Where to get real Chicken Wings / "Buffalo Wings" - IE - Ontario/Rancho/Upland

by buffalionian 12 years ago

Hi, I am from originally from Buffalo and looking for real chicken wings in the Ontario, Rancho, Upland areas, but I don't mind making a drive for real wings... For me, real wings or "buffalo wing...


by paprkutr 7 years ago

Meeting in Ontario for a birthday dinner for a 20year old? Steak, Japanese, Italian or anything else. Moderately priced, about 40-50 per person. Thanks

staying at the ontario sheraton without a car - am i totally out of luck for good restaurants?

by vulber 8 years ago

right now in and out burger is looking like my best choice (although yelp mentions a lebanese restaurant, but having grown up in a middle eastern family, that doesn't interest me)

Orchard Run, Only Sold at Graber Olive House (Ontario)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

On the way back from Stagecoach in the desert, I had a chance to stop by Graber Olive House, my first visit to Ontario. No tour available at that hour, but an employee was rounded up to show me th...

Chino and Ontario

by slew 9 years ago

Will be attending an air show in May in Chino... Any recommendations for the Chino, and I guess, the Ontario areas?

Buddhist Temple of America, Ontario

by TonyC 9 years ago

[ NOT a religion thread. ] For those not in touch with the Thai temple(s) food vendor situ: much like every contingency of ethnic emigre, the Thais are moving to the burbs. In the last decade,...

My suggestions+request for new/funky in the West Inland Empire? Covina, San Dimas, Claremont, Upland, Pomona, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino etc.?

by pslpsl 11 years ago

So, we all know that you must be West or South of the San Gabriel valley for a high concentration of good food. The netherland at the border between LA county/San Bernadino county (between the S...

Need Kid Friendly Restaurant from LAX to Ontario Airport area for Lunch

by cdoobiest 10 years ago

Going to be arriving into LAX around 11am. Boston chowhound, going to be renting a car, and will have wife, grandparents and 4 year old twins with me. I figure we be out of the car rental around ...

Tamaleria, Pomona, Ontario, Chino???

by DWB 11 years ago

Need tamales in Eastern Inland Empire. We have the population here that must have great tamales! I just don't know where. I asked before and got NO replies. Please help a gringo out! I used to buy ...

Non-chain breakfast near Ontario Airport?

by srr 10 years ago

My husband, our 3year old daughter and I are being picked up after an early morning flight to Ontario and we would like to take my mom out to breakfast. Any hidden gems for breakfast on a Friday mo...

The Royal Cut in Ontario

by Rae 10 years ago

We need a place for a birthday dinner for 6 on May 28th half-way between Apple Valley and L.A. The Royal Cut in Ontario seems to fit. Any good? One person I've spoken to said it's pretty good. ...

REVIEW w/ Pics: Handmade Candy Cane Making at Logan's Candy in Ontario

by pleasurepalate 11 years ago

Logan's Candy is a small candy shop that has been in Ontario for over 70 years. It's currently owned by Jerry Rowley, who with a little help, skillfully pulls, twists, cuts and hooks more than 75,0...

Fresh Black Eye Peas in Ontario,CA

by WINDELLA 11 years ago

Years ago we used to go to a place in Ontario,CA that grew black eye peas,I don't remember the name of the place,you drive up to a house and the peas were out front on a huge table,the peas grew ne...

Ontario airport area

by dimsumgirl 13 years ago

I'm going to be staying near the Ontario airport. Is there any place that you can recommend? At this point, I don't have a car but I can rent one if there isn't good chow available nearby. TIA!

Please Help - Good eats in Ontario - Corona - Chino Hills

by ssharp 12 years ago

Hello!! I am taking my husband to the Chino Airport for his birthday. I would like to find a place besides Flo's somewhat nearby. We may be having friends that hail from the Temecula area meet u...

Fun spot in Claremont/ Ontario area?

by ilovegobo 12 years ago

Hey, everybody! Sorry about the lengthy post in advance. I 'm afraid I have a pretty specific question. Searching already, I've come up with very few ideas. I'm going out with friends for dinne...

Four nights in Ontario

by Kensington gourmet 13 years ago

I will be working in Ontario soon and I am looking for some dinner suggestions.

Rose Bowl/Ontario Help

by bpreston 13 years ago

My father and I are flying in New Year's eve for the game the next day. I am looking for help on three topics. 1. I get in New Years eve around 7pm via Ontario. My mother is a vegetarian who w...

Tamales in the Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area

by attran99 13 years ago

I've searched the old posts, and heve been unable to find an answer...so please help! The hubby's got a huge craving for tamales. Does anyone know of a local place that makes great tamales? I've...