Got Big Rib Roast for Thanksgiving. Too Big to Cook? Cut in Half?

by Sammy568 3 hours ago

I got a big 11-pound rib roast for Thanksgiving (5 adults and 3 kids) and now I'm wondering whether it is too big to ...


acgold7 commented 3 hours ago

Oven not cooking from bottom

by pastry2016 1 year ago

Hi everyone. I have a cheap apartment oven that has failed to cook the underside of turkey and chickens many times. I...


Reymar commented 3 hours ago

Do I really need a dutch oven?

by Little Cupcake 9 years ago

Dutch ovens look really cute and I've come across some recipes that call for them. But I'm wondering if I will actual...


Reymar commented 3 hours ago

Miele or Wolf single wall oven?

by JudyDenver 3 years ago

Since there are no current threads on selecting a wall oven, I am hoping you can help me choose. We're gutting o...


JOSEPHINEGILLIS commented 1 day ago

falling oven grates???

by pengcast 8 years ago

My Mom bought the most expensive Kenmore range from Sears 2-3 years ago. Lately, the oven grates have been falling o...

wekick commented 4 days ago

Advice/experience with glass/ceramic cooktops

by ILuvGrub 9 days ago

I need to buy a new stove. Gas is not an option : ( Here are a few random thoughts/concerns I have: - The floo...

rasputina commented 4 days ago

36" or 48" Range with French Cook Top? Anyone?

by EatinginAustin 15 days ago

Hello, fellow Chowhounders! We are renovating our kitchen and are in search of a new range to replace our existing 3...


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Seeking help for removing oven light bulb cover

by NotSoHot 3 years ago

I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question, but we've tried DYI forums, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and ...


ricepad commented 1 month ago

Q: How to turn on O'Keefe & Merritt oven?

by charva 9 years ago

I recently moved into a house with a gorgeous antique stove, but I can't figure out how to turn on the gas oven. The...


thebaldmonster commented 1 month ago

Best and Safest Way to Clean a super dirty Oven

by burgeoningfoodie 7 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, I've just moved into a place that is pretty fabulous. I'm subletting and the only major problem...


Saywhaaa commented 2 months ago

Indoor Venting of Electric Wall Oven

by Marissa 7 years ago

We just had installed a Kitchenaid double electric wall oven and are shocked that the oven vents into the room (our o...


harper_h commented 2 months ago

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Steam Convection Oven

by BellaCooks2 2 months ago

Would love to have recipes or know how to adjust standbys for my new Steam Convection Oven. Thanks

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Halogen cooking

by kimdyuma57 2 months ago

I have a halogen oven (table top), i am looking for tips and techniques

Oven purchase question

by thgriggs 3 months ago

Hi there, I'd appreciate any thoughts on a basic oven purchase question. I'm buying a new oven (separate from the...


thgriggs commented 2 months ago

Stovetop pressure cooker in oven

by antihawk 11 months ago

Hi, all. I'm looking to buy my first pressure cooker. I'm eyeing the Kuhn Rikon stovetop model. I wondered if ...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Oven settings for slow roasts?

by damiano 3 months ago

So, I made a shoulder of lamb yesterday in my mum's oven. She has a modern Siemens convection oven, with many setting...

BeeRich commented 3 months ago

Double door / french door wall oven

by litprof 4 months ago

I'm in the midst of a kitchen reno, and part of the design is a double wall oven. The option of a double door or fre...


valerie commented 4 months ago

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Need 27" single wall oven recommendations

by pine time 4 months ago

Replacing a 8 yr old KitchenAid 27" electric wall oven. It may be silly, but sad about not wanting another KA (would...

French door / side door wall oven

by litprof 4 months ago

I'm in the midst of a kitchen reno, and part of the design is a double wall oven. The option of a side swing door or ...

alex9179 commented 4 months ago

Help me choose a new oven!

by Siegal 4 months ago

I finally get to pick my own oven for the first time in my life!! Please help me choose! Here are the parameters: ...

DuffyH commented 4 months ago