The Best Places to Restock Pantry Staples Online

A trip to the grocery store has long been something I’ve enjoyed. Picking out produce, perusing the aisles, and chatting up the deli clerk is a part of my day that I really look forward to. Right now...

Enzo’s Table

by Taralli 7 days ago

Friend asking me about the quality of Enzo’s flavored olive oils, as well as balsamic vinegars before ordering. Said I’d query CH. Opinions much appreciated.

Healthiest cooking oil/fat for stir-frying?

by babyraccoon 3 months ago

I'm curious to know what other people regard as the healthiest oil to use for high-heat cooking, like doing stir-fries? For me, the definition of a healthy oil is that it is unrefined and has low l...

Rendered Duck Fat is better than Ghee?

by kelvin_of_ranard 1 year ago

Having sampled and taste-tested the evidence, evaluated home-chef testimony, rendered duck fat is judged superior than ghee for sautéing and light frying!

Do you oil your pan before/after heating?

by Hana_Asbrink 1 year ago

Hi Chowhounds, Happy Friday! I had a question I wanted to pose to all of you home and professional cooks: When do you oil your pan? Most of time, I would say I pour my oil into a cold pan (r...

Stainless Steel v.s. Carbon Steel Pans in terms of oil/fat use

by Cata96 2 years ago

Hello, I've been eyeing a Carbon Steel pan for a while, but in Romania they are quite hard to find, but what I was thinking of getting is a deBuyer 28cm Carbon or Mineral B one... altho I'm not sur...

Minced lamb disaster

by orlybabe 2 years ago

Hi everyone, had a massive disaster with making shepherds pie today. I’ve made this a hundred times, always turns out perfect, but today when I put in the minced lamb it released a LOT of liquid/fa...

Replacing Oil with Apple Sauce in Cake

by Lotus7 14 years ago

I am going to make Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cake. I'd like to replace the oil with apple sauce. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oil so should I also use 1/4 cup of apple sauce? Or do I use more or le...

Saying "No" to oil in baked goods

by TrishUntrapped 6 years ago

I'm done using oil, be it vegetable, grapeseed, safflower, sunflower, or for me — the worst, canola oil, in my baked goods. I can't get past the taste. I've made top rated recipes for things lik...

Sourcing Truffle Oil and Wild Mushrooms in NW LA Area

by whiner 8 years ago

I'm a bit disappointed with what I can find at Whole Foods. Anyone have ideas for nice specialty shops with good selections of fresh wild mushrooms and / or places with nice selections of truffle ...

The best potato for French fries?

by jword2001 13 years ago

Which one is best?, what oil?, I usually use veg oil, my grandmother used lard, and they were awesome, but even a few points lower on the health o meter, the best I've had were In-N-out, I would lo...

Bacon Grease - Shelf life?

by WhatsEatingYou 7 years ago

I saved the fat when I fried up some bacon a few weeks ago and have been using pats here and there for eggs and sauteing but am using sparingly since I do not make bacon often. How long can the fa...

walnut oil vs mineral oil

by jboisvenue 5 years ago

Curious to get input on a new board I want to purchase. Im looking at the super slab from catskill craftsmen. What should I use to season this board. I here good things about both. However some hav...

Is heating oil past smoke point dangerous?

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

Many recipes say to heat oil until smoking. But many websites say that when oil smokes, it gives off toxic and dangerous carcinogens. How to reconcile? EDIT. Which scenario? Scenario A. All s...

La Tourangelle nut oils

by HaveSpoonWillCook 3 years ago

I just bought some pistachio, walnut and hazelnut oils from La Tourangelle. The pistachio oil is divine! Green, thick, beautiful aroma and taste. I've used it for dipping bread - would love sug...

Best (least offensive?) Commodity Cooking Oil?

by zackly 4 years ago

Supermarkets around here occasionally run sales on one gallon containers of commodity cooking oil for 4-5 dollars, a great price. You usually can choose between Soybean. Corn or Canola. I don’t lik...

What's the best plain oil for popping corn?

by Spaceechik 9 years ago

I'm fairly broke all the time, and I make popcorn frequently, as it's very cheap, and is good for a snack while watching my detectives... ;) I use pure olive oil, but I'm wondering if a more fla...

Seasoning Cast Iron in May 2011

by cowboyardee 9 years ago

I usually look for previous posts on a topic and then only make a new thread if there aren't any answering my question. But in this case, i have the opposite problem - there are too many posts on t...

Spice storage beside the stove?

by CalliopeToronto 3 years ago

It seems a small but "hot" thing in kitchen design these days are thin, pull out racks for food storage.....one my designer has recommended is a pull out beside the range for storing my spices. No...

Reusing deep frying oil? What are "the rules"?

by DigitalVelvet 11 years ago

I looked for a thread on this topic, but was unable to find one. What are the rules of thumb for saving and reusing deep frying oil? I don't remember the source, but I read once... from a source ...

Best oil for pan frying?

by monicatotoro 4 years ago

What's the best oil for pan frying or saute in a stainless steel pan? Oil that is both effective and healthy? I've been using EVOO but read recently that the smoking point is too low. Then switc...