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The World's Most Outrageous Ice Cream Cones

We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether it's cake, sugar, or waffle, there's no denying the power of ice cream's edible vessel...

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Investigations in Toronto re: restaurant employees not being paid or being owed money

by bluefirefly 3 years ago

Some interesting articles in the Toronto Star Former worker who ‘poured a year’ into shuttered Rock Lobster still waiting for pay https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2016/05/16/former-w...

Chef's Menu at Rickshaw bar

by elvisahmed 12 days ago

An update is long overdue as even though I have been coming here back and forth I never got to try the chef's menu. Some cases it was the dietary restrictions of the friends and sometime it was the...

Rice for paella

by corin 20 days ago

Any idea where I can find rice for paella like Bomba rice. I'm in the Markham area but would be willing to travel into Toronto.

Searching for SALTED Cultured Butter

by estufarian 4 months ago

For some reason, the SALTED version of cultured butter has disappeared from the shelves – unsalted is in good supply. The usual product was by Lactantia (price typically $6.99 for a lb; $7.19 in...

"KAITO SUSHI," 1211 St.Clair Avenue W - 'Quality over Quantity' sushi at an incredible price point!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 26 days ago

This evening, as member of a party of six, I braved rush hour traffic and head down from Richmond Hill to Corso-Italia for a date with this new 'Japanese' kid in town. Serving traditional Edomae su...

Tsujiri Patisserie

by elvisahmed 4 months ago

Folks I got to try this new addition to the dessert offering by Tsujiri. I think this spot is a matcha luvers dream as I came out thoroughly impressed. I tried the pound cake and cream puff on the ...

Current faves for Peking Duck downtown Toronto?

by CuriousCat 1 month ago

I've searched the boards but the posts are mostly 5+ years old. What's your current favourite spot for Peking Duck in downtown Toronto? (I know the answer is most likely "this great place in Scarbo...

Bidding Fond Farewell To An Icon – One Last Supper At "Maple Yip"!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 14 days ago

Endeavoring to savor one last time, some of Maple Yip’s renowned house-specialties before they vanish from our culinary landscape. Yesterday, our party of 7 foodies headed over to this pseudo, hole...

Chinese Banquet Dinner GTA Nov. 2019

by ladeda 15 days ago

Hi all, I'm looking to have a family dinner this Nov. for a party of 70-80 (around 7 to 8 tables). I'm looking at having it at a Chinese restaurant in either Scarborough, Markham, or Richmond Hi...

"LOCALE AURORA" – Italian restaurant with gorgeous space, serving delicious Italian treat prepared with love and passion.

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 19 days ago

A while back, members of the Toronto’s Italian community participated in a poll to pick some of the best Italian food and dining go-to places in town. Among the list of awards and winners, the name...

2019 NEWLY OPENED food places and restaurants in Toronto

by magic 23 days ago

I don't think a 2019 'openings' thread has been created for Ontario/Toronto yet. If I'm wrong the moderators can feel free to merge this thread or something. In any case, Summerhill Market will ...

ISO "Wet" walnuts (unripe)

by itryalot 25 days ago

I am looking to buy a case of "wet" or unripe green walnuts anywhere from the GTA to Windsor along the 401/402/403 corridors. Any ideas of where to get these?

Sushi Masaki Saito

by cakumadesu 3 months ago

Just an FYI for those interested or curious about the Masaki Saito brand and want to splurge. Heard the prices will be inclusive of tax and gratuity. Said to open to public sometime in May. Expect ...

Alphonso Mango 2019

by 1moreround 2 months ago

Picked up two boxes at Iqbal today. They said they arrived yesterday. A little more expensive this year at $32/box.

Rin Sushi

by syoung 2 months ago

Not sure if this has already been posted as I rarely come here anymore but Rin Sushi by Zen alumni Lin Cho has opened up in Richmond Hill, ON. I have reservations for next week so no comments as...

Dear LCBO: Where did all of the interesting white wines go? Why are your shelves filled with Pinot Grigio?

by Googs 1 month ago

As the old commercial went, if I wanted water I would have asked for water. Gimme some Gavi. Gimme some character. Some reason to drink it with food.

Recipe for Canadian style Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls and Egg Rolls

by Ghotiman 27 days ago

I miss Canadian style Chinese food I grew up with. I have been in the southern US for the last 20 years and while they have great BBQ the Chinese food here is quite different from my favorites back...