Traveling to Omaha? Eat well while you're there with suggestions from Chowhounds for everything from diners to ice cream shops.

This Midwestern City Is Serving Some of the Best Food in the Country

Omaha may not be the first place that comes to mind when asked about America’s best food spots, but after a long weekend in Nebraska’s largest city, you’ll come to find that the Big O is making a big...

Maria's Soft Shell Tacos and some Omaha/Ralston

by mmgd1960 9 years ago

Maria's has some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. My favorite is the flour "Soft Shell Taco". They are a thicker flour shell that is deep fried. I'm not sure but I think that the meat...

Tacorito- Gone but not forgotten...Omaha/Lincoln, NE and CO

by mmgd1960 9 years ago

When I was growing up in Omaha I was a bus-girl about 35 years ago at La Fonda's aka Holly Inn. The restaurant was founded by the late George Pappas of CO. I fell in love with the "Tacorito", a big...

Looking for Steakhouse in Omaha

by oc4me 4 years ago

Passing through Omaha on a road trip. Would like to find a quality steakhouse. Only requirement is casual dress. A good pair of jeans and a nice shirt is all we will have to wear out to dinner. ...

Need Omaha Nebraska recs

by Phaedrus 6 years ago

I will be in Omaha December 16-20 for the NCAA division I volleyball Final Four. So here is a warning for the local,s ravenous volleyball coaches will be invading then. The convention is at the Cen...

Bizzare Foods in Omaha?

by Comutt 6 years ago

We have friends visiting this weekend, and I was really wanting to take them to a unique or rather strange restaurant with unique or weird foods for something fun and interesting. Something outside...

Best or "Can't Miss" Local Restaurants in Omaha?

by laboheme 6 years ago

I will be in Omaha for business Sunday 6/28-Wed 7/1. What are your favorite local restaurants that I can't miss? I love small plates, gastropubs, craft beer, great wine. Indian or Korean ethnic ...

Best steakhouses in Omaha?

by msb 6 years ago

Looking for a really good steak house in Omaha and the suburbs that is open on SUNDAY evening. Many I have researched are closed on Sundays. Expense not an issue. Or, is there another great rest...

Gift Basket - Omaha

by Unkle Al 7 years ago

I need to send a gift basket to a customer in Omaha. Can anyone recommend a gourmet store or better grocery that makes nice baskets? I tried Whole Foods but they do not make baskets. Thank you...

Thanksgiving In Omaha

by wolmania 7 years ago

Any recommendations for a solo diner?

V.Mertz or Boiler Room??? 1 Evening in Omaha - Which would you recommend or something else?

by foodieinraleigh 7 years ago

We will be in Omahda on a Tuesday evening in the near future. We are going back and forth btwwen V.Mertz and the Bolier Room. We dined at the Boiler Room a couple of year back and it was delicio...

Looking for a midtown omaha reasonably priced

by sleeright 7 years ago

Near Jackson St bookshop--ethnic food would be great, but bistro is still an option


by wolmania 7 years ago

I'll be traveling to Omaha next week and I was wondering what the best places to eat and drink are. Will probably be looking to get a nice steak one night too. I'll be staying near the CenturyLin...

Omaha Dinner Near Zoo Ideas

by blackpointyboots 7 years ago

Heading to the zoo later this week with the teenage daughter. Looking for anywhere somewhat nearby worth eating at. Difficulty factor, it needs to have at least some options that are gluten free. I...

Fun Family place in Omaha?

by flyoverfoodie 7 years ago

Meeting my sister and 9 year old nephew for a weekend in Omaha with zoo and waterpark. Also have my 1 1/2 year old in tow. Anywhere with FUN ambiance you can recommend? ex. Games at the table, t...

Restaurant Supply Open to Public - Lincoln or Omaha?

by e_bone 8 years ago

Is there one? I don't see what i'm looking for on-line at Hockenberg's, but they may have it.. but even if they do I'm not sure they sell to walk-in public? Anyone know of something?

Omaha? Anyone?

by JimGrinsfelder 8 years ago

Heading for Omaha this weekend. I liked the wine-shop bistro place (La Buvette?) in Old Market and M's was good. Are they still good? What else is good in or near downtown Omaha? Anypl...

Roasted Chilies- Lincoln or Omaha?

by e_bone 8 years ago

Anyone seen any chili roasters this year? Looking for roasted Hatch, Pueblo, Big Jim, etc.. chilies to skin and freeze. Other seasonally related: finally started seeing Colorado peaches 2 weeks ...

Annual pilgrimage to Nebraska - need recommendations in Omaha for a Thursday and Sunday Evening

by foodieinraleigh 8 years ago

We will be in Nebraska in September to visit family. We will be flying in and out of Omaha and dinning on Thursday and Sunday evening. We are looking for great, inventive food that focuses on loc...

Steak Lunch in Omaha on a Saturday?

by gleng1 8 years ago

Headed to Omaha this Saturday and was looking forward to an old-style steak for lunch... only it seems that none of the steakhouses are open on Saturdays for lunch! (I could swear I went years ago...

Staying in Omaha , Day trip to Kansas City

by Gorp512 8 years ago

Hello all, Next week, I will be taking a trip for a week to Omaha to visit my girlfriend's family. I'm from and an seriously into food. This is my second time in Nebraska and did the Flatiron a...