Stone Fruits 2017 @ Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill is my favorite source of tree-ripened stone fruit. It opened last week for the season. ...

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Machado Orchards pies vs. Ikeda

by gordon wing 14 years ago

was reading in the Sacramento Bee about how good the pies are at Machado Orchards up in Auburn (Foresthill Exit). Us...


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CJ Olson update [Sunnyvale]

by rworange 10 years ago

The cherries are wonderful as always. This is the last week for the apricots. The Santa Rosa plums are just in and, I...

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Cherries in Morgan Hill: Andy's Orchard and Mariani Orchards Roadside Cherry Stand

by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Monday I stopped by Andy's Orchard to see how the cherry crop's doing. Very well, thank you. Black Tartarians, the ...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Kishu Mandarins @ Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Monday morning I dropped by Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill. A regular stop for me during stone fruit season for the fa...


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by heybaldy 2 years ago

Hip hip hooray, new years, it comes twice a year in our household. A tradition was usually fulfilled with supermarke...


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Rockridge Orchards & Cidery--A Beer Oasis in Enumclaw

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

There's a well-kept sudsy secret lurking in the shadow of Ti'Swaq' (aka, Tahoma, Tacobeh, Pooskaus, Tacoma or Mount R...


Booklegger451 commented 2 years ago

PYO Apple Orchards That Allow Dogs?

by jrenken 8 years ago

Does anyone know of any orchards in the area that allow you to bring dogs? The only one I've been able to find so fa...


allicam commented 3 years ago

Apple orchards suggestions welcomed - missing Phil's Apples

by latertater 4 years ago

We are sadly missing Phil's Apples out in Harvard, its wonderful cider pressing 'til December, and especially its pro...

mjg0725 commented 3 years ago

Apple Orchards in RI

by RhodyRedHen 4 years ago

We love going out to the pick-your-own apple orchards at this time of year, but we're always sad to leave our beloved...


RhodyRedHen commented 4 years ago

Orchards That Have Heirloom Apples?

by hiddenboston 4 years ago

What are some orchards in Eastern MA (or beyond) that have heirloom apples? Any thoughts?


BostonCookieMonster commented 4 years ago

Battleview Orchards - This may be the last week for pick your own strawberries

by HillJ 4 years ago

Heading out to their Freehold orchard early this morning. $3.25/lb and they are still plentiful and gorgeous. Sweet...


HillJ commented 4 years ago

Apple orchards + Apple cider makers?

by maoyi 5 years ago

Hey chowhounds! A few friends and I are looking to pick some apples, but we were wondering if there was an orchard...

porker commented 5 years ago

Great Apple Orchards?

by Elyssa 9 years ago

With all this rain and the AC on overdrive creating a chill my thoughts turned towards Fall this afternoon (despite i...


localorchards commented 6 years ago

Mann Orchards in Methuen, MA now sells wine?

by pinehurst 6 years ago

..or so says a sign out front? Anybody explore that yet..is it fruit wine, like the Nashoba label? I try to avoid tha...


SimplyMarie commented 6 years ago

495, Worcester and north--orchards and lunch close to the highway?

by spa 6 years ago

We're going to be driving from NY to Maine a lot in the coming years (our daughter just started college at Bates). I ...


madisoneats commented 6 years ago

Carver Hill Orchards

by briansensei 6 years ago

A little further out from Honeypot (which I have never been to) and from what I've heard, far mellower. No frills, ...


steve999 commented 6 years ago

Lyman Orchards-Middlefield, CT

by masha bousha 7 years ago

I hit Lyman orchards today (just the big store they have there) and I was in my glory. I picked up an amazing cinnam...


MarietteB commented 6 years ago

Bings and Blenheims from Novakovich Orchards, Saratoga

by sricha 8 years ago

My favorite place for bings is Novakovich Orchards in Saratoga. Located in an orchard across from West Valley College...

Melanie Wong commented 6 years ago