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The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether...

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Restaurants in Toronto

by Kathleen 20 years ago

I am taking several business collegues out to dinner in Toronto, Canada. We're looking for either a great steak, seafood, or italian restaurant. Looking for the price of the entrees to be no more...

Great Chinese in Markham (north of Toronto)

by Sridhar Moorthy 20 years ago

Had my second experience at 369 Shanghai Dim Sum (on Kennedy, just south of Highway 7, in a strip mall on the West side, chock full of Chinese eateries). Have no reservations recommending this on...

Best Vietnamese "Bun" in Toronto?

by Dylan Yolles 20 years ago

A long time ago -- when I was a young aspiring chowhounder -- there was a little place in Chinatown called Bun Bo Xao that served a phenomenal bowl of "Bun" (vietnamese rice noodles with various to...

Toronto Restaurants & Neighborhoods

by Ruby 20 years ago

Hi, I'm a native New Yorker who posts regularly on N.Y. Chowhound. I'm visiting Toronto for 8 days starting next Sunday. Some Canadian posts recommend Chiando - does anyone have the address? All re...

Toronto - Hemispheres

by estufarian 20 years ago

Finally got around to trying Hemispheres. The chef has been a favourite of mine at previous restaurants, but Hemispheres has not yet entered the consciousness of those seeking the top dining experi...

visit to Toronto

by Bob 20 years ago

Just discovered this website today! My timing is off as I'm going to Toronto tomorrow for the first time. I made reservations at Bistro 990 (from a guidebook) Have I made a mistake? Would apprec...

Toronto Help

by JT 20 years ago

Ok...I'm on my way from Boston to the French River for a family reunion for a week. I'll be driving via Buffalo. Now I have been given the task of picking up Fresh vegatables for a crew of 12. I c...

Moroccan food in Toronto?

by Blair Morosnick 20 years ago

Where can I experience the tastes of Morocco in Toronto? I am a native who wishes to explore.

Good eats in Toronto for families

by Ken Tabacsko 20 years ago

Look forward to visiting at least twice a year. Our family loves Toronto and has favorite relatively low-cost faves. Marche Movenpick...in the BCE Place on Front atop Hockey Hall of Fame. Like a...

My Just Concluded Trip to Toronto

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Thanks to my fellow Chowhounds, I ate pretty well on my recent stay in Toronto. My wife and I arrived late Saturday afternoon, and had the good fortune to have dinner with a Toronto artist, Drew H...

Toronto visit

by Jen Hughes 20 years ago

We are going to Toronto for the weekend in the end of July and I was wondering if there is any sort of definitive Toronto/Canadian food experience we should look for. (Me and hubby from NYC, my par...

Restaaurants in the Junction area of Toronto (West End)

by dvdude 20 years ago

Hi, We've just started working on Dundas Street in the junction and wanted to share the great restaurants we've found here. Prices are generally lower than Bloor West Village, not as crowded and ...

good eating, fast, in toronto

by joan 21 years ago

i'll be in toronto for the film festival on september 9 for a week. i've been before(i live in chicago), and while there is very little time between films to indulge in any leisurely eating, i'd l...

Toronto seafood restaurants

by Norma Sheap 20 years ago

We will be in Toronto for 2 nights in July staying near the harborfront. We're especially fond of seafood and would like recommendations of some good seafood restaurants in the downtown area. Tha...

Toronto - First Weddin' Anniversary

by Althea 20 years ago

All - Going to TO for our 1st anniv for 2 nights. Havent been there in about 10 yrs. I'm looking to you for Chowhoundy suggestions on food and lodging. One dinner has to be nice with great food ...

Any thoughts on Truffles and North 44 in Toronto?

by Claire 20 years ago

Those 2 restaurants were recommended to us, but I haven't found much information about the 2 restaurants on this board, except in passing, so does anyone else have more information/impressions abou...

ZooM Restaurant - Toronto

by Chili 20 years ago

Just wanted to post about Zoom Restaurant in Toronto - at the corner of Yonge & King St, smack-dab in the middle of downtown. I've been there a few times now and have been quite impressed with the...

Toronto May 2-5 2001 Wine & Food Festival

by Alan Gardner 20 years ago

There are some interesting events this year, including about 40 dinners paired with wines. I'll include a link to the official site, as some of the top chefs are involved (and it's not just Canadia...

Want good picks in Toronto Chinatown

by Tom Scanlon 20 years ago

I will be visiting Toronto April 12 to the 15 with my wife and her hockey team for a womens tournament. I am looking for suggestions of good chinese resteraunts in Chinatown. I have been there a ...

Toronto BYOB Restaurants

by Chili 20 years ago

Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Toronto area that allow you to bring your own wine? Has anyone ever tried this? The only place that I know that said they would allow this was Le Trou N...

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