Friday Fish Fry: A History of the Delicious Tradition from Midwest to Northeast

Mardi Gras is almost here, which means Lent season is also fast approaching (Fat Tuesday is technically the last day before Lent kicks off). Growing up in a heavily Christian, Midwestern suburb, I’d...

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Unique Places to eat in Columbus

by madsdadus 3 years ago

I am in Columbus in the coming week and looking for something that is truly unique to Columbus that you would likely not find anywhere else. For instance, like John's Roast Pork or others for Chees...

Red Lobster

by raberbm 3 years ago

Does anyone eat at Red Lobster anymore? I haven't eaten at one for many years. Are the any good?

Need help in Cleveland on a Monday night (out of the city)

by rcburli 3 years ago

Will be in town with a small group and our hotel is on Golden Gate Blvd in Mayfield Heights. On a Monday night, is there anything near there worthy of a really good meal? Most of the group won't v...

Suggestions for a trip to Cleveland with the family?

by Titus0327 3 years ago

Hello all, At the end of April, my wife and I will be traveling to Cleveland for a mini vacation with my 5 and 7 year old daughters. Our definitive stops will be the zoo and the aquarium. We'r...

8 State Bistro Westerville Ohio

by ElizabethReed 3 years ago

We have gone several times over the last few months and have been consistently impressed. My better half cooks from The French Laundry cookbook for fun. Her knowledge of food is encyclopedic and I ...

New #1: The Refectory (Columbus)

by KOUFAX276 3 years ago

My favorite Ohio restaurant--until it closed--was The Maisonette in Cincinnati. Then it became Lola in Cleveland. Now it is The Refectory in Columbus. Great menu, great staff. I had the best qu...

Brach's Jelly Nougats

by TastyReuben 3 years ago

Anyone know of an actual brick-and-mortar store for buying Brach's Jelly Nougats? These were little rectangles of nougat with flecks of colored sugar-and-gelatin bits, like stained glass, and wrap...

German Potato Salad

by raberbm 4 years ago

Does anyone know of a recipe for the German potato salad served at Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village, Columbus, Ohio?

Lotus Thai House Cleve Hts

by Jambalaya 4 years ago

Has anyone been lately? Would appreciate a review or some comments. Thanks

Pacific Moon... good and bad news

by Andy Copeland 14 years ago

Pacific Moon Cafe is unfortunately gone. I went with some of my friends to get Dim Sum, and it was closed. I don't think I've ever been so sad. The good news is that the head chef is opening up ...

NE Ohio / Cleveland Dinners

by orphalese 4 years ago

Updated suggestions for NE Ohio / West side / Cleveland dinner - vegetarian friendly? I'm looking for more moderate pricing than Greenhouse Tavern, an obvious favorite. Looking for dinner out with ...

North Side of Columbus OH - new or interesting dining options

by Cheflambo 4 years ago

I'll be in Columbus this weekend for a wedding and since I'll be eating the conference center food at the reception Saturday night, I am looking for something more interesting when I get in Friday....

Columbus Ohio

by Barbarella 4 years ago

Two nights in Columbus next week looking for a German restaurant and a steak house for dinner and two lunch spots. Any recs???

Columbus and Akron and in between - choices for good eats?

by Snailspace321 5 years ago

Torontonian here: Client visit sees me spending a week in Columbus and area, and then doing a round trip drive from Columbus to Akron and back - any recommendations along Rte 71, Rte 20, or, if its...

Different way of making a rocks drink/cocktail in the Midwest?

by Indy 67 5 years ago

Is there a different way of making a rocks drink or a lowball cocktail in Ohio? Several months ago, I was in a restaurant in a town outside of Dayton and I ordered a Manhattan. The bar tender t...

Looking for local Tofu in NE Ohio.

by AnnaEA 11 years ago

Hi, I live in Canton, OH, and am looking for a reasonably local source for good tofu. I am sick of tetra pack. Any suggestions? Or do I need to break out my blender and start ...

Best brunch in Cleveland, OH

by Monica 5 years ago

I am visiting Cleveland and would like to know the best brunch spot. Thank you.


by DocJavaDude 5 years ago

(I posted previously in the General Discussion forum but somehow got moved to the Markets & Stores -- I'd prefer a "general" discussion rather than specific to that forum) I know there have bee...

Cincinnati for two days

by salesgirl19 5 years ago

I will be in Cincinnati for two days. Flying into CVG, will have a car, staying downtown, looking for recommendations for two lunches and two dinners. Thinking of Senate for lunch(group of 4 with...