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Online Cooking Classes

by bsobel226 3 months ago

Anybody have thoughts on cooking classes? A few months ago I signed up for Chef Todd Mohr's program and just recently...

bryanjazz commented 2 months ago

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World's Largest Gingerbread Cities

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

". . . Building gingerbread houses has been a holiday pastime since the early 1800s. It’s said that after the publica...

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12 Days of Dim Sum (12 Days of Christmas)

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Dim sum a cappella for the holidays!

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Les Carnets de Julie

by Nemoman 7 months ago

Wonderful French series on youtube by French food critic who visits different regions of France and samples their cui...

Bitchin Kitchen?

by natewrites 1 year ago

Anyone know what's happened to Nadia G? All they've been showing of Bitchin Kitchen have been reruns. I'm on her FB...


Foxeyblue commented 9 months ago

online cooking classes?

by divadmas 2 years ago

Anyone find any good ones? They seem to be harder to put together than a cooking show, I have not been impressed yet.


JennatTheChef commented 12 months ago

Netflix and the new food media

by magic 1 year ago

Most of us likely agree that for some time traditional food networks haven't held much, if any, value for those inter...


magic commented 12 months ago

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Micro Nigiri

by LotusRapper 12 months ago

Hilarious ! (go to Mission #3 @ 2:03 mark)

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Bayless Taco Tuesday: "420" Tacos With Potatoes, Bacon, Chicharrón And Cheese

by MplsM ary 1 year ago

Kinda silly, but fun. Now I'm looking through all the other Taco Tuesday videos and am finding some great recipes...

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Ivy Mix Explains Cocktail Glassware for PBS's Idea Channel

by patsully 1 year ago

I thought they did a nice job explaining the basics of cocktail glassware, and it's always good to de-bunk the belief...

You Tube Recomendations

by Eelgem85 1 year ago

Looking for good cooking you tube channels. I have given up on Food Network and Cooking Channel for instructional sho...


Eelgem85 commented 1 year ago

Interesting youtube channel on spice!

by CaptCrunch 1 year ago

Hello! Philippe and Ethné de Vienne are spice royalty in Quebec. Worldly and passionate, they are the go to guy wh...

aCookNamedMatt commented 1 year ago

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ATK vs. Cooks Illustrated Subscription?

by Smf2177 1 year ago

I was planning to ask for Christmas for either a subscription to the ATK website or the Cooks Illustrated Website. Wh...

Share your favorite YouTube cooking videos

by Rmis32 3 years ago

I've learned to make some dishes by watching cooking videos on YouTube. Do you have any favorite dishes or favorite c...


Dardar1214 commented 1 year ago

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Le Petit Chef - Bouillabaisse (film short)

by eatingjoy 1 year ago

The world's smallest chef cooks a typical fish dish, 'Bouillabaisse'... Bon appétit! -from

Guide To Washington, on Vice network.

by chris2269 1 year ago

If you love great food, sourcing and people you should be watching this program is it. I'm posting this episode b...


chowyadoin99 commented 1 year ago

Top Chef Kristen Kish and Maangchi on Lucky Chow PBS

by yummfood 1 year ago

This video is basically about the recent emergence and gaining popularity of Korean cuisine in America. About 10-15 m...

hannaone commented 1 year ago

Alice Waters, Live Times Talks Oct. 17

by eatingjoy 1 year ago *I have no affiliation to this event.*


bob96 commented 1 year ago

Video visit to Peking Gourmet Inn

by wayne keyser 1 year ago

The Chen brothers, of Youtube's "Off the Great Wall" channel, just posted a longer-than-usual video of their visit to...

KWagle commented 1 year ago