This Spiced Mulled Cider Will Get You Fired Up for Fall

You might think it’s too early to discuss the holidays, but we’re in the large majority of people who’d beg to differ. After all, the temperatures are already dropping, dusty slippers are being yanked...

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Where to get Honeyball oranges?

by VAfoodie 4 years ago

I'm not sure that I shouldn't just try to find these at my local Fresh Market or Whole Foods, but if I were to order Honeybell oranges, is there a particular source that anyone likes? I see I can ...

Soft Peppermint Sticks and Oranges

by paprkutr 14 years ago

I have heard over the years about putting a soft peppermint stick in an orange and sipping the juice. I bought several cans of King Leo soft peppermint sticks to give for gifts with oranges. I de...

What Makes for Great Citrus? [Split from Dish of the Month voting thread]

by polishjeweatswonderbread 5 years ago

Be aware that there is a tremendous range of quality of the citrus depending, intera alia, on variety, rootstock, "terroir", and when it was picked in its ready for sale range of perhaps four or fi...

Florida Oroblancos in Manhattan Chinatown now

by john959 5 years ago

I found unlabelled, large citrus fruit that appear to be Florida oroblancos at the sidewalk fruit stand at 51 East Broadway in Chinatown. They are also at another fruit stand about a block away. Th...

Roasted Parsnips With Citrus

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

Stumped for a non-standard Thanksgiving side-dish? This comes together in about 30 easy minutes and can make anyone a fan of parsnips. Sadly unavailable bitter Seville oranges would be perfect, so ...

Emergency Dessert From the Pantry

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

I've been making this so long that I have no idea if it's my recipe or not. If you're lucky, you'll have a long, thin serving dish, but if not, just ad lib with individual ramekins or build it in a...

Florida's orange industry in crisis

by EM23 5 years ago

More info in the Guardian article about the impact on orange juice sales. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/oct/16/florida-oranges-juice-harvest-disease-hurricanes

Bitter Citrus Juices - What to do?

by alegramarcel 5 years ago

I had this stroke of genius... I was juicing some extra kale to take a as kale shots (I had to use it up before it got wilted). And I happened to have a LOT of citrus on hand... so I thought "I'll ...

Best automatic peeler

by imanewbie 5 years ago

Hi I bake a lot with fruits and recently realized I can purchase automatic peelers - some are hand cranked and others electric. Any recommendations for the best? I need something that can peel app...

Bitter orange...cello?

by ixshelle 6 years ago

I just happened upon a ton of trifoliate (bitter) oranges, and I'm wondering how they'd do in a limoncello application. I know they work in marmalade because of all the added sugar, so I'm thinking...

Calabrian Bergamot/Bitter Oranges in Manhattan

by promet 6 years ago

Is anyone aware if there is a vendor for Bergamot/Bitter Oranges from Calabria in Manhattan? Might they have these at Eataly maybe?

Tom Wilson Oranges Are Back!

by Jim 7 years ago

For all you fans of Tom Wilson oranges…they're back! Andronicos just got them in and they're priced at $1.69 lb. on sale from $1.99 lb. I didn't see any bagged like last year, only individual orang...

Looking for blood oranges

by Astuanax 12 years ago

I'm on a bit of a quest for blood oranges, since I think they're finally in season, but haven't heard of anyone who carries them. I live in College Park, but commute regularly to Brookland, so pla...

Ideas for 1 cup of leftover grated orange zest?

by Myrrh 6 years ago

I have around a cup of leftover grated orange zest in my fridge. (I had a bunch of oranges getting a bit old and zested them all before juicing them for another recipe--but I only used up about ...

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