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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Ontario. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

The World's Most Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Cones

Shinya Suzuki/flickr We all clearly scream for ice cream, but it's the cone that doesn't get the shouts of praise it deserves. Whether...

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Toronto - Peruvian & Parking & Ferries

by WendyLovesToEat 17 years ago

First of all, thanks to all for the extensive Toronto postings. Just spent a very enjoyable hour researching good cheap eats for our (quick) visit to Toronto next weekend. Many of the same places...

Afghani food in Toronto

by nora Vye 17 years ago

Hi all, I understand there are 30,000 afghani people in Ontario. As far as I can tell, there is only one afghani restaurant in Toronto. Chopan Kabab House. Has anyone heard of any others, or any o...

more asap toronto help please

by Jayask 17 years ago

Now my friend gave me more info. He is there for almost a week, and needs a bunch of good choices in downtown Tonoto. He said that it they do not have to be inexpensive since his company is footing...

Toronto: inexpensive ethnic restaurant suggestions? ASAP

by Jayask 17 years ago

My friend is in Toronto on business as we speak. He basically just wants some good inexpensive food. He likes ethnic foods, especially Asian (& SE Asian) and Middle Eastern but is not limited to t...

Any Opinions on Pangea In Toronto?

by Hoc 17 years ago

I'm going to be spending a week in Toronto. Somebody recommended Pangea as a "must dine" restaurant while I am there. Has anyone been there? What is it like, and what kinds of dishes does it ser...

Toronto: Yummy Yummy MIA

by Reg Holdsworth 18 years ago

The Yummy Yummy truck has been missing since last Thursday. Chinese New Year? Disneyworld? New location? UFO abduction? Any sightings or insider info??

Fresh (not frozen) Smoked Salmon in Ontario

by Ed Jardine 17 years ago

I have found some fabulous smoked salmon in Kitchener. It is made and sold by T&J Seafoods on 26 Elm Street (519-578-3080). As a bonus, the store (which is kinda hard to find) is 3 blocks away from...

Pho in Toronto

by lissar 18 years ago

So far, my favorite pho is from Pho Hung (on Bloor West across from the ROM), but I haven't been to many other Vietnamese restaurants. What other places are both good and cheap? Also, I'm looking f...

Indian Bread(Toronto)

by CR 17 years ago

Is there a good spot to buy Indian breads in Toronto? Thanks

Bin Vanipha. 7 Numbers. and Thoughts About Toronto

by Dave Feldman 17 years ago

Two of the more interesting meals I had in Toronto were at this Laotian/Thai restaurant and southern Italian. The menu at Vanipha is truncated at lunch. The waiter interceded on our behalf and w...

Special Dinner in Toronto

by Mermaid 18 years ago

My husband has promised to celebrate my birthday by taking me to dinner at a restaurant of my choice. I narrowed it down, but I was hoping someone out there might have some opinions they could shar...

Kudos to Toronto Life...

by Mike 17 years ago

for actually updating the reviews in their restaurant guide for the first time in 2 years. ;-)

A Japanese grocery store in Toronto?

by Hiko Ikeda 18 years ago

Is there any Japanese grocery store in Toronto? Or, do I have to go to a Chinese supermarket to buy Japanese items?

Indian food in toronto -- Is it me or what????

by mike 18 years ago

I've had several bad meals at the Nataraj in the last 4 months (not having been there in about three years). The food was virtually inedible. This has happened 3 times in a row. Normally one bad me...

artisanal bread-baking equipment in Toronto?

by jonburk 18 years ago

Hi! I just discovered this site this weekend - it has taken quite a few hours to catch up on all the Toronto postings but it was well worth it :) Do any of you know where one can find bread ba...

Arcane ethnic in Toronto

by Dylan Yolles 18 years ago

I have to admit that while driving around the outer reaches of Toronto I see a ton of places that are never mentioned here, of an assortment of ethnicities. Take side streets to the airport and you...

Toronto Ideas Near Sheraton Centre

by Dave Feldman 18 years ago

I'll be at a convention next week and will be leading groups of 6-12 folks or so on eating adventures, especially for dinner. I've been reading this board, and have a Word document of more than 20...

Morton's Steak House:Toronto.

by Marc Bernstein 19 years ago

Last night,I had dinner(with my mother and a friend) at Morton's Steak House,on Prince Arthur. I think the food is impossibly overpriced! I had prime rib,which while wonderful,was far too much for...

Hot Toronto Restaurants

by AT 18 years ago

Hi all, I just came across this website and am amazed by the quality of feedback. I think it fabulous. I'm a cook and have been working in London and Manhattan for the past few years. I'm from ...

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