Best bets at chain restaurants in Ontario

by prima 4 months ago

Curious which chains you frequent and which chains you like. I tend to focus on indie business when I can. Sometimes, especially in the burbs, or after 8 pm on a Sunday night, chains are the opt...

Buy Ol' Grandad potato chips in Ottawa

by MarcB123 8 years ago

Hi folks Anybody know where I can purchase Ol' Grandad potato chips in Ottawa. Just tasted some at a curling club here in Ottawa, where they sell them and they were great. However I have not s...

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Scientists Create Meat from Human Cells But Claim It’s Not Cannibalism

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The team sees growing Ourboros Steaks as do-it-yourself project – not-cannibals will be able to buy a DIY kit containing swabs for collecting cheek cells, pre-grown scaffolds made from mush...

Butterfly Shrimp with bacon in Ontario

by prima 11 months ago

Has anyone seen Butterfly Shrimp with bacon on a Chinese restaurant menu lately? https://thewoksoflife.com/butterfly-shrimp-bacon/

Looking for westernized Chinese take out in Vancouver

by ilnazn 1 year ago

Hello, I haven’t been able to find good westernized takeout. In Ottawa I would get food from chips and dairy and ruby inn. Here I like the food court fast food “Chinese” (yes I understand it’s not ...

Tiramisu OR Tiramisu Cake in Ottawa

by mango_madness 2 years ago

Where can I find the best Tiramisu dessert OR place to ordera Tiramisu Cake in Ottawa? Thanks in advance!

Favourite Restaurants in Ottawa?

by fryerlover 4 years ago

Hello everyone, What are you favourite restaurants in Ottawa for any/all meals? We will be travelling there for a few days and looking for suggestions. Thanks

Need Recs for E of Ottawa N of NEpean/Trans Canada Hwy

by itryalot 4 years ago

Hi There - We'll be in Ottawa for two short days, Looking for recs for the area between Lincoln Heights to Westboro (N of the TransCanada Hwy or just south). Looking for places to dine (not fine d...

Fresh Beef?

by Jacki10 4 years ago

If you were making Beef Tartare and you wanted to be quadruple sure that the beef you're using is safe AND delicious, is there a particular butcher or meat market you would recommend in Ottawa for ...

Any Good Mid-Range Spots in Ottawa?

by JerkPork 4 years ago

So, any good mid range spots in Ottawa? I'm having a hard time finding decent casual places, Anthony's Pizza was quite good but we want to try something different this time around. That neighbourho...

Suggestions for restaurants for dinner

by marshaw 5 years ago

Coming to Ottawa from Toronto the weekend of May 5th. We're staying in the Byward Market area at The Andaz Hotel. We haven't been to Ottawa for several years and the food scene seems to have change...

Ottawa, Refreshed

by PrometheusOnFire 5 years ago

In the past couple of years, the list of Ottawa's closed restaurants (Hy's, Navarra, Murray Street etc.) seems to have eclipsed those which are recommended. Also, a search for Ottawa restaurants on...

Ottawa: One night MeNA or Carben Food and Drink

by akhorasanee 5 years ago

Reaching out to Ottawa locals, please let me know which of these two you would recommend. I love good food, especially those that are creative, have lots of different textures, beautifully present...

Salads and Coffee in Ottawa, 2016

by prima 5 years ago

Anyone have recs for good salads and good coffee in Ottawa? The salads at Evoo Greek Kitchen on Preston look great. https://www.instagram.com/evoogreekkitchen/ Thanks for any recs.

Ottawa - Easter Weekend

by RYP 6 years ago

We are planning a short trip to Ottawa over Easter weekend - arriving Good Friday and departing Easter Monday. We are staying downtown at the Novotel on Nicholas St. Ottawa's food scene seems t...

should I go to LCB in Ottawa ?

by sepash 6 years ago

I already have my degree in Dental field , cooking is my passion since I was a little kid . I am from Montreal , would like to change my career and become a Chef. There are two other good schools i...

Baking ammonia Ottawa

by clen 6 years ago

Hi I'm trying to recreate some cookies my Mennonite grandma used to make. She said the secret is baking ammonia. Does anyone know where to find that in Ottawa?

Need to order authentic lasagna in Ottawa

by itryalot 6 years ago

I am going for work soon and am invited to two pot lucks. I have one taken care of, but I need to order take out lasagna for 20 that I can bake at the host house. I was browsing and saw an option f...


by itryalot 6 years ago

Green lasagna noodles - fresh or dried. Also looking for imported French or Italian yeast for bread/pizza making. Is there an ethnic French/spanish store other than the one in the market?

Ottawa stops

by itryalot 6 years ago

Hi all - We have a very short trip to Ottawa. We don't want to be fine dining and want to try a variety of things. Please chime in. We like fish, meats, pastas, rice, Mediterranean (French, Spani...