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Omakase means "chef's choice"--and it's best enjoyed at very trustworthy sushi restaurants. Ask Chowhounds where to try it, and read up on other people's experiences with omakase menus at Japanese spots around the world.

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Sushi Ginza Onodera or Yamakase?? Best omakase in Los Angeles?

by rocklocksock 28 days ago

I'm looking for the best omakase around Los Angeles. I've tried Q Sushi, Sasabune, Nozawa Bar, Sushi Zo, Sushi Tsujit...

Kanoyama - still pretty damn great

by citykid426 2 years ago

Just had dinner at Kanoyama last night, after not going there for a while, and I am happy to report that it still del...


loosecannon commented 1 month ago

Tokyo trip report - November sushi extravaganza

by od_sf 5 months ago

Sushi Iwa 4th visit, but first evening visit. Not quite as good as the last couple times I've gone. The shari wasn'...

od_sf commented 1 month ago

Tokyo sushi recommendation

by maomaowee 2 months ago

Hi everyone, I'll be travelling to Tokyo around May, and I've been looking at a few high end sushi restaurants for...


EatJapan commented 2 months ago

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Best sushi north of Tokyo

by MattR 2 months ago

Several Japanese friends insist that fish is much better in northern Honshu and the price much more reasonable than i...

First time high end sushi

by saf_fas_ 2 months ago

As a first timer, my friend has recommended a few sushi places: Hashimoto Ryusuke Ichinayagi Masuda Takumi Sh...


Ninisix commented 2 months ago

The Mori Omakase Challenge

by dndicicco 2 years ago

I didn't have as much time to traverse LA's wonderful sushi scene on this trip, so I focused my attentions on Mori Su...


foodwhisperer commented 2 months ago

Sushi Take in Ginza

by od_sf 2 months ago

Chef Fumi Takeuchi trained at Shimbashi Shimizu, and I have heard excellent things about her shop from a very reliabl...


Ninisix commented 2 months ago

Best omakase in SF?!

by abypmua90 2 months ago

Already planning to going to Kusakabe! Where would be your second choice to go?! I heard about maruya, omakase sf,...


JonDough commented 2 months ago

Omakase in SF for less than $100?

by doubledeuce80 3 months ago

Hi All, Have had few excellent omakase meals from Sushi Ota over the years for under $100 and wondering if there is ...

od_sf commented 3 months ago

Kinjo | Russian Hill - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Kinjo opened a week ago. This is the venture from ex-Sushi Ran Chef and the owners of Ijji. Please report in if you t...

od_sf commented 3 months ago

Sasaki Sushi

by SeaEagle 5 months ago

Tonight, Friday the 25th, is the opening of the much anticipated sushi-ya from Michelin-star chef Masasaki Sasaki, an...

od_sf commented 4 months ago

Sushi Nakazawa Company

by dyliciouseats 5 months ago

Hello Sushi Lovers. I've been wanting to try the omakase at Sushi Nakazawa in NYC. However, they do not accept solo d...


lexismore commented 5 months ago

Don't hate me... (Cafe Sushi)

by BostonBestEats 5 months ago

BECAUSE: My omakase is more beautiful than your omakase (at Cafe Sushi, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA)

BostonBestEats commented 5 months ago

15 East without Masa discussion

by HighHanded 2 years ago

So I just had dinner here for the first time recently, and although I tried my best to make sure Masa was working tha...


leduarte commented 5 months ago

Shoushin or Sushi Kaji for Birthday Dinner

by Swtess 5 months ago

I am hoping to get some expert advice between the two restaurants. I am looking at the $120 price range for the omaka...

happycamper commented 5 months ago

Omakase in NYC in the Fall

by yumfactr 10 months ago

Hello! I have looked through lots of posts here on the best omakase, the nicest omakase, cheapest, most expensive...

od_sf commented 6 months ago


by juan_tastic 9 months ago

I and a foodie colleague had a chance to sample both YASU and ZEN one week apart. Here’s my review and opinions. F...

Charles Yu commented 8 months ago

Great sushi in Tokyo in the middle of the day

by od_sf 9 months ago

Hello! I need to find a great sushiya in Tokyo (preferably east side, not too far from Tokyo station - but anywher...

od_sf commented 9 months ago