Oklahoma City

The definitive guide to food and drink in Oklahoma City. Chowhounds discuss top restaurants and don't-miss bars--don't forget to share your own thoughts on where to eat in the area.

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Oklahoma City Recs

by Jacey 13 years ago

I'm coming to OK City for business this week. I'm looking for some restaurants where I can find some healthy options (Iknow OK isn't known for this!). I would love to have some Japanese or seafood ...

Ted's Escondido-Oklahoma City

by cookiechefus 13 years ago

Ted's has the best Mexican food you could ever eat. I have waited for over 2 hours to get in before. Is there anyone else out there who shares my Ted's obsession?

Ted's Escondido-Oklahoma City

by cookiechefus 13 years ago

Ted's has the best Mexican food you could ever eat. I have waited for over 2 hours to get in before. Is there anyone else out there who shares my Ted's obsession?

dinner in Oklahoma City tonight near I-44 west

by Lyndalh 14 years ago

Hi! My S.O. is driving accross country heading towards California right now. Tonight, he expects to hit Oaklahoma City by way of the Interstate 44 West. He's tired of eating typical road trip fast...

Wichita & Oklahoma City bound

by beanzanerd 14 years ago

I'm Dallas Chowhound who'll be spending two days in OKC and two days in Wichita later this month, and I'd like some suggestions. In OKC, I'll be staying in a hotel in the Bricktown area. What's the...

Weekend in Oklahoma City

by ClevelandRandy 15 years ago

Every year I pick a city I've never been to and go explore it, just to see what it has to offer. Coming up in two weeks will be the 7th such adventure, Oklahoma City. Can anyone give me recommend...

Oklahoma City - restaurant in Skirvin [Moved from Elsewhere in America]

by laredo 14 years ago

Can anyone comment on the new restaurant in the Skirvin? Thanks!

new york hound in Oklahoma City without a car!

by tuber 15 years ago

Hi, I'll be in Oklahoma City for two days without a car and was wondering if people could help me find some good spots to eat. I'll be staying at the Renaissance Hotel at 10 North Broadway. I'd gre...

Oklahoma City

by IndyGirl 14 years ago

I'm a vegetarian and lover of ethnic cuisine. Not a fan of most chains. What's there? TIA!

one night in oklahoma city

by cheflauren 14 years ago

i am not even certain this is the "southwest" perse, but i hope i am looking in the right direction. looking for a real taste of local cuisine and all the encompases "local flavor" in oklahoma cit...

Oklahoma City Recommendations [Moved from Midwest Board]

by RichardA 14 years ago

Hi all: I will be visiting Oklahoma City in the beginning of March for a few days and am looking for restaurant recommendations. What is the best place to eat, price not an object? What is the...

Weekend in Oklahoma City: Report

by ClevelandRandy 15 years ago

Had a WONDERFUL weekend in OKC. Thanks to you chowhounds who helped guide me. Thursday night: Dinner at Cafe NOVA. Beautiful restaurant, gracious but informal service, creative, diverse menu a...

Oklahoma City

by laredo 15 years ago

Looking for suggestions for Oklahoma City, please. Upscale to holes in the wall. Thanks!

Roadtrip: Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Des Moines, Chicago, and points in between

by WasabiP 15 years ago

Help a traveling hound family! We set off tomorrow from the Houston area -- north to Oklahoma City, then to Kansas City by a route to be determined -- might take 35 via Wichita, or might go to Tul...

oklahoma city saturday lunch

by coookie 15 years ago

[sorry for repost - mixed up my fields] hi, i should have planned ahead and posted this earlier, but i'm visiting oklahoma city right now, and i'm going to be free for lunch tomorrow. i'd reall...

Oklahoma City

by John K 16 years ago

Have a friend who will be entertaining business customers in Oklahoma City. Would appreciate recommendations on good "power lunch" or "power dinner" type places. To give a better description, go...

Oklahoma City Recommendations

by Brad 16 years ago

In appreciation for all the dining tips I've received from this message board, I offer my recommendations for those who may visit or pass through my city. The Boulevard Steakhouse in the suburb o...

Albuquerque to Oklahoma City Lunch Stop

by Al 16 years ago

Leaving Albuquerque in the morning and driving to Ok. Cty. Would like a good place for lunch about midway, which I guess would be around the Texas Panhandle. Food preference would be American, S...

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