The Best Places to Restock Pantry Staples Online

A trip to the grocery store has long been something I’ve enjoyed. Picking out produce, perusing the aisles, and chatting up the deli clerk is a part of my day that I really look forward to. Right now...

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Need a new cooking oil

by zackly 5 years ago

I need a new reasonably priced ($10.00 or less a gallon) oil to sauté and pan fry with. My old standby, corn oil, now smells nasty to me. I never liked Canola for cooking because it smells like tw...

What to do with leftover deep fry oil

by chocchipcookie 13 years ago

Okay, we just made french fries last night in my barely broken in cast iron skillet. They were outstanding and I will never bake them in the oven again. My quesstion, what do I do with the oil? Lea...

Favorite baking oil and stir-fry oil

by Fritz 4 years ago

been using TJs grapeseed for both and a bit of EVCO with the baking

Dry brined/spatchcocked turkey-- how to get brown skin?

by doodlenoodle600 4 years ago

This will be our 2nd year doing a dry brined and spatchcocked bird for Thanksgiving, using the serious eats/Kenji Lopez Alt method. I've been doing chickens using the same method over the past mont...

How do you dispose of used cooking oil?

by nycguy20011 4 years ago

I had previously made the mistake of disposing used cooking oil (when it's cooled down) by mixing it with water and pouring it down the sink. It wasn't a lot of oil. But after 10 years, my drains s...

best oil combo for homemade mayonnaise?

by heidipie 11 years ago

I don't have a lot of experience making straight-up mayonnaise, to use instead of the jarred stuff in potato or tuna salad and so on. I've made aioli, with olive oil, but I think an all-olive oil m...

Botulism concerns with refrigerated oil + herb blends

by nroot 4 years ago

I'm going to make this sauce soon: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/green-chile-adobo/ The recipe states that it lasts "months" in the refrigerator, but I thought that generally garlic and oil ...

Coconut oil vs olive oil in making dark chocolate

by glify 4 years ago

Quick question: Would olive oil in place of coconut oil ruin this dark chocolate recipe: -- 20g unsweetened coco powder -- 56 g or 4 tbsp organic coconut oil -- 1 pinch of sea salt -- 1/4 ts...

Butter Baby

by munchkin1 4 years ago

I see a lot of recipes call for oil (usually olive, sometimes others) AND butter. I love the buttah . . . do I have to use the oil? And if so, why? I guess no question is stupid if you don't know t...

Vegetable Oil Substitute

by eenie1 4 years ago

Good morning! I'm making a Guinness Stout Ginger Cake today, I've attached the recipe, and need a sub for the veg oil. I can't bring myself to use it. Can I do a mix of pumpkin and applesauce al...

Uses for anchovy oil?

by albanis 7 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with leftover anchovy oil? Besides tossing it with pasta, anything else? I heard some judge on Chopped talk about it and now I am wonderi...

Why blend olive oil on low speed for vinaigrettes? What happens at high speeds?

by ashleyg 4 years ago

I often read in recipes that olive oil should be added in last for a dressing & the blender should be on low speed (unlike high speed for everything else). I would prefer to do it all at once at hi...

Roast potatoes method - could my oil set on fire?

by gileo1 5 years ago

Hi I have done some research on the internet about fire risks of heating oil but it hasnt answered my questions thoroughly, so thought Id turn to this forum for peace of mind..... I heat grou...

Argan oil?

by poot 5 years ago

Have you a favorite brand for argan oil? What shops in San Francisco and Marin County sell it?

Oils with high smoke point for pre-seasoning pans?

by Seitan 5 years ago

Is it preferable to use cooking oils with high smoke points for pre-seasoning cookware? Or do you want the oil to smoke? Refined Safflower oil has a smoke point of 510 degrees F. So if you put ...

What oil or fat to grease a cast iron skillet pan pizza to bake at 550?

by leca 5 years ago

I'm going to try making a pan pizza in my 15" lodge cast iron skillet. I'm sold on the below recipe. I'm also sold on the recipe author's suggestion to cook it at 550 degree to get a better cru...

What's the healthiest oil for deep frying?

by LuluTheMagnificent 8 years ago

If there is such a thing? I want to fry fish and French fries. No to olive oil right? Also, olive oil is expensive for frying, no?

What is this dish?

by havenmking 5 years ago

About a month ago, I went to China. While there I had this fabulous dish at some hole in the wall in Shenzhen. It was the best meal I had the whole trip and I haven't had a better one since. I'd ve...

The Science Behind Cooking With Oil

by fharzana 9 years ago

Oil is an essential ingredient in every single kitchen. We all use different type of oils – some of us decide what type of oil to use depending on what is available at our local shops. Some of us m...