The Ultimate Guide to Pasta Types

In honor of National Pasta Day, we're serving up a visual guide to pasta types, plus recipe ideas for each one! The dried pasta options at the store can be bewildering. Do you want corkscrews, stovepipes...

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Does Orzo come in a wheat/grain variety?

by jacquelyncoffey 14 years ago

I love pasta, but I am trying to be a bit healthier in the ones I eat. Has anyone seen orzo or another tiny pasta in a wheat/whole grain/lower carb version?

Need help with Orzo

by danhole 14 years ago

I have already read a bunch of posts about cooking Orzo, and now I have even more questions. Some say to roast the orzo first because it gives a deeper, more complex flavor. If you do that would yo...

ISO Orzo salad recipe

by shaebones 14 years ago

My friend raves about her mother in laws orzo salad recipe. Want to help her out since she's buzy w little ones/newborn and having company from out of town this week. Scoured the internet for the r...

Ina's Roasted Veg & Orzo?

by mohotta 14 years ago

I have Barefoot Contessa, Family Style and At Home, but I can't seem to find this recipe. I've heard great things about it and I'm planning on serving it as part of a 1st communion/mothers day spr...

Chicken Piccata and Orzo?

by JABDDD 14 years ago

I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner and this was the answer I got. What is throwing me off is the orzo. I usually serve with rice- either jasmine or basmati, whatever I have on hand. ...

Creamy Orzo?

by violet heather 14 years ago

Will it work if I use milk in place of water to cook orzo? How about using milk in place of chicken stock to cook risotto? Is there a better way to make a creamy rice-like side dish?

orzo tostato

by thetodd 15 years ago

i'm currently living in siena, and learning. first food mishap - the purchase of roasted barley instead of coffee. ouch. please enjoy the original blog post at: http://beckyandtodd.seaofclouds.c...

delicious Orzo recipes?

by s. bastiglia 16 years ago

I have become rather addicted to orzo. I'm looking for some good orzo recipes, so I can indulge this sudden newfound favorite... Thank you!

Orzo recipes

by Just Larry 16 years ago

I just bought some Orzo today and am wondering if anyone has an especially wonderful recipe and also any advice on the best cooking technique. I am guessing that it doesn't cook too long. Maybe e...

Orzo Entrees

by Dommy! 16 years ago

So, I have half a box (8oz) of Orzo in my pantry... I don't want to make an Orzo Salad, I'd perfer something hot (I made Safron, Asparagus, Procuitto pilaf with the first half of the box... it was...

Need carbo side dish--couscous, rice, orzo salad?

by LindaMc 16 years ago

Saturday night I am going to a casual dinner get-together at the home of a friend who is a very good cook. We are supposed to be having grilled fish and veg (the menu might change a bit as thunder...

Orzo salad

by HungryGrayCat 17 years ago

I'm planning to make an orzo salad for about 12 people this weekend. The recipe calls for ingredients like feta, kalamata olives, pine nuts, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, etc. It calls fo...

Orzo to buy in London?

by zuriga 17 years ago

Does anyone know a shop or food hall that sells orzo? I must confess to not having started my search.. Selfridge's.. elsewhere?? Thanks.

orzo - how long to cook

by beth 18 years ago

I am using orzo for the first time and don't know how long to cook it. The recipe says al dente but I would also like an approximate time.

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