Beer lovers, unite. Find out where to celebrate Oktoberfest with a few cold ones (or maybe more than a few), whether you're traveling to Germany or your local pub.

Dunkels, Weizens, and Marzen (Oh My): A Guide to German Beer

German beer doesn’t get the attention it deserves from today’s beer snob, who gravitates toward extreme flavors and marketing. You’re not going to find a German beer containing massive hops with Hindu...

Oktoberfest: Where and what to enjoy?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

The fall is here, and along with it comes Oktoberfest! I enjoy indulging in some of the traditional hearty fare. What are your favorite spots for Oktoberfest food and beer? If you cook at home, whe...

Planning a Safe Oktoberfest

by twodales2 2 months ago

Our group of about 16 people are planning a backyard Oktoberfest this next week. We usually go to a German restaurant but have decided to forgo that this year. I had thought about bringing Jäg...

What to make/serve for Oktoberfest?

by maddogg280 11 years ago

Hubby and I are throwing and Oktoberfest party at home and I need some recs on what to serve. So far, all we have on the menu are various german sausages (wursts), sauerkraut, apple cake and beer. ...

Oktoberfest beer picks

by gatorfoodie 13 years ago

So fall is definitely my favorite time of year...Football, cool weather, and of course the Oktoberfest beers. So far this season, I've tried: -Bell's -Spaten -Paulaner -Sam Adams I'm part...

What to try at the Cincinnati Oktoberfest next month

by Eateree 5 years ago

I will be going to my first Oktoberfest in Cincinnati next month. The website lists so many food options. Does anyone have any ideas on which vendors to choose? I would like to try local places ...

Anybody doing an Oktoberfest menu in Northern NJ?

by bropaul 5 years ago

Besides the usual few remaining German places, I was wondering if any other restaurants/bars were offering an Oktoberfest menu.

A SoCal Oktoberfest

by RhonelyInsanediego 8 years ago

I was working in Germany for two months last year and was lucky enough to spend a day in Munchen for "die Wiesn" (That's what the locals call it). Didn't realize this at the time, but the Oktoberf...

Oktoberfest - need pork shank recipe - Schweinshaxe

by GunnarThor 9 years ago

Just outside the Hofbrau tent in Munich is a Schweinshaxe "hut" with the best rotisserie grilled pork shanks. Does anyone have a recipe for these? Places to find them (raw) would also be apprecia...

Santa Monica Vegan Oktoberfest

by spoonlicker 6 years ago

...I cracked up just typing in the post title. I have all respect for my vegan brothers and sisters in chow, but come ON, you gotta admit: sometimes Santa Monica seems like a parody or meme-co...

German "Oktoberfest" menu at Steins, Mountain View

by eatzalot 7 years ago

This is a distinctive temporary offering, so I write it as a separate topic from the earlier Steins thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/896436. This Germanic menu runs two weeks, through O...

"Hoppy Oktoberfest" this Saturday -- September 28 @ Mad Fox, Falls Church

by alkapal 7 years ago

We went last year and really enjoyed the beers from several craft breweries. http://madfoxbrewing.com/hoppy-oktoberfestenty You can get a great selection and the beers are described on an info ...

I just don't crave the Oktoberfest beer style

by TombstoneShadow 7 years ago

I'll admit, Oktoberfest is one style of beer that I just don't get. For me in flavor, texture, and gusto It lies somewhere between an unfiltered wheat beer and a sweetish pale ale. And I've samp...

Oktoberfest at Waterfront Ale House

by BrookBoy 7 years ago

Anyone know when it's gonna be? Will the menu be pretty much the same as in previous years? Thanks...

Oktoberfest, K-W, 2013

by PrometheusOnFire 7 years ago

Although the Munich Oktoberfest did not escape my youthful grasp in the 80’s, my spouse and I are first-time Oktoberfest hopefuls this year in the K-W area. Since the turn of the new millennium, we...

oktoberfest caterer or an backyard bbq caterer?

by debstamb 7 years ago

Can anyone give me a recommendation for an affordable oktoberfest caterer or an backyard bbq caterer?

Toronto Octoberfest

by normanwolf 7 years ago

Any thoughts on the Octoberfest in Toronto? Expect it to be good? bad? Food is by petite thuet so kinda interested in going. http://www.torontooktoberfest.ca/

Oktoberfest bakery (lederhosen guy from farmers' market) storefront on University Ave, Berkeley?

by TravelinJack 12 years ago

So we were walking up University between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Milvia, and noticed what seemed to be new outlet for those delicious pretzl croissants and other German breads, previously on...

Cape Cod: Oktoberfest at Aqua Grille in Sandwich

by dot_boston 8 years ago

Aqua Grille is holding its Oktoberfest this Sunday 1pm-5pm. Anyone been? Or heard anything about it? www.aquagrille.com/oktoberfest Aqua Grille is also doing a German menu for two weeks, Oct...

Oktoberfest in Munich Germany

by MarkG 8 years ago

from a beer perspective, what is the experience?? is it all quantity over quality or some of each?? what are the major breweries represented??

Upcoming Octoberfest Events?

by AmblerGirl 8 years ago

Does anyone know of any upcoming local Octoberfest events?Tthe fall weather is starting to get me excited for beer and sausages! Ambler is hosting an Octoberfest on October 6, which is always f...