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The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praiseĀ it deserves. Whether...

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Toronto dim sum / banquet Chinese

by Michael 19 years ago

Could anybody make recommendations for superlative dim sum / banquet Cantonese in the Toronto/Scarborough area? I have been to Dragon Dynasty and Lai Wah Heen for both dim sum and dinner and found...

Best Korean, Thai, Malay, Singaporean, Vietnamese restaurants in downtown Toronto

by Muni 18 years ago

Hello. Just moved to the area. Can anybody recommend any reasonably priced (i.e. a clean place with excellent food) restaurants for Thai, Korean, Singaporean, Malay, and Vietnamese food? Thanks a...

Yummy Yummy noodle truck in Toronto

by M 18 years ago

Hi! Anybody seen the "Yummy Yummy" Truck downtown in Toronto lately? Just wanted to check before I make the trip downthere. Please let me know if you see it, and where it is these days. Thanks a bu...

Pakistani in Toronto?

by j 18 years ago

Are there any pakistani restaurants in Toronto? Has anyone been to RAJPUT on Bloor street, how is it? thanks.

Portuguese and Turkish food in downtown Toronto or Mississauga area

by Muni 18 years ago

Any recommendations for good Turkish and Portuguese food in Toronto and Mississauga area? Thanks again. Muni

Shawarma and Donar kebabs in Toronto or Mississauga

by Min 18 years ago

Hello. Does anybody know of any excellent shawarma places in Toronto or Mississauga? Also, I've had some yummy donar kebabs in London and am trying to find a good place in the Toronto area. Any s...

Toronto finds

by Gary Cheong 20 years ago

Here are some Toronto finds from last week's long weekend trip. On the advice of friends there (and here in NY), the "usual suspects" like Canoe, Avalon, Jump, Scaramouche, Senses etc. were all...

Toronto Deli

by murray 18 years ago

I have read several messages on Toronto Delis on this list.In my opinion, by far the best one, has not even been mentioned. It is Centre Street Deli on Centre St in Thornhill. It is related to the ...

Toronto: if you had a gun to your head...

by Yxa 20 years ago

...where would you eat? I'll be coming to Toronto the second week of July, and am interested in good, authentically-made food that I can't find in my native New York City. My budget leans toward ...

Local institutions in London, Ontario?

by anon 18 years ago

Fellow Chowhounders, I moved recently to London and would verfy much like to explore all those local instutions where people go for good food, cheap price etc etc...fit for someone on a student ...

Toronto/Niagara - Peninsula Ridge Restaurant

by Estufarian 18 years ago

The restaurant at Peninsula Ridge Winery has been reported to have ambitions to be the French Laundry of Niagara. They've hired one of the better chefs from Toronto (Ned Bell, formerly at Accolade ...

Fish in Toronto?

by mike 18 years ago

Here's a good one for you all, hopefully someone will recognize this place.... At last year's Feast of Fields, I got talking to the Cafe Societa chef about buying fish. He gave me the (now lost) ...

Toronto Cable TV restaurant Show

by Estufarian 18 years ago

For those with access to the local cable TV programmes, Rogers (channel 10 for most people here) has revamped its Toronto Dining show to a more useful format. Each show now airs 3 or 4 times daily ...

Turkish in Toronto

by Jeff 18 years ago

Does anybody out there know of any good Turkish restaurants in Toronto? Looking for quality, but don't bust my wallet. J

Business Dinner in Toronto

by Kathleen 18 years ago

I am taking several business collegues out to dinner in Toronto, Canada. We're looking for either a great steak, seafood, or italian restaurant that's appropriate for a business dinner but still gr...

Restaurants in Toronto

by Kathleen 18 years ago

I am taking several business collegues out to dinner in Toronto, Canada. We're looking for either a great steak, seafood, or italian restaurant. Looking for the price of the entrees to be no more...

Great Chinese in Markham (north of Toronto)

by Sridhar Moorthy 18 years ago

Had my second experience at 369 Shanghai Dim Sum (on Kennedy, just south of Highway 7, in a strip mall on the West side, chock full of Chinese eateries). Have no reservations recommending this on...

Best Vietnamese "Bun" in Toronto?

by Dylan Yolles 18 years ago

A long time ago -- when I was a young aspiring chowhounder -- there was a little place in Chinatown called Bun Bo Xao that served a phenomenal bowl of "Bun" (vietnamese rice noodles with various to...

Toronto Restaurants & Neighborhoods

by Ruby 18 years ago

Hi, I'm a native New Yorker who posts regularly on N.Y. Chowhound. I'm visiting Toronto for 8 days starting next Sunday. Some Canadian posts recommend Chiando - does anyone have the address? All re...

Toronto - Hemispheres

by estufarian 18 years ago

Finally got around to trying Hemispheres. The chef has been a favourite of mine at previous restaurants, but Hemispheres has not yet entered the consciousness of those seeking the top dining experi...

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