Office Party

Throw the best office party ever. Chowhounds offer ideas for the best venues, recipes, and menus to make yours memorable.

Who Should Pay for the Office Holiday Party?

Dear Helena, My office has a holiday party every year, with an open bar. This is funded by a collection beforehand, to which everyone contributes based on his pay grade. My expected...

Cookie recipe to wow co-workers?

by traceymarie 2 years ago

Hi all, I'm looking for a cookie recipe for a an office holiday cookie swap that's non-traditional, delicious, and not too time-consuming to make. (I have to make 4 dozen.) I'm thinking something w...

Need Company Dinner Menu Ideas (Vegetarian)

by PiperBob 2 years ago

I'm starting to plan a company dinner at my house (6 or 7 people). I have an employee who is a vegetarian, so I will be doing the entire evening vegetarian. I'm sort of thinking of doing a Chinese-...

Holiday Party for 15 Walking Distance from Penn Station/Port Authority

by sherrib 3 years ago

Looking for recommendations. Need a location for an office holiday party for 15 people. Walking distance from Penn Station or Port Authority. Our wish list is to have drinks and food for $50 per...

Cheap in-office catering/delivery in Brooklyn

by rfleischer 5 years ago

Hi! I'm looking for places that will deliver something as simple as a plate of sandwiches for small office meetings/gatherings in downtown Brooklyn. Seems as though Whole Foods in the only opti...

Neighbor Wang at Church Carlton

by garfield 5 years ago

We are considering it for an office party. Any recommended dishes? Reviews ?

Company Christmas Party Suggestions for 70 people (Restaurants or other venues)

by KristinaE 5 years ago

I am trying to find venues or restaurants that can accommodate at least 70 people for my Company's Christmas Party this year. This is the first year I will be planning something like this- so I ...

Food Cart Catering for 40th Bday

by caphill2320 5 years ago

Planning my husband's 40th birthday party at a bar that will provide the alcohol, but not food. I'm looking into catering options and I was considering having a food cart. Does anyone know of any g...

cheap snacks for office party

by betterbeheaven 6 years ago

My office has a practice of having a party with beer and snacks on Fridays after work; each week, someone gets $80 to go buy food. Roughly 20-25 people will stop by. This week is my turn. I will pr...

The Dreaded Office Holiday Potluck... what to do?

by jepstein 6 years ago

So after 3 reminder emails now, I haven't responded to the organizer of our Office Pot Luck as to what I am bringing. You might note a hint of dread - I am not one to actually make something - so ...

Office Potluck Dishes/Snacks for Christmas Carnival

by AvanthikaReddy 6 years ago

Hi Friends, How are you doing ? Well, need few suggestions from you people regarding the office potluck that to be held in our office on account of Christmas eve. I have planned for the Chris...

The Office Pot Luck - What Would You Bring?

by Breadcrumbs 9 years ago

I can't believe this yielded no results in a CH search! Seems to be the season for the office pot luck. Assuming most offices have a fridge and microwave...what would you bring? Or, wh...

Fun Office Party

by cwells303 6 years ago

I want to have a fun office social to celebrate my employees hard work. Are there any places in the santa monica/west la area that would be good to go to? some where they can eat, drink and really ...


by Candy 6 years ago

I'm prepping pig's ears and chicken skins for tomorrow. I'm co-hosting a bridal shower the following Saturday and we're going to a retirement party on Monday. I'm having a very hard time getting my...

Blitz torte, will it hold up over night?

by foxspirit 6 years ago

Hello. I'd like to bring this in for an office party: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/berry-blitz-torte-recipe The party is in the afternoon. I'd like to assemble it the night before to s...

Cheese Plates for Office Party NOT from Formaggio Kitchen?

by Bugsey34 7 years ago

Any ideas on where to get a great selection of cheeses and a plate of sweet for an office gathering that's not Formaggio Kitchen? We love Formaggio but we always get the same thing from them and no...

Transporting deviled eggs?

Liana Krissoff
by Liana Krissoff 14 years ago

Have to take something like 4 dozen eggs' worth of deviled eggs to an office party first thing tomorrow morning. (I couldn't find those special containers, but they only handle a dozen anyway, I th...

holiday office party for 60/Newton area

by kk519 7 years ago

Looking for a private room or restaurant to host holiday party. There is not much out this way that can accommodate this size group. Could do Waltham, Natick... etc.. Any ideas??

Holiday Office Party for 32 west island/central

by remdog99 7 years ago

The last few years we've gone to 40West. Time for a change, but still need a place that at least is not too far down the ladder from the quality & ambiance of 40west. For a group of 32 on a Monday ...

The yearly ubiquitous "Where to Have an Office Party" question

by CarrieWas218 8 years ago

I'm going to start this year's thread as my fiancé has asked me to find a spot for his office… I am very comfortable with planning the high-end, expensive events but this time, it needs to come in ...

Office Party Food/Drinks/Darts Spot in STL?

by botanica 9 years ago

I'm looking for a good pub-type place to host a casual office party of about 15 people. We'd like the food to be decent, the beverage selection to be good (a variety of mixed drinks and wine/beer ...