Outdoor Seating

When it's warm, we want to eat outside. Fortunately Chowhounds know the best places with outdoor seating, from bars to restaurants to coffee shops. Weigh in on your favorite spots.

12 Photos to Inspire Your Patio Refresh in Time for Summer

Patio decor may not be the most pressing matter right now, but if you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space and the wherewithal to give it a spring makeover, now is a great time to freshen it up...

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mini rockville reviews, El Patio & All Aboard

by Jayask 18 years ago

We had lunch at El Patio (Argentine) today. Its more of a cafe in style than restaurant or bakery. Tried a bunch of stuff (spinach tortilla, matambre, grilled chicken, empanadas.) The beef empanad...

Outdoor seating, french bistro where I can still get a res for Sat?

by susanj 18 years ago

Anyone have suggestions. Neighborhood and price are not as important as good food and atmosphere. Thanks

Light dinner on the patio at Red House

by blintz 18 years ago

Finally a glorious day, so Scrapple and I planned to meet at Red House early to grab a patio table. For starters, some confusion ensued with the maitre d' about whether or not you can sit at a tabl...

Patio Dining

by MSL 18 years ago

I was wondering if any of you have eaten at Patio Dining. I remember reading an article some time ago in which the chef sounded pretty serious and talented (maybe in a NY Times article about the U...

Sushi place w/ outdoor seating in WHwd???

by Mike O 18 years ago

Anyone know the name of this place?

The patio at AOC?

by Zippy 18 years ago

After reading some pretty decent reviews from fellow Chowhounds, and some friends as well, we decided to book a table at AOC and give it a shot this coming weekend. When I called, though, the hos...

el patio espanol

by flapposaurus 18 years ago

Has anyone been to El Patio Espanol (on Alemany Blvd, near South San Francisco)? It's been on my list for a WHILE, recommended by a cabbie as much better than the upscale tapas place (Lorca) in th...

Jorges El Tapatio

by Jennifer Stimson 18 years ago

I wanted to report on a great, sit-down Mexican restaurant in the Fruitvale area of Oakland. The enchiladas (ordered red and green sauce)were amazing. Some of the best sauces I've tasted, both ve...

Supper, Patio Dining, Crispo, Gonzo?

by B-Nice 18 years ago

What do you recommend for group of 8 friends. good food and service. fun but comfortable!

Peruvian Preoccupation

by cinaesthesia 19 years ago

I recently returned from traveling in Peru and am seeking Peruvian restaurants and markets located in the Seattle area. Neophyte to chowhound.cinaesthesia

El Patio Argentine Cafe Bakery

by Terrie H. 19 years ago

I’ve stumbled on this place recently since I went to work very close by, and wanted to recommend it to you all. It is on Twinbrook Pkwy in Rockville, a very short block off Rockville Pike. I have...

Gonzo-Good; Patio-Great

by xavier 19 years ago

Very happy with Gonzo and Patio Dining. Gonzo just opened, is owned by the same guy that owns Scoppa on 28th and Madison, which has fabulous paninni. Gonzo is on 13th between 6th and 7th Ave., and ...

Lil Frankie's, Patio, or Supper - Need Advice

by JesseLou 19 years ago

Anybody been to Lil Frankie's, Patio, or Supper? I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks!

Its patio time!!

by Miguel 19 years ago

With the weather being the way it is, I thought I would ask what everyones favorite patios are in Toronto. What are the best places to sit outside enjoy the scenery and(hopefully)enjoy a good meal...

Alamo Grill in Georgetown? Other local outdoor seating options?

by Nancy 19 years ago

Anybody know anything about this place? I'm looking to put together a dinner for a group of 6-8 people, and the Washington Post said they have outdoor seating and a decent Tex-Mex menu. If you ha...

Outdoor Seating with Good Bar Food

by Guy 19 years ago

Looking for a place in chelsea, west village, or union square are that has good bar food, a decent selection of beer, and outdoor seating.

Patio Dining-

by littlechef 19 years ago

Anybody besides johnnyfood tried this restaurant? I'm eating there on saturday and trying to get some more info thanks

Los Tapatios in SFV

by david 19 years ago

Thanks to Bob Brooks for spreading the word about this little place in Tarzana (18739 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana; between Reseda & Tampa). I went today for lunch to check it out. Sadly, it was empty ...

Outdoor patio or deck...

by Lily 19 years ago

I'm throwing a surprise 40th birthday for my husband that is boys only on the 9th. I'd like to do something for us girls while the guys are out celebrating. It would be nice to have lunch and ...

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