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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Ontario. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praiseĀ it deserves. Whether...

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Toronto Culinary Update Needed...

by Chili 17 years ago

I have been living in Paris for the last few months and already feel a little disconnected from the Toronto culinary scene. I would appreciate any updates on new places (good or bad), changes to o...

Good Eats -- Toronto?

by All things Canadian 17 years ago

Little help? I'm going to be in Toronto for a couple days and I'm looking for reccommendations for good places to eat. Staying downtown, but am willing and able to travel. It would be great to g...

What place has the best sushi/sashimi in Toronto?

by david chan 17 years ago

What I'm looking for is a sushi restaurant that has the freshest and possibly rarest selection of fish. I've been to Hiro Sushi and perhaps it was an odd day, but I didn't think too highly of the p...

Toronto bed and breakfast recommendations

by matt spinola 17 years ago

I'll be in Toronto for a weekend and would like to stay at a bed and breakfast. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced bed and breakfast in the downtown toronto area? I was told the Casa Loma i...

Jean's (Toronto) is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Anne Bradford 17 years ago

Jean's is reopening soon! Oh yes, there is a god! Welcome back, mee goreng. Link: http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2003-03-06/goods_foodstory.php

What is Joso in Toronto?

by Lolly 17 years ago

I was just reading the gossip column in the Star. Joso was mentioned several times. What is it like? Where is it located?

Toronto Takeout

by Soj89 17 years ago

Having a party of ~15 people..Tomorrow! Tired of pizza and fried chicken.. Have recommendations that wont break the bank and please a bunch of starving students? thanks!

asian in toronto

by kate 19 years ago

i'm heading for toronto and looking for best asian restaurants, whether it's cantonese, hong kong, vietnamese, thai .... does any one have favorites? was there a couple weeks ago, loved lai wah hee...

Good new Italian in Toronto

by John Allemang 17 years ago

For all its Italianness, Toronto doesn't offer many restaurants that specialize in Italian regional cuisine -- Romagna Mia is the only good one I can think of, and it runs a little too hot and cold...

rehearsal dinner place for 25+ in toronto?

by bothrops_asper 17 years ago

we're currently planning our wedding in toronto from new york and trying come up with somewhere to have a rehearsal dinner for 25-35 people...anyone have any ideas, recommendations, previous exper...

Toronto Restaurant Week Feb. 7 to 13...any additional info?

by LMC 17 years ago

I have seen a very small ad in NOW last week regarding the upcoming Toronto Restaurant Week Feb. 7 to 13 but I haven't heard or read anything since. Does anyone out there have any additional info?...

El Trompo - Toronto

by lex 17 years ago

I tried to drop by El Trompo for dinner last week, only to find it has "winter hours". Aka, it's not open between Jan 1 and Feb 10. Has anyone been recently? What should I try when I go on the ...

Toronto eats

by Jerry Bank 20 years ago

We will be visiting Toronto in May and will be staying at the Grange Hotel, with is on Grange Street, in downtown Toronto. Since we will not have a car, we would prefer suggestions that are in the...

Best Chicken Wings in Toronto

by WingNut 18 years ago

Here's a chance to voice your opinion on what bar/pub/restaurant has the best wings in Toronto. For "buffalo" I vote for Duff's and find them the same as their location in Amherst N.Y. and better...

Quick - Peking duck in downtown Toronto ??

by marie 17 years ago

Suddenly this seems like a good idea for New Years. The only thing I can find is Champion House. Does anybody know any others ? Marie

Windsor, Ontario Suggestions?

by Tammy Coxen 17 years ago

I'll be in Windsor tomorrow to visit my Mom, and I'd like to take her out for dinner. Suggestions for something nice, but not too expensive? Maybe something Italian from Erie St? Thanks!

Statdlander Garage Food Sale in Toronto Dec 22

by estufarian 17 years ago

OK. This seems like a commercial plug (I have no interest - in fact it might hurt me if others get there first), but Nobuyo Stadtlander will be in Toronto on Sunday 22 December selling some of thei...

spending a few days in toronto, where to eat?

by marzipan 17 years ago

coming from san francisco to toronto to celebrate the new year, looking for interesting food that is distinctly toronto. particularly fond of unique ethnic food. would love to hear your suggesti...

Great, Not nouveau, Toronto food

by Dennis 17 years ago

I am going to Toronto next week, and I know this has been asked before but I am looking for new perspectives on this. I hate the "artsy" type nouveau fusion type stuff, so please don't suggest tho...

2 nights in Toronto

by lolly 17 years ago

We have 2 nights in Toronto Nov. 28,29. We want to have some nice dinners and lunches. Staying at the Sheraton downtown and don't mind riding the subway or taking a taxi. We like especially enjo...

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