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Best New Regional & Cultural Cookbooks for Fall 2019

There are so many new cookbooks coming out this fall we'll still be working our way out of the pile come spring. It helps to organize things a little, so we've been splitting titles up into various...

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Carnal Pleasures a la Colombiana

by Lisa Antinore 21 years ago

The recent World Cup madness that descended upon the Junior High where I teach was a challenge to many a lesson plan those last few steamy weeks of school. How could past participles, possessive ...

Afghan in Jackson Heights

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

Went to Afghan Kebab House #4 last night, on 37th Ave near 75th Street. I liked my dinner (Palau Okra) a lot, though I don't think I would put it in the same class as the two places in the theat...

La Espiga on Jewish night @ Shea

by J.Knoesel 21 years ago

Happy to report the tacos al pastor are still up to snuff @ La Espiga. Also had a tongue taco which was real tasty. The people there are sweethearts !! How come I only get indigestion when John F...

Happy Buddha

by phyllis 21 years ago

We recently had a delicious vegetarian Chinese meal at Happy Buddha in Flushing. Try it--it's right in front of a Buddhist temple and full of family cheer. Really good food and the staff is ea...

Shanghai Tang

by Josh 21 years ago

Eric Asimov scores again! Shanghai Tang, which he reviewed in his under $25 column a couple weeks ago, is just splendid. Finding it was something of a challenge: 40th Rd. exists in at least thre...

Best Greek lunch in Queens/Astoria

by Gourmet Guy 21 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to get the best Greek lunch in Queens/Astoria--and how to get there by subway? Much obliged.

Taco Truck in Jackson Heights

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

The Taco Landia truck is parked permanently in a parking lot at 77th street and Roosevelt ave. Anyone who has walked on Roosevelt in the 70's knows what a fun, bustling scene it is there; Taco L...

Russian place for party

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

I am looking for a Russian (or Central Asian) place for a party for about 25 people in a few weeks. It should have music (such as it is), dancing, etc., and at least acceptable food. I used t...

5th Ave south of 9th Street

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

I had never (much) been on 5th Ave south of 9th Street, when I used to live in Park Slope. Yesterday I walked from 21st Street to 9th Street, and I couldn't believe the number and variety of res...

Spice World

by Lisa Antinore 21 years ago

No, this is not another campy article about British singing-sensations Scary, Baby, Sporty, Posh, and Ginger but rather a testimony to the tastiness of cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, and ...

Steak at the Summit

by Lisa Antinore 21 years ago

So many of you devoted ChowHounds have sent me E-mail requesting that I share my newspaper column reviews with you in this forum. I wasn't sure if I was able to "reprint" anything that the paper h...

Landmark Inn

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

Does anyone know if the Landmark Inn in Park Slope is still operational? It was a very rundown building on the corner of 7th Ave. and 2nd Street where a woman and her daughter ran a bar with liv...

Russian cafe in Astoria

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

Yesterday my wife and I had dessert and coffee at Cafe Bar, at 43rd Ave. and 36th or 37th Street. Her chocolate mousse was good; my rasberry tart was extraordinary. The place has a pleasant ambi...

richards place,st albans

by vinny 21 years ago

just heard about chowhounds via wor radio(arthur's show). about richards place i have known & eaten here for some time. used to be minny tee's which was also very good. next time at richards you mi...

Brighton Beach

by Jordan 21 years ago

Hey, Brooklyn Chowhounds! What's the scoop on Russian food in Brighton Beach? Where to go? I saw a thread that went nowhere fast from a while back over in What's My Craving. Any suggestions here?

Jackson Hole Coming To Bayside and Shepherd's Pie Panacea

by Lisa Antinore 21 years ago

Driving down Bell Blvd. after the movies last week I noticed a sign in the window of the the old diner across the street from Tequila Sunrise: "Coming Soon- Jackson Hole" it read. What a goldmine ...

Goodies in Elmhurst

by sethy 21 years ago

Does anyone know what happened to the Chinese restaurant "Goodys" in Elmhurst? We drove by the other day and there seems to be a new restaurant in its place. Is the Rego Park branch still open?

Best Greek Food in Astoria

by Tom M 21 years ago

Been out here for almost a year and have eaten at most of the better-known places. Zenon, on 31st Avenue near 35th Street (?), definitely leads the pack. Simply top-notch. Don't be squeemish: tr...

Korean Barbecue in Flushing ( Lisa, Alan ? )

by John Knoesel 21 years ago

Since Cho Sun OK is history, I'm looking for a nice place to bring my chowhounds in training, Christine (11) & Jennifer (8), for some short ribs on the hibachi. They are both pretty adventurous ...

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