Filling and humble, oatmeal shouldn't be boring. Chowhounds have tons of suggestions for how to make a delicious bowl, plus tips on the best spots to find the oatmeal you've been craving.

Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Grab & Go

Just because you’re caught up in the morning rush doesn’t mean you’re too busy to grab a healthy breakfast. These make-ahead breakfast recipes ensure you’ll be good to go—even if you aren't actually...

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Anyone have a really CHEWY oatmeal cookie?

by dianne0712 10 years ago

I am not fond of oatmeal cookies, but my husband and son are. I could stand them if I could find a really chewy recipe; not a crispy one, not a soft one, not a cakey one. You know, like a chocolate...

Oatmeal boiling over in microwave

by sunshinedrop 15 years ago

Every time I cook oatmeal in the microwave it boils over ALOT. I use the regular oats (not the quick oats) and mix them with a little milk (half the recommended amount on the Quaker oat box). I d...

Looking for It's-It Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

by mearbear 5 years ago

I like oatmeal cookies in general but I'm looking for a recipe that can duplicate the old fashioned oatmeal cookie they use for the It's-It Ice Cream Sandwich. Anybody have a recipe that can approx...

Any Quaker Oatmeal fans?

by gargupie 5 years ago

I'm starting to lose trust in the Quaker quick oats now. Three times I purchase a canister that when the oats are cooked, they just tasted 'off', like a bit stale. But when I buy the generic superm...

Voted most likely to close...

by BostonBestEats 5 years ago

I don't like to diss new restaurants, but sometimes you just know a concept is doomed from the start. "Customized oatmeal bowls"??? REALLY??? http://boston.eater.com/2016/6/13/11915554/oat-sho...

Are you hungry after a bowl of oatmeal?

by itsmejessica 8 years ago

I like a warm bowl of oatmeal once in a while. I cook it for a while with a banana , blueberries and almond milk. Then top it with a little almond butter. So good, but I'm starving like an hour la...

Salt added before or after cooking oatmeal?

by Scoffier 6 years ago

Many recipes call for adding some salt to the water before cooking your oatmeal (I use steel-cut oats). Others, however, recommend adding the salt towards the end of the cooking time, claiming that...

Why is oatmeal more popular than oatbran?

by cafe 14 years ago

So, I know steel cut oats are supposed to be the best for you and rolled oatmeal in the general public seems to be most popular, but why not oat bran? I was looking at the nutritional label of oat...

Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oatmeal--Anyone tried it?

by threecupsofcoffee 12 years ago

I LOVE oatmeal, but have never tried this kind. I see it and wonder if it is worth the price (usually buy store brand or Quaker old-fashioned oats). Anyone tried it? Would you recommend it?

Name brand or store brand oatmeal

by gargupie 6 years ago

Do you find a taste different between name brand (Quaker) and store brand raw oatmeal? I find an odd stale flavor in the latter and it is way before expiration date.

Sugar Added Before vs. Afterwards

by SmallSteps3000 6 years ago

Has anyone ever noticed that adding the sugar AFTER the cooking process makes the whole dish a LOT sweeter than if you would have added it in the beginning? Why is this so? Oatmeal is an exc...

Oatmeal near Moscone Center? [San Francisco]

by chocolatetartguy 7 years ago

I was over for a conference Monday and was trying to find a place that had good oatmeal. Is there any place near Market or the Moscone Center?

minor oatmeal mystery

by pat hammond 22 years ago

While going through old recipes in preparation for a Xmas eve dinner party I came across a hand-written recipe for"Oatmeal Jim Leff's Way". It calls for "old fashioned" oatmeal cooked in a tight f...

Interesting thickening agents

by lucia 18 years ago

I'm the kind of cook who wings it a lot, mostly based on experience, and I'm really interested in understanding the properties of ingredients. You can almost categorize cuisines by the thickening...

Steel cut oats en masse?

by abazor 7 years ago

I'm looking to participate in a big week long camping event this summer, and I think I'll be in charge of breakfast at least once! I love love love steel cut oatmeal, it's one of the major joys in ...

Recipe For Oatmeal Cupcakes? - NOT MUFFINS, PLEASE

by Cherylptw 11 years ago

Seeking a recipe for oatmeal cupcakes; just to be clear, I'm not looking for muffin recipes. I want the texture to be light and moist like a cupcake and NOT dense/heavy like muffins. I've been br...

Pressure cookers are NOT appropriate for foods, including Oatmeal, Barley, Peas, Pasta? (!?)

by calf 7 years ago

In the process of looking for a pressure cooker (after hearing how miraculous a kitchen tool it is supposed to be), I have just downloaded the User Manual from the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic website. On ...

Cranberry-Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel Topping recipe

by AKJim 8 years ago

Lost recipe Sconset Café Cranberry-Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel Topping in Bon Appetit R.S.V.P. section probably in the late 1990s. Anyone have it? Thanks.

help with oatmeal!

by fooOOood 16 years ago

i eat oatmeal almost every morning and I used to eat it with flax seed meal until a few days ago when i was told to avoid it for thyroid reasons. then i noticed that the thick and gooey consistency...