Out-of-Town Guests

Out-of-town guests are coming to stay: What do you feed them and where do you take them to eat? Find the answers and more from our community.


Teen visit

by heathbec 3 years ago

My 16 year granddaughter is coming to visit this Friday for 4 days. Can anyone please recommend some vegetarian friendly ‘cool’ restaurants for lunch and dinner? Thanks!

Group of 7 or 8 from South Africa... fairly quiet, not top-tier pricing

by erica 3 years ago

I have great friends coming from South Africa this month. I want to do them right, as they have asked me to choose a place for a semi-business dinner. We need someplace on the quiet side so ...

Food tour Toronto

by Jensi22 3 years ago

I have lived in Toronto for over 2 years and have some favourites but I'm sure those of you on this site have many more suggestions. We have friends visiting from Utah and are big foodies. They lov...

Recos by Vic Theater

by Francis 3 years ago

Want to impress some out-of-towners (probably 10 people) and show there is more to Chicago than great pizza and hot dogs. We have a late (9:30) show at the Vic and need dinner recommendations that...

Graduation Lunch in Boston

by allimeon 5 years ago

I'm graduating on a Friday morning in May and looking to plan a late lunch afterwards around 2:00 pm. Our party with be around 8 (maybe 10) people. I know there are a few existing posts about gra...

Where do you take guests?

by poochiechow 5 years ago

hey NYC chowhounds. my sister is coming to visit us in NYC, and it's her first trip here. she'll be here almost a whole week, so we have many potential meals to plan. since she announced her trip, ...

Other meals to cook for house guests during Thanksgiving weekend

by Bradley2815 6 years ago

Calling anyone with house guests for Thanksgiving week! What are the other meals that you will be cooking or serving, BESIDES the Thanksgiving feast?

What do you keep in the house for weekend guests?

by SmallGoodThings 6 years ago

Hello, all. My sister and brother in law are coming to stay with us for the weekend, and I'd like to be a good host -- you know, I'd like them to have the sense that we are A) pulled together, B) ...

NYC for 3 Nights - Any Suggestions?

by eichar0687 6 years ago

I'm in NYC alone for 3 nights for a conference. I've grown up around great food and wine and want to experience some of NYC's best dining experiences. Here's my itinerary (I'm staying in Midtown We...

SF restaurants for out of town guests

by dkanter 6 years ago

I usually have a list of restaurants for all my out of town visitors. I wanted to share my list and also see what other folks would add (mine is somewhat focused on the southern part of the city). ...

Recs for North End lunch

by mbd23 6 years ago

Looking for classic red sauce Italian with excellent food and nice ambiance for a Sat. afternoon birthday lunch. Preferably in the North End for my out-of-town family. Thanks.

Chinatown: mid-range with kids [San Francisco]

by OliverB 6 years ago

It seems like I'm always requesting advice for mediocre restaurants to appease boring visitors with budget constraints, haha. I'm finding myself in the same position yet again. We have family visit...

Guest from Hong Kong recommendation?

by fayewolf 6 years ago

I have a good friend coming from Hong Kong (as you know, lots of good food!!), and we will be in the peninsula (redwood city/San carlos). I'm not opposed to going up and down the peninsula but d...

Dinner ideas for a tricky house guest combination?

by gildeddawn 6 years ago

So, we're having two different sets of guests stay with us in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to cook dinner for them at least two, if not three, nights. Now, before we get into an etiquette discus...

Need two suggestions for 'Parents meet the in-laws to-be' dinner

by phuh3 6 years ago

I recently got engaged and my parents are coming to visit in the few weeks (separately as they are not together) so that they can meet and have dinner with my in-laws to be. I need 2 different sug...

Group Dinner for 8 on Sun 3/29/2015

by tippytoes 6 years ago

I have reservations at Yerba Buena for this Sun for 8 but my husband and I were recently there (although we loved it) so trying to see if there are any other restaurants we should check out instead...

Coctail hour for out of town guests

by J1001 7 years ago

We are having a BIG wedding next year. Unfortunately we can't invite all of the out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner - decided to keep it to just the wedding party and immediate family. We a...

Trendy, good food for out of town guest from Hong Kong

by fayewolf 7 years ago

I have a sister in law that loves good food and a father in law that's coming to Los Angeles, and we live in sf and will be joining them. What are some really good but not expense account type...

What to make and/or have on hand for out of town guests?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 7 years ago

I'm having a couple stay with me over a weekend - arriving Friday evening (flying in from about 2 hours away) and staying til Sunday evening. Saturday meals (brunch & dinner) are planned meals o...