven -- differences?

by amoule 6 years ago

I have moved into a house that has a gas oven. I'm very happy about the gas stovetop, which I strongly prefer, but I'm new to having a gas oven. One thing I've noticed is that if I just warm ...

DIY Pizza Oven - How does one put such a thing together?

by foreverhungry 8 years ago

How does one build an outdoor brick pizza oven, without using pre-made oven materials? Can I put one together using old fashioned brick and Portland cement? I've seen a couple internet posts that s...

unattended oven or stove

by rtms 10 years ago

I have a gas oven and stove and live in an condo apartment. Is is irresponsibly unsafe to leave something on the stove set on low while taking the trash downstairs. Would it be irresponsibly ...

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