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The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether...

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Dimchae Petite Kimchi Fridge

by jammy 16 days ago

I'm looking for the Petite Dimchae Kimchi fridge. The only place I've found them online is the Galleria Supermarket. Has anyone seen them in the GTA in other stores? Thanks in advance.

Best Apple Pie, Best Crème Brûlée, Best Apple Pie in TO, that can be shipped or delivered to East York?

by prima 20 days ago

Where would you suggest? I'm open to restaurants, bakeries or grocery store versions. I picked up a nice apple pie at the Rolling Pin (cash or debit only) in Oct. No delivery though. Thanks ...

Winter Savoury

by paledin 20 days ago

Is anyone aware of a store in Toronto that sells Winter Savoury?

Food & Wine: Love Letter to Chinese Restaurants

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Chinatowns are deserted. Chinese restaurants suffered early on in the pandemic and disproportionately from the decline in business. Time to order take-out and to do what you can to keep your loc...

SWITCHEROO!! From Crab to Scallops!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 26 days ago

With Dungeness Crab in season, I was hoping to get a couple of meaty ones and make a crab appetizer dish for tonight's dinner! Normally at around $13 a pound at most Chinese Supermarkets ( with ...

"Nord Lyon," Queen Street West - French Patisserie

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

"Oh what a beautiful morning!!" Knowing I am stuck uptown due to Covid lock-down, my daughter brought this lucky 'sweet tooth' father, a whole box of French Pastry goodies from 'Nord Lyon' downt...

New recommendations in changing Spadina chinatown?

by dogbutter 2 years ago

Yes, I've always had to travel to the burbs for Chinese food, but it's getting harder and harder to make the long trek out just for food. Chinatown has seen a huge change in the last few years, ...

First attempt of an authentic Malaysian Kari Ayam ( Curry Chicken )

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

So COLD outside and so much time to spare lead me to....... My first attempt of creating an authentic Malaysian Kari Ayam ( Curry Chicken ) by first making a curry paste using regular Curry pow...

Where to buy a tagine?

by Atahualpa 14 years ago

I'm in the market for a Tagine. I'm looking for something reasonably authentic and reasonably cheap ($45 or less). Does anyone have a suggestion on where I should check out? Also, any recommendatio...

Mail order gifts and gift boxes in Canada

by prima 3 months ago

I'm thinking of sending gifts to some friends who live out-of-province. Which sites or businesses have you used? I have sent a Jaswant's Kitchen spice basket. https://www.jaswantskitchen.co...

Where to buy Hildon sparkling water

by szrah 11 years ago

After a few trips to the UK and US where they've served it, Hildon sparkling water is a favourite of mine! They used to sell it at Whole Foods, but no longer do. Does anyone know where it can be bo...

Home Made – 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' (佛跳墙)

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 months ago

To some of my non-Asian chow-friends, this might be one of the weirdest named Chinese dish you will come across. To some of my Asian chow-friends, they will recognize the inclusion of this dish in ...

Bagel frustration

by mwalcoff 11 years ago

I moved to Toronto from Kitchener (after growing up in Ohio) a few months ago, thinking that a city with 100,000 Jews would give me the opportunity to enjoy bagels again. Unfortunately, I have been...

Going over-board with savory and aromatic ingredients in making my Classic Stirred Fried Sticky Rice with Cantonese wind-dried meats! ( 生炒糯米饭 )...

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 month ago

To combat the chilly weather, I decided to make myself one of my favorite savory, hearty, comfort food. Based on the ingredients used, I think I am to go trump any commercial version out there! Ha!...

Breakfast sandwiches in Toronto

by prima 5 years ago

Adding some sandwiches I've enjoyed recently to make a running list. The breakfast sandwich with pesto and sundried tomato at B Espresso Bar in the Royal Conservatory. So much better than the ch...

"Cantonese Style Fried Wild Head-On Gulf Prawns with Tomato Ketchup Sauce" (茄汁蝦碌) - a simple and delicious, 'finger-licking good' dish

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 2 months ago

Using fusion approaches similar to their distant relative chefs in Spain, Italy and France.....etc. Chinese chefs also managed to blend and merge simple and popular western ingredients, with dilige...

Buca et al.

by mordylishus 2 months ago

https://insolvencyinsider.ca/filing/king-street-restaurant-group/. They may be able to survive the business conditions, but they won't be able to survive the professional fees in their insolvency