Filling and humble, oatmeal shouldn't be boring. Chowhounds have tons of suggestions for how to make a delicious bowl, plus tips on the best spots to find the oatmeal you've been craving.

Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Grab & Go

Just because you’re caught up in the morning rush doesn’t mean you’re too busy to grab a healthy breakfast. These make-ahead breakfast recipes ensure you’ll be good to go—even if you aren't actually...

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McCann's quick cooking Irish oatmeal

by Robert Lauriston 17 years ago

Where in the East Bay can I find McCann's "quick cooking" (not "instant") Irish oatmeal? My local Trader Joe's stopped carrying it, so did Berkeley Bowl.

how to prepare oatmeal?

by macca 17 years ago

what's your favorite method of preparing oatmeal. stovetop or slowcooker or microwave? my attempts have not been too appetizing!

overnight oatmeal in a crock pot-

by edinaeats 17 years ago

how can I get it to not stick? Does PAM give it a funky taste?


by Leo 17 years ago

Does anyone know where in NYC I can find Hamlyns' pinhead oatmeal produced in Scotland ? It is a delicious breakfast.

oatmeal frittatta at Hugo's

by britwife 17 years ago

So I had to meet a friend for lunch in Studio City and, complying with my stipulation of "ABJ" (Anything But Jerry's), he suggested Hugo's. I'd never been. The service, which hovered on the cusp ...

hot oatmeal

by Catherine 18 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a bowl of hot oatmeal to go for breakfast?

looking for no-cook oatmeal balls recipe

by Chowpatty 18 years ago

In the '70s my mom and I had a favorite recipe for oatmeal balls. They did not have peanut butter, but they had a huge quantity of vanilla. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The ingredients ...

Cooking Scottish Oatmeal

by Sarnie 18 years ago

I followed the instructions on the Red Mill package. 1/4 cup oats, 3/4 cup water put in a 4 cup container and microwaved 4 minutes. First problem it boiled over, even in that large container. I ...

What is the Best Ever Oatmeal?

by Gypsy Boy 18 years ago

I dunno. I like my oatmeal well enough but she-who-must-be-obeyed loves it. Can't get enough. Eats it most days, rain or shine, hot or cold, humid or dry, indoors or out. So, in a bid to find h...

Oatmeal time!

by Shaebones 19 years ago

Getting cooler and want to try some warm cereal in the morning. Just bought some John McCann steel cut oats. Don't think I've eaten oatmeal since I was a kid. What's your favorite ways of preparing...


by dan luke 18 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of pinhead oatmeal? I could only find it in one store in all of New York, and when they stopped carrying it, I was out of luck. Anyone know where to find it? By the way, it...

Oatmeal- ways to sneak it in?

by Chris VR 18 years ago

As a nursing mother, I am trying to consume lots of oatmeal, which increases milk production. There are only so many Oatmeal cookies a gal can eat and it's getting too warm for a nice steamy bowl ...

We've done oatmeal. What about barley?

by Ric 19 years ago

A couple of days ago, the Oatmeal Hounds shared ideas about how to "spice up"(sometimes literally) the morning oatmeal, and I got to thinking that one break I take from oatmeal a couple of times in...

cooking oatmeal problems

by Oatmeal Oh-No 19 years ago

Whenever I cook oatmeal (every morning!) I always wind up burning the base of the pot. I don't know why, since I don't cook it for long. It does not affect the taste of the oatmeal...but it is a ...

Irish Oatmeal

by Jess Nepo 20 years ago

That's what I'm craving...namely a big bowl of REAL (non-rolled) Irish oatmeal, cooked slowly so each oat kind of pops between your teeth. Meltingly creamy, with a bit of brown sugar or honey for ...

holiday oatmeal

by magnolia 20 years ago

I seem to recall seeing a recipe on this board, around Christmas 2000, for jazzed up holiday oatmeal...but my search proved fruitless... Would love any/all ideas for ways to embellish oatmeal...


by Ruby 21 years ago

With this frigid weather, I'd love to find a place that serves tasty chunky oatmeal with a choice of toppings. I don't care for the watery tasteless overcooked kind that are served in most generic ...

Yummy oatmeal in Evanston

by lee 21 years ago

Lucky Platter (on Main between Chicago and Hinman) has REAL oatmeal as one of their October breakfast specials. It is the real deal, steel cut long-cooking oats done perfectly. Please, come to E...

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