Recreate the Very First Oscars Menu for Your 2019 Oscars Party

Attending the Oscars is a lifelong dream for many, but being one of the millions of fans who watch the show’s telecast has its benefits—particularly, the opportunity to chow down during the nearly four...

Castelvetrano olives in Boston area?

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

Has anyone seen Castelvetrano olives for sale in the Boston area? Formaggio Kitchen doesn't mention them on their website. I suppose I could use Cerignola, which they do carry.

Can I use olive juice or pickle juice to brine a pork tenderloin?

by sweet100s 1 month ago

I have been saving empty jars of olives and pickles for some unknown reason in the fridge. Could I use the Olive juice to brine a pork tenderloin before sous vide? How dilute would I need to ...

Torremar olives (or similar?) in Toronto

by literonomer 2 years ago

Hi all, I recently picked up a jar of Torremar manzanilla olives, a Spanish brand, and they were amazing - exactly like the ones we had in Spain. Haven't seen them at Winners again, but would LOVE ...

All about Olives, Sonoma, Feb 15 (complimentary)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Feb 15, 1pm to 3pm Olive tree management class plus olive oil tasting. Complimentary, but RSVP Cook Vineyard Management Store 19626 Eighth St East Sonoma, CA https://www.facebook.com/Coo...

Nyon olives and other ingredients for French cooking

by wifeofnick 1 year ago

I was gifted Patricia Wells' "At Home in Provence" cookbook this Christmas, and in looking through the recipes, I've gathered that I'm going to be needing some good quality black olives. Most of t...

Question for olive oil experts: Lacrima?

by Sarah1218 2 years ago

Read a fabulous book where the main character a perfectionist/ minimalist who likes the best of the best describes making a pasta with a sauce of nothing more than some tellicherry peppercorns, fr...

White stuff on black olives

by zarn 1 year ago

So three cans in a row now bought a month a part have had a thick white oily substance on them. Could easily be olive oil. However I have been eating olives all my life an have never dealt with thi...

Buying olives in Camberville – Black, green, Kalamata, …

by zigzag17 1 year ago

When in the mood, I like to put olives in various pasta and other dishes. Where and what olives do you buy, and how do you use them?

Aceiitunas de Campo Real Olives

by eateat22 2 years ago

Folks - where can I buy these olives in NYC? They are traditional to madrid Thanks

Olive experts, help!

by esquimeaux 11 years ago

I have very little olive knowledge, and strangely, Google is not helping much for once. My sister once brought back a container of olives for me from Napa Valley, and they were the yummiest things...

Salt dried black olives

by IndyGirl123 2 years ago

Any suggestions on how to use salt dried black olives? I've tried marinating them (after rinsing the salt off) in olive oil and dried spices, and they remained incredibly intense. I also took these...

Olive brine drained....how long will they keep?

by Cj52 3 years ago

During a recent party, one of my young helpers drained all the brine off of a large jar of olives, and another of pickles. All of the olives weren't used, nor even put out immediately. How long w...

Central Grocery Olive Salad

by stefansky90 3 years ago

Does anyone here know where can I buy a jar of the Central Grocery Olive Salad in Los Angeles County? I know I can order it online from Nola Cajun dot com! Has anyone tried this olive salad and wha...

Need ways to use up minced olive salad

by inlovewiththedusk 3 years ago

I have an absurd amount of olive salad leftover from something my husband made. I could use suggestions on using it up. I welcome pasta dishes but we are limiting our pasta and bread intake at cu...

What's the Deal with Dirty (and Extra Dirty) Martinis?

by invinotheresverde 9 years ago

Could someone please explain the allure of gin/vodka mixed with olive brine? I love olives, and all things salty, but I just don't understand the boner people have for 'em.

Spanish Olives

by bzboston 3 years ago

Does anyone know where I could buy some spanish good olives here in Boston? Even suggestions for online stores are ok (but so far the ones I found are crazy expensive)

Good place to buy olives in bigger quantity?

by calf 3 years ago

I tried a recipe that calls for dehydrating then blending black olives, but I found that if there's not enough, my blender won't turn. Making a double or triple batch might work, though. So wher...

Olives without Acidity Regulator, Citric Acid, etc

by bmorecupcake 3 years ago

Is there an easy to find/order brand of "good" olives that is free of ingredients like Acidity Regulator or Citric Acid? The 'why' is a long discussion. Just interested if anyone knows of any s...

Counterfeit olives?

by ferret 3 years ago

Yeeesh. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/feb/03/green-olives-painted-copper-sulphate-seized-italian-police

Appetizer with green olives?

by Kaymoz 3 years ago

For a potluck tomorrow, I am to bring an appetizer and I would like to use up a jar of sliced green salad olives I have on hand, which my family will never consume. A big package of egg roll wrapp...